Aquaman - The Worst Superhero Movie Ever Made?

12 Th08, 2020
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  • The bit at 17:09 had to be muted for copyright purposes. Apparently we are allowed to use the full visuals from the movie and not the audio. Oh well. Sorry about that, guys!

    The Cosmonaut Variety HourThe Cosmonaut Variety Hour8 tháng trước
    • Honestly, it’s hilarious watching black manta get beat without sound because our minds fill in the blanks but without the actual sound effects

      Strangely UkrainianStrangely UkrainianTháng trước
    • Tbh I really like Aquaman and while it is a good video it doesn’t change my opinion

      ireviewthingsireviewthingsTháng trước
    • I think it worked in your favour. With the audio gone I laughed out loud at how savage that fall was!

      Noah StobbeNoah StobbeTháng trước
    • Not sure if anyone gives a shit but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girl friends Instagram password by using Instapwn. You can find it by Googling for InstaPwn account hacker ;)

      Junior BriarJunior BriarTháng trước
    • @Ella G. Agree

      Scott BeddallScott Beddall2 tháng trước
  • sheee

    crvena jabukacrvena jabuka2 giờ trước
  • wdym MCU is bland

    Buster dogBuster dog21 giờ trước
  • 8:13 right when markie said “king” I got a Burger King ad.

    The Record ScratchThe Record ScratchNgày trước
  • liked the vid cuz sanic musics

    OneironautASMROneironautASMRNgày trước
  • Edgelord channel. Pass.

    Sherry BellSherry BellNgày trước
  • 17:32

    Arce SilveiraArce Silveira2 ngày trước
  • The prehistoric dinosaur demension where he finds his mom is just How to train your dragon 2 LMAO

    gripgrip2 ngày trước

    Vlad 2.0Vlad 2.02 ngày trước
  • I don't know about you but I loved this movie

    treasure youthtreasure youth2 ngày trước
  • See I can’t help but LOVE this movie because it’s really cheesy and kinda cliche and it feels like a comic book story come to life. In my personal opinion anyways. The flaws aren’t so bad that it’s unenjoyable or distracting to me.

    Monica DMonica D2 ngày trước
  • Fantastic four reboot is the worst of all time!

    SteveSteve3 ngày trước
  • I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!

    Ruth B. GarciaRuth B. Garcia3 ngày trước
  • The amber heard eating roses scene is so stupid and stolen from little mermaid her fake hair, costume and acting ruin this for me

    Tonya McInvale-BrownTonya McInvale-Brown3 ngày trước

    Tonya McInvale-BrownTonya McInvale-Brown3 ngày trước
  • Bro kept saying AtlanTa instead of AtlanNa lmaooo

    Ren RavageRen Ravage4 ngày trước
  • The WORST cliche of millennial movie reviewer videos - dudes inserting jump cuts of themselves laughing at their own jokes.... This guy, Chris Stuckman. Just gross.

    iKnow BetterThanUiKnow BetterThanU4 ngày trước
  • Nah this man just hates every single movie

    leafs-kaz YTleafs-kaz YT4 ngày trước
    • He even made a video where he re-ranked his reviews and he gave aqua man a higher score (forgot the score watch the vid yourself)

      Vince WizVince Wiz4 ngày trước
    • lmao you didnt finish the vid didnt you? basically this man had a character development where he realized that he liked aquaman all along and he was just a tsundere

      darryldarryl4 ngày trước
  • How is every superhero movie the worst one ever made?

    Noah WestonNoah Weston4 ngày trước
  • Aquaman (2018) ⮘ f'u'l'l M'o'V'i'E ⮘ ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ ☛ All Subtitles, 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的 生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其A融入不斷發展的人類社會。 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和 慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木)來調味食物煮的時候 Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.?? todos los subtítulos Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.?? ntv7Z5Nk47eFAj4zb%Uhq87T3

    arurinharurinh4 ngày trước
  • I was like, I bet Cosmonaut thinks the same as my search "aquaman is terrible" and I wasn't disappointed 🤣

    DurrpadilDurrpadil4 ngày trước
  • At 17:33 slow it down and you will see joel miller test it out

    AngryWolfAngryWolf4 ngày trước
  • Guys don’t worry he’s black that’s why he had bad opinions

    Hello hello HelloHello hello Hello4 ngày trước
  • If aquaman sucks u dude don't deserve movies at all lol. Literally in top 4 ever made by dc lol

    Taver NelloTaver Nello5 ngày trước
    • lmao dude. he clickbaited us, in the end he said that liked the movie and was just trolling us

      darryldarryl4 ngày trước
  • Of course the people don't believe that there are more beings like Aquaman, just look at how many of us still deny corona.

    ArdArd5 ngày trước
  • 0:32 ....oh you've been 'bating, I'm pretty sure.

    jangymanjangyman5 ngày trước
  • orm just screams... shows nite owl screaming... ngl that made me run out of air i almost died

    tacocatcustomstacocatcustoms5 ngày trước
  • He likes It now btw lol

    Casper GarciaCasper Garcia5 ngày trước
  • This movie was actually really good considering it’s a DCEU movie

    The MandalorianThe Mandalorian5 ngày trước
  • Yeah Aquaman should be a terrible mid 2000s movie but it’s so ridiculous and as soon as something dumb happens the movie sneaks in something interesting and cool I’ve always been an Aquaman fanboy so it I liked it. Also it’s pretty obvious Orms motivation is that he’s mad his moms gone bc she loved a human I saw some other comments that came to this conclusion as well.

    GnarrcanGnarrcan5 ngày trước
  • 8:46 hehehe

    Louis SounessLouis Souness6 ngày trước
  • 8:46 sus

    violet chingviolet ching6 ngày trước
  • 1:39 this dint age well

    gayfukgayfuk6 ngày trước
  • 15:34 reminds me of something...

    MyAwfulAnimationsMyAwfulAnimations6 ngày trước
  • 8:47 amogus

    Berendi PálBerendi Pál6 ngày trước
  • Marcus has updated his score on this movie. 7.5/10

    GH0STS 27GH0STS 276 ngày trước
  • Amber sucks

    Kadin OhmerKadin Ohmer6 ngày trước
  • Anyone know the name of the background music at the beginning?

    JohnJohn6 ngày trước
  • Damn , im falling in love with his voice...😂

    Маша СмирноваМаша Смирнова6 ngày trước
  • Umm T’Challa loses to Eric because he *doesn’t want to kill him* and Eric *really wants to kill him* that’s the whole point

    Joelle WoggermanJoelle Woggerman7 ngày trước
  • mean the bullets still ropley hurt him.

    Benjamin La SalleBenjamin La Salle7 ngày trước
  • 17:41 When Black Manta appears to fight Aquaman, he actually quotes Call of Cthulhu too.

    ChewbaccafruitChewbaccafruit7 ngày trước
  • i love how Marcos has an actual character arc in this video

    Pedro AnimaçõesPedro Animações7 ngày trước
  • Aquaman isn't bad... The movie is better than the most Marvel movie

    InkInk8 ngày trước
  • Seriously. That Uma Thurman "film" didn't define the title of the video minus the first word concept through to execution and retrospective enough for anyone? When was the last time anyone even talked about it?

    IsiahTomasIsiahTomas8 ngày trước
  • Try 'trope' as an alternative to cliché

    Viewer DiscretionViewer Discretion8 ngày trước
  • I didn’t understand why he told her he doesn’t work well with others when didn’t he just work with the justice league to beat Stephen wolf? And even if the atlantians tried to invade Superman would just destroy the whole army

    NRv SwiftNRv Swift8 ngày trước
  • With all the cliched aspects :I knew his mother wasn't dead, I knew his father would meet his wife waiting on the dock, The movie was quite cliche but it was God damn awesome!! Watched it several times! It helps my girl liked it too

    Wildjason888Wildjason8889 ngày trước
  • Aquaman the movie is better than Black Panther the movie! Okay bro I said it's for you y so you're good

    Wildjason888Wildjason8889 ngày trước
  • If Aquaman sucked , how come it made more than US$1Billion + in ticket sales smart guy?! World audience love it , & they're not stupid! Aquaman is easily much more watchable than any moody Batman or out of luck spiderman movies out there , period! Besides , Aquaman comes with the hugely popular Skylar Grey's Everything I Need movie song , which Batman or Spiderman song we can remember?! 🕯

    Toma HawkToma Hawk9 ngày trước
    • Did you watch the video?

      Oskar HazlehurstOskar HazlehurstNgày trước
    • The video is about why he likes it

      Elijah HuestonElijah Hueston8 ngày trước
  • A lot of the things you mentioned were explained very well in the exposition. There's just too much of it. Aquaman's name is Arthur and in later Arthurian legends, whoever drew excalibur from the stone became king of England. Same deal with the trident in Aquaman. I know the line sounded cheesy but you can also think of it as when an army wins by taking the banner of a general to show they're victorious.

    Non SpecificNon Specific9 ngày trước
  • first video I've seen that the narrator has an arc lol

    Vu NguyenVu Nguyen9 ngày trước
  • I agree with this video. There's so many reasons not to like this movie, but I still somehow really like this movie

    Mace FaceMace Face9 ngày trước
  • Why were you fighting it ...this movie is a fun dumb romp

    lanzo86lanzo869 ngày trước
  • Terrible movie but not even close to the worst and enjoyable enough if you switch your last braincell off.

    ProductionProduction9 ngày trước
  • 17:32

    Jarrett TyreeJarrett Tyree10 ngày trước
  • I can think of a few that are worse. Batman vs Superman to start.

    Ryan ByrdRyan Byrd10 ngày trước
  • Watching this after the Snyder cut. Just substitute the old one with the latter and see the impact of Darkseid should have been on this plot.

    Gergő SoósGergő Soós11 ngày trước
  • Bro... T’Challa only lost with Killmonger because he didn’t have the black Panther powers at the waterfall

    OnatraOnatra11 ngày trước
  • Killmonger is so overrated. Seriously, what is it that makes him so great?

    GrimGrim11 ngày trước
  • this movie is probably the funniest superhero movie

    XiphXiph11 ngày trước
    • homecomming:laughs is comedy

      gayfukgayfuk6 ngày trước
  • Looks like you didn't even get the point of the Black Panther movie. T'Challa is relatively weak during his fight against Killmonger because he feels emotionally hesitant upon knowing the terrible thing that was done to Erik as a child and everything the latter had to go through.

    Radia JameeRadia Jamee11 ngày trước
  • You said cliche so many times I almost started thinking you were cinemasins

    : D: D12 ngày trước
  • To be fair i haven't seen aquaman and won't, however worse than Green Lanturn?

    Martin sølvstenMartin sølvsten12 ngày trước
  • Hahh jango fett

    Simon PierreSimon Pierre12 ngày trước
  • Do I like this movie 😂😂 gets me every time

    Ali RezaAli Reza12 ngày trước
  • I like that there isn't a lot of shibboleths!

    motherless dogmotherless dog12 ngày trước
  • 3:55

    daniel barreradaniel barrera12 ngày trước
  • I'd assume bullets still do hurt him on impact, so maybe that's why he protected himself from them? And getting a bullet into the eye would still end badly, probably? Not sure if you though about it, kinda doubt it. If i remember correctly, Superman got an eye poked out with a bullet, normal bullet. It grew back because Superman, but yeah. And i agree that Manta should've been saved for another Movie as a villain, instead of giving him in now.

    KesherKesher13 ngày trước
  • Excuse me, u think this Movie is shit

    Clint Ivan OrsolinoClint Ivan Orsolino13 ngày trước
    • lol btw check 1:39 the cmment dint age well

      gayfukgayfuk6 ngày trước
  • ffs i was NOT ready. Not ready at all, to maybe, slightly have enjoy this movie. Yes - this video counts as watching the movie itself.

    NickNick13 ngày trước
  • but it's like they took all the good elements from amazing movies and used them as a way to not have to think of something creative and new. Having a Tomb Raider scene, Avatar scene, Pirates of the Caribbean adventure plot and a straight-up copy from clothes to the atmosphere of the how to train your dragon mom moment. Having all of these together just made it feel like I had seen it all before and didn't feel like it was really its own movie.

    homstuck nerdhomstuck nerd13 ngày trước
  • The movie can be bad, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it.

    N. Xavier L.N. Xavier L.13 ngày trước
  • It was pretty good tbh

    Tarek ChamasTarek Chamas14 ngày trước
  • Nah i am marvel fan but aquaman was good dio

    Jaden JonesJaden Jones14 ngày trước
  • 11:07 Wtf is that? XD

    BofiBofi14 ngày trước
  • 😍🆂🅴🆇 🅿️🆁🅸🆅🅰️🆃🅴 🅽🆄🅳🅴 ❤️👌 ! 今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした, ! 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成%員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。. 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙 (如山核桃 !

    Susan TaylorSusan Taylor14 ngày trước
  • Aquaman is the best of the new DC movies

    Israelite Tribe of JudahIsraelite Tribe of Judah15 ngày trước
  • Arthur’s mom is named atlanna not atlanta

    Theodore MacQuarrieTheodore MacQuarrie15 ngày trước
  • It feels like a male version of disney movie....

    vi zeathvi zeath15 ngày trước
  • Said's a guy who like's captain marvel and the last jedi

    Slade JosephSlade Joseph16 ngày trước
  • The only good movies form the DCEU is zack synders justice league, Wonder Woman, Shazam, and I think aqua man

    Jadin’s funsideJadin’s funside16 ngày trước
  • Captain Marvel?

    Bob EubanksBob Eubanks16 ngày trước
  • The way you spoke about the movie sounded like 7 or even 8 out of 10 but you played it safe by rating it a 6? Good video regardless

    Brandon RodriguezBrandon Rodriguez17 ngày trước
  • Simple as That "Your just a MCU toxic fanatics" that explains all... You know it was a massive success visible from its box off. but you find and you only tend to see it ad nothing and reject its art... Just like all the Others...

    William DrogoWilliam Drogo17 ngày trước
  • You spelled Green Lantern wrong. Edit: Oh I get it, that's your thing... Every super hero movie is the "worst ever made..." Sorry I didn't watch yet. And not going to now. *yawn.

    Greg HolmesGreg Holmes17 ngày trước
  • The PS5 joke took me out

    Official YSL PoloOfficial YSL Polo17 ngày trước
    • Yeah. Doesn’t that mean the Atlantean soldiers look...good? Seriously, he just described what the costumes look like and said “tHiS iS bAd!”

  • Is 7:31 a Watchmen clip?

    Capitalist WarriorCapitalist Warrior17 ngày trước
  • James Wan is a magician for one reason. He makes Amber look like a normal being.

    NiksterkaiNiksterkai18 ngày trước
  • Why is this only 720p?

    Matthew ToppingMatthew Topping18 ngày trước
  • 12:53 That's it. That's the movie. That's why I love it.

    Steve DiceSteve Dice18 ngày trước
  • This video had more character arc than the actual movie

    George BoggsGeorge Boggs18 ngày trước
  • I mean captain marvel is the worst superhero movie.

    Pål JensenPål Jensen18 ngày trước
  • 15:21 to be fair, I didn’t know it was based on a book either, and I know some Roman history. Maybe he’s one of those people who are knowledgeable in one area but completely clueless in another.

    Unoriginal NameUnoriginal Name18 ngày trước
  • To me its totally believe, someone can hate ppol they haven't tried talking to. And don't know shit about them

    Black RokuBlack Roku19 ngày trước
  • The one thing I don't understand is if atlanteans can breathe air or not because orm, vulko, mera and atlanna can but the soldiers can't?

    Nathan ChoiNathan Choi19 ngày trước
  • I’m watching this video while #JusticeForJohnyDepp is trending on Twitter

    maybe_noahhaase_ _not_suremaybe_noahhaase_ _not_sure19 ngày trước
  • Still a win for DC cuz they got 1 billion dollars lol

    Appos GamingAppos Gaming19 ngày trước
  • You forgot to mention his dad, Vegeta

    PriaPria20 ngày trước
  • The Queen of Atlantis being Atlanta is actually sort of mythologically correct. Two possible names for the god king and god queen of the Minoans (Atlantis) are Atalos/Atlas and Atalanta/Atlanta. Another name for Atalanta may be Themis, where we get the name Themiskyra (island of Themis). Amazons and Atlanteans are Minoans bruh.

    Legends of the AncientsLegends of the Ancients20 ngày trước