10 Tips For Beginner Dungeon Masters

26 Th03, 2017
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  • I was never a DM before but my old D&D group broke up and now I'm a DM for a new one and this is quite helpful

    Jee EncaboJee Encabo15 ngày trước
  • I'm lucky enough that none of my players sit on their phones during our game, but if someone tried I would definitely ban that shit. You get a text or need to check something that's fine, but if you'd rather be scrolling through twitter then you can do that on your own time. It's got nothing to do with 'paying attention to the story' or anything like that, just common courtesy while your in a group activity like DnD. And yes I would tell someone to get off their phone if we were playing Monopoly.

    klumposklumpos25 ngày trước
  • I love being a DM, it's honestly great. But I haven't played a game in over 4 months and I kind of miss it. One of the biggest tips I can give you is, don't be the only DM. Let other people DM and let them see how difficult DMing is, but you'll also see something from the player's perspective.

    Lucifer LordLucifer Lord25 ngày trước
  • 6:06 sorry I wasn't listening, I was watching this dude licking his poisonous knife.

    Mr. StarpopMr. Starpop25 ngày trước
  • QUESTION: About the players character levels, must they all be the same or can you have a good mixture of different levels characters in a group; i.e. a level 22 Warrior with a Level 5 Mage etc. Id assume you may need to have different enemies with different difficulties

    Anchol AtrixAnchol Atrix29 ngày trước
  • Totally gonna base a massive campaign on Bill Cypher from Gravity Falls.

    Anchol AtrixAnchol Atrix29 ngày trước
  • I like the comments about being vanilla - it’s only vanilla to me if I’ve done it before. Ofc it’s new to me on my first play through 🤷🏼‍♂️ And even if someone sticks with vanilla characters, who are you to tell them they’re wrong having fun? Another thing I noticed in our party is that people come in with very different motivations. We have some who are heavily into RP, out-of-combat mechanics like stealing etc. and then there’s me who’s a big RP fan but also loves min-maxing. In the end, communication is key.

    xTobsecretxxTobsecretxTháng trước
  • Well now I really want to play but I know my friends will never be down. They’d be cracking jokes the whole time if we did

    mohammed barbandimohammed barbandiTháng trước
  • Is it a good idea to split the players up as the dungeon master?

    Callum TorranceCallum TorranceTháng trước
  • whenever I DM I give my friends a simple goal, tell them that they're some cool places, and they just go around ruining shit. like maybe they're supposed to fight a necromancer, but instead they decide to topple the local monarch, or rob a museum, or fight an evil cult. etc. the golden rule is too not get angry when they kill someone you wanted alive for a story.

    Jude Connor-MacintyreJude Connor-Macintyre2 tháng trước
  • 7:53 oh boy when that professor layton music started I got goosebumps

    NonotakuNonotaku2 tháng trước
  • I'm familiar with the rules when I made the system????

    Lego Galazy Comics LibaryLego Galazy Comics Libary2 tháng trước
  • Click bait! Came here expecting 18 tips not 10!!!

    Lee WoodLee Wood2 tháng trước
  • The layton audio

    Charles ParentCharles Parent3 tháng trước
  • I was just watching the part where you talk about how you kill something with what looks like a Japanese homemade film in the background and reading the subtitles. I burst into laughter when the one dude LICKED THE POISON DAGGER!!! 6:16 - 6:18

    Vex The Viper-WolfVex The Viper-Wolf4 tháng trước
  • Can I get some advice on this? As of now I’m a player in a dnd campaign with a dm who is a great friend and cool dude but kinda lets us do crazy shit and doesn’t put on the reins. For example fighter multi attack plus clone amulet plus gun equals a level 9 fighter to do 90 points of damage

    Oobie boobie kanoobi Scoobie doobyOobie boobie kanoobi Scoobie dooby5 tháng trước
  • Ok question if a player only says straight is that my fault for ruining the game or no

    Juanma MaJuanma Ma5 tháng trước
  • Not only is this video super hepful and well done, you also have one of the lowest dislikes to like ratio I have ever seen! 22k vs 280, congrats!

    Endless LoreEndless Lore5 tháng trước
  • Its going to be my first time playing DND and got my friends into it so they want to play online and I don't know anything or have anything

    braorp vabraorp va5 tháng trước
  • I’ve been reading the d and d books, painting minis, watching d and d videos, making an entire crafting system book, making a d and d map, and making a d and d book series called the Iron Keep, the campaign is also called the Iron Keep as well. So I’ve got a lot of things to prepare for my d and d campaign. The campaign will have moving and replacing monsters to make it seam more realistic.

    Iron Keep GamingIron Keep Gaming5 tháng trước
  • 6:19 What if your players said not to do it. I always do stuff like that because some people find it cringy

    Dr. PigDr. Pig6 tháng trước
  • So, last night me and my buddy zavin started a campaign together, but this was his first time and I wanted it to be creative, so I asked him if there is a specific timeline he would like it to be (past, modern, future) and he said present. And I quickly came up with the story that we are taking place in today but there’s a zombie apocalypse outbreak, due to disease. So we played for the whole night last night, And things got really really crazy between us, let’s just say that now we have a whole community in the game where we live and we loot real places we live right next to. We have limited food, ammo, weapons, ect. And The reason for that is so that way every day in the game you have a choice of either looting, building up your defenses, eat, craft, ect.And we get 25 scenarios per day in the game. Rn we are on day 9. If you want to hear more about this campaign just ask but overall me and him like it. I actually got him into it, and we planned on taking the game to school, and then we can invite My other classmates that play DND and see if they would like to join this campaign

    JfididJfidid6 tháng trước
  • 8:11 oh shit well, to late. already creating an entire custom world

    Dalie WinterwolfDalie Winterwolf6 tháng trước
  • Should I be a dm if this was my first dnd experience?

    Samuel A HernandezSamuel A Hernandez6 tháng trước
  • Dexter's lab dude roles a 49 on a d20 and know one bats a eye 9:24

    Travis StoneTravis Stone6 tháng trước
  • It’s your world, but it’s their story and fun over story over rules

    Ari AndersonAri Anderson6 tháng trước
  • This has become a savior for me. Through a long story of shenanigans I ended up bribing someone with running Curse of Strahd since everyone in this group except me has dmed

    *Dies Inside**Dies Inside*6 tháng trước
  • I started DM ING for friends while we are at home due to the Lock down, this video is so helpful. Thanks

    QftGamexQftGamex6 tháng trước

    FD 08FD 086 tháng trước
  • i thought i was ready to dm. i made 20 different npcs, had a dozen encounters up my sleeve, made cool maps etc... the the very first minute of the very first session one of my players asks if they can HELP he BBEG. not like an evil party, which i was equiped to adapt to. She literally asked him why he was such a dick and offered to help him with his "REAL" goal. She couldn't believe he was evil for no reason. I had to basically pull the BBEG's personality out of my ass because i never considered he would fail a persuasion save against her. You will always have to improvise, your party members WILL have an idea you hadn't thought of

    Lake LureLake Lure6 tháng trước
  • Dude, is that Grada I hear? Respect.

    Pipers GripPipers Grip7 tháng trước
  • I really disagree with people that say “read the whole book” because that is not how dnd works. You don’t need to know everything, just the stuff that is pertinent to your game

    DehaloveDehalove7 tháng trước
  • I got some buddied together and we started the lost mines of phandelver and we've done multiple 7 hour sessions, DnD is the shit.

    BertleeBertlee7 tháng trước
  • I’m a vinyl collector, my basic homemade screen was made up of gatefold sleeves with the papers taped to it.

    The Freelance QueenThe Freelance Queen7 tháng trước
    • My main one was McCartney II, making people stare at Paul’s dumbass expression was the absolute best

      The Freelance QueenThe Freelance Queen7 tháng trước
  • One time I was dm-ing and created this cool story I made it so u helped this lord kill pirates instead they mutinied and joined the pirates and invaded the lord's castle it was a lot of fun

    Ian HeffernanIan Heffernan8 tháng trước
  • All my DnD sessions were about an hour long each we did it during a shared free period in high school. The one thing that I didn't let my players do is turn full on murder hobo in the pre-made adventures. I even created a sanity mechanic for the player that was 9 times out of 10 actively trying to do just that. I told them that is was just for this player who would get it because it made sense for their character, but I guess the rest of them liked the idea of this mechanic because the other 4 players wanted this new mechanic to apply to their characters as well

    Roadside360Roadside3608 tháng trước
  • I think some of these tips run counter to what I would recommend to new DMs, but there's some good nuggets of wisdom in here. If you're looking to up your DM skills them don't stop here or with any one video really.

    Justin RogersJustin Rogers8 tháng trước
  • You're missing 8 of the tips. Also, your title is wrong when it said 10. Somehow the thumbnail is the only part with the right info on this.

    TheHoneybadger209TheHoneybadger2098 tháng trước
  • I'm late as hell to this, but whatever. Watched this video not too long after it came out, I was still new to being a DM and it really helped. I *did* end up banning phones, but other than that didn't change much. One thing I that also really improved my skills was describing movie scenes as they occurred: the environment, the people, what they were saying-- helped with my narrations.

    Tristan BruceTristan Bruce9 tháng trước
  • I think the rouge in my party is trying to kill me. One time they “accidentally” steered a caravan into me.

    S MarquardtS Marquardt9 tháng trước
  • I got into DnD because of you and I am DMing my first game in a few weeks and your advice is so helpful.

    Whatever I feel likeWhatever I feel like9 tháng trước
  • *watching this to getting better at narrating quests for a Percy Jackson Roleplay because I failed in SEVERAL areas my first time*

    Heather FrazierHeather Frazier10 tháng trước
  • The first campaign I played, The DM had a long introduction of us (the players) meeting in prison and escaping together. The intro was supposed to take 3 days and we did it in 2 hours.

    Subpar MediaSubpar Media10 tháng trước
  • “You’re not posting your game on turnitin.com” god such great advice

    Em_the_LionEm_the_Lion10 tháng trước
  • The problem with rule 6 is when it's the first session and they get on there phone in the first 5 seconds

    play hollow knightplay hollow knight10 tháng trước
  • I'm playing D&D tomorrow and I'm not DM, but this is pretty interesting.

    crystalpiecrystalpie10 tháng trước
  • Title: 10 tips! Thumbnail: 18 tips! Me: That's illegal... **Drum roll...** Title wins!

    Variety SideVariety Side10 tháng trước
  • Why do I need to hide my rolls from the players?

    Keenan SeableKeenan Seable11 tháng trước
  • So Marcus my players were on the road there were three of them and they were all third level but they were justing sitting doing nothing so I was like ok random encounter time and threw five regular wolves at them and I shit you not these three third level characters almost got tpk'd to some regular ass wolves

    Silver God of iceSilver God of ice11 tháng trước
  • The one time I tried DMing, I didn't really read any rules, because I was used to the homebrew style my father uses and I thought everything would work out without books. It was overwhelming indeed... I had thought of a puzzle kind of steam door that would use all of my players' magic and abilities to open... but they just set the whole building on fire. Then they proceeded to fall into and climb out of a boiling hot pond repeatedly and I was too stunned by everything to remember to let them take damage, so they just kept trying and trying. I think they enjoyed the one shot, but I didn't really feel good about it xD

    RoozyjRoozyj11 tháng trước
  • 900

    Collin GilmourCollin Gilmour11 tháng trước
  • "Your players will try and break the game" I've been running a star wars campaign and these knuckleheads are ignoring all the obvious signs that this droid they've adopted is an undercover imperial droid

    Em R.BEm R.B11 tháng trước
  • After watching this im still very pressured

    MoonshineMoonshine11 tháng trước
  • My first ever campaign really liked controlling my specific charecter, because she was the one who recruited the party. He would put stuff into her that I didn't approve wether it be a personality traits or something else. It really drained the game for me and other players because the other players turns would be interested by him saying something. And Me because I never really got a turn so yeah. Don't control your players charecters

    Purrfect ShippingPurrfect Shipping11 tháng trước
  • This was super helpful. Thank you! I'm way less nervous now. :)

    ChoralAlchemistChoralAlchemist11 tháng trước
  • great video!!!

    Dstapp BootStrappDstapp BootStrapp11 tháng trước
  • I was thinking if I ever become a DM I was thinking of this one part that's like an ace attorney type murder mistory

    Candy RhodesCandy RhodesNăm trước
  • Thank you!

    Badger shadeBadger shadeNăm trước
  • I’m just too used to being the DM. I tried being a player a couple times but every time I have I’ve always been either a boring dude with a deceptively cool name or just actually a dick head

    OffkaOffkaNăm trước
  • Whats the cartoon at 8:00 it just triggered a flashback to my childhood and I cant remember what it is

    Spicy McWrapSpicy McWrapNăm trước
  • heyyy tag your rise of tiamat spoilers duuude we just finished horde of the dragon queen and i wasnt ready

    blinkfilms1blinkfilms1Năm trước
  • Feel free to check out our d&d game: viworld.info/rock/video/kYmlmozN15ySp4U.html A group of friends playing dungeons and dragons online. Join our adventure as our level 10 party the Wu-Tang Pips, travel through the forest of Wyrms along the southern part of the Sword Coast, in search of a great alpha werewolf. Subscribe for part 2. (Our group has been playing for a few years but this was our first session online ever, seeing as Covid19 and I decided to post this because Covid19 has us all locked in at home, maybe it will brighten someone's day just for a little while.

    FacilityD20FacilityD20Năm trước
  • I homebrew all of my campaigns cause i can't be bothered to buy any of the books

    benjamin gonzalezbenjamin gonzalezNăm trước
  • Ive winged every dungeon ive ran and its been somewhat successful but i will agree whole heartedly to READ BEFORE YOU PLAY!!! In my defense i was pushed into it 45 mins before game time and had no material to run so my dm got me a cheap module to supplement in his absence. Also dont be scared to retcon a section and add it in later, just blend it well. The players wont know the difference.

    gmaster634gmaster634Năm trước
  • “Maybe your friends want to keep the artifacts or befriend the evil sorcerer” vs me and my friends -> I chop off all their heads and put them in my backpack!, I cast illusion and a naked lady comes running out of a bush in front of the enemy archers!, i go to the market and try to sell my bag of goblin -male parts-

    Penguin CeaPenguin CeaNăm trước
  • I'm going to attempt to play completely alone. Yep. I've never played before, and I'm gonna make some characters, make all that other stuff and I'm gonna play by myself. The Corona Quarantine has driven me to this decision.

    HopeHopeNăm trước
  • Something I have found that makes the game waaaaay more fun, is to make failures interesting. If the players fail half the time then half the time shouldn't be just disappointment. Besides it's easy to come up with a funny flop, and if a PC fails a key encounter in a funny way then, it's still funny. Also he lenient now I sound crazy, but sometimes the worst thing for a player is just bad luck. And nothing turns a player off more, than several bad rolls and losing control.

    Elijah ThompsonElijah ThompsonNăm trước
  • 1. Get a DM screen 0:32 2. Know your stuff 3:27 3. Do NOT control their characters 4:59 4. "How do you want to do this ?" 5:25 5. Voice acting 6:18 6. Snacks n' breaks 6:59 7. Take your time 7:50 8. Make the first adventure- a premade adventure 8:09 9. Don't be afraid to be VANILLA 8:49 10. Prepare your players to ruin all of your plans 10:30

    Arbatov_memArbatov_memNăm trước
    • Arbatov_mem thx

      SpoonSpoonNăm trước
  • Lmao want to try being a dm after watching a bunch of my friends play dnd and now I was in over my head lmao

    KetchupKetchupNăm trước

    Jotunn1108Jotunn1108Năm trước
  • Eat your cereal 🥣

    Oli GamesOli GamesNăm trước
  • My best tip is just to go into writing and forget all this, get some experience improvising real good, and players will make you improve...unless you force them to do what you want which is pretty lame. Once you get good at coming up with story, like I did, just forget the headache of it all and become a writer of novels and scripts.

    Neat CoolNeat CoolNăm trước
  • Very very good advice. Thanks

    mingramhmingramhNăm trước
  • Both of my friends who are playing have tried to seduce and have sex with everything that moves...

    Maritia FeighanMaritia FeighanNăm trước
  • What is it with players and not caring about famous and cool bards, both you and Proffesor Dungeon Craft used that example, weird

    Bryden MacphailBryden MacphailNăm trước
  • What’s the thumbnail picture?

    Lincoln MaahsLincoln MaahsNăm trước
  • Im so happy im a new DM😊

    Mike BihawkMike BihawkNăm trước
  • My first time DM’ing and I’m just letting my party do what they like

    luke borstluke borstNăm trước
  • Yeah as a DM I've found it almost necessary to do distinct voices and add a "says the (insert NPC name here)" at the end of any dialogue when they interact with multiple NPCs so they can more easily distinguish who is talking

    scruffles 383scruffles 383Năm trước
  • My dm just uses his computor

    liam Nopeliam NopeNăm trước
  • I took over my friends campaign with absolutely no knowledge before hand and ive been reading and watching as much as i can and this helps so much

    DeyshonnDeyshonnNăm trước
  • The board being killed you could turn it to a secret necromancer and he is trying to be a lich and his soul bound item you acquire and it helps with whatever or give your good wizard the ability to do darker stuff at the cost or the necromancers soul

    jello walrusjello walrusNăm trước
    • Bard

      jello walrusjello walrusNăm trước
  • DMs that are bad at voices actually gets in the way for me. I had a DM that took several seconds to assume a character voice and the timing was so bad that I stopped paying attention to him. It makes me want to prioritize flow over voices.

    A Free StateA Free StateNăm trước
  • If you're looking to getting into D&D, something I would personally recommend is checking out the Essentials Kit. (Over the Starter Set.) It's very similar to the starter set (And don't worry, it's pretty much the same price, although it might be a little less accessible; meaning you might not be able to find it at like say, Wal-Mart.) but I think it's a little bit better in my opinion; depending of course on what you're looking for. If you and most of your players are pretty familiar with fantasy concepts, and/or RPG elements from other games, the Essentials Kit is great, and I think they'll appreciate this more. Especially if they have a pretty good concept of D&D, like if maybe you and your group know about tabletop games, and always wanted to play, but never got around to it, or couldn't find a group, or if maybe they're familiar with podcasts like Critical Role. However, maybe your group, or a few members aren't a big fan of the fantasy scene, or aren't very familiar with those concepts, or maybe even if all of you guys are just kind of trying to dip your feet into the scene, The Starter Set will probably be the best bet. In general though, I think the Essentials Kit just has MORE. It's more supportive of 1-on-1 play, or small groups, it gives you access to character creation rules, it has a little more detailed rule book, and it also includes cool cards for quests, magic items, and other things which serve as helpful reminders for newer players. The only thing I would say it lacks compared to the Starter Set, is that the Starter Sets story has more bones to it, and has a more interesting narrative. If you're new to DMing, if you go with the Essential Kit (Like I did my first time.) you might have to fill a few things in here and there to kind of bring things together, but it's a little more contained. If you go with the Starter set, there's more opportunity for exploration, but you might have to reel players in a little.

    KhaosKhaosNăm trước
  • I'm very happy to see a DM approve of stealing ideas The point of Roleplaying sometimes is to self-insert yourself/your character in a setting you're interested in. If they've already seen a story like this told before, it doesn't mean that they don't want to be the hero in it

    HeriarkaHeriarkaNăm trước
  • What about when you're dm-ing and your players are a) a 10 year old who listens to whatever the b) 18 year old says, who is trying to undermine the very game along side a c) 13 year old who wants to murder EVERYONE and wonders why he gets chased by the authorities after murdering a bartender in front of everyone? Oh yeah, and they all complain whenever they face something they struggle just barely with. In one instance they were in a town next to a dungeon. Inside the dungeon an army was rising up and they were SUPPOSED to go into the dungeon, slaying monsters before they grew into an army and killed everything. Instead they killed the council that ran the town, and didn't go into the dungeon. To keep the world consistent I had the army eventually come out of the dungeon (like they were planning). The entire team died.

    HitPointsHarryHitPointsHarryNăm trước
  • If you want to listen to a good dnd podcast than I recommend dndnd and dungeons and daddies. Bout he of them are on Spotify and apple podcasts.

    MrFlipFlop FishguyMrFlipFlop FishguyNăm trước
  • The lost mine is the most vanilla stuff ever imo when it comes to names and it starts out as a rail roady without giving you any actual roleplaying suggestions or tips for how to play the adventure with new players. It tries to be linear and non linear at the same time. It's also likely to kill your party if you follow it to a tee and dont have experience in making sure you have a balanced game...so I would say using some dnd generators and books such as table fables (and specifically table fables 2) or even dnd apps that have lots of random encounter tables to generate things in combination with the Dungeon masters guide is a lot better if you really want to make your own dnd world. You can base your campaign around finding a magical item or place or creature and include sub plots (start out slow with fun or funny side missions) build your world from the Dungeon masters guide but only include info that the players may know with a few extra bits incase they investigate further. You can also print out some generated Npc characters using fastcharacter (.com) it's best if you know your world and unless you take really good notes and like reading the ready made modules you'll be stopping the game to look at the book so often even after reading the entire thing. So what I'm really trying to say is, that if you know your world because you created it and if your not good at improvising so you have some random tables handy, then you'll feel more confident to run your campaign.

    CosplayzineCosplayzineNăm trước
  • My group went to a village, long story short, someone used a magic missile and burned the entire town down.

    The Epic WaffleThe Epic WaffleNăm trước
  • 10:37 that applies to the other meaning of DMing, too

    HeadCanonHeadCanonNăm trước
  • the only one i really disagree on is the "voice acting" one. I don't think you need to do voices, it's more about making NPCs memorable by giving them distinct traits and motivations. You don't have to do "do a voice" to convey that, just sometimes it helps if you do.

    Apollo9898LPsApollo9898LPsNăm trước
  • Yep nothing goes as planned lol. Be flexible. I learned the hard way.

    Mike PalmerMike PalmerNăm trước
  • Marcus I'm asking you nicely, you need to make a video for players. ....Please

    Bran McShacklefordBran McShacklefordNăm trước

    Roadpower9889Roadpower9889Năm trước
  • Me: This is the secret organisation you will be working for so the plot works. A player: my character does not want to join. Me:... Oh, okay. Cool cool cool no doubt not doubt no doubt.

    Luc OLuc ONăm trước
  • Y does the title say 18

    Wyatt CusickWyatt CusickNăm trước
  • 7:00 something I’ve noticed about phones during dnd is just doing whatever and not paying attention if the party is split and my portion of the party isn’t being focused on. This helps me with accidentally meta gaming and knowing things I shouldn’t.

    GwenomGwenomNăm trước
  • the problem with my games is they go along with my plans to often and I really want them to just do anything they want

    Jude Connor-MacintyreJude Connor-MacintyreNăm trước
  • Haha! I have never seen a better use of a Star wars cutaway!

    Martin BührerMartin BührerNăm trước
  • Super helpful thank you !

    leighann warfeleighann warfeNăm trước