Clone Wars Season 7 Didn't Need 12 Episodes

08 Th05, 2020
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  • I wish we got the grievous and boba fett arks

    Coles magical adventureColes magical adventure21 giờ trước
  • It would have been cool to see the kidnapping of palpating they could have redone what they did in the 2003 clone wars with a few changes

    X GX GNgày trước
  • Do you have thoughts on the bad batch show?

    Mr. MangoMr. MangoNgày trước
  • "when people rewatch the clone wars, they will skip the martez sisters arc" *Me rewatching all of clone wars* Aaaaannnddd... Skip

    X-Mortal7159X-Mortal7159Ngày trước
  • One thing that annoyed me about the last arc was some very specific design details. Namely the Darth Sidious design was way better in season 6 - his hood is to round and way less sexy than seasons 5 & 6 design. Also Obi Wan’s beard looked better in previous clone wars.

    Topdog525Topdog525Ngày trước
  • Watching this now shows me that season 7 was setting us up for bad batch

    Christian Chin-HingChristian Chin-Hing2 ngày trước
  • I get that this video was made before the announcement. But the bad batch arc isn’t pointless since they’re getting their own show.

    I AM IRONMANI AM IRONMAN2 ngày trước
  • I’m going to be honest, as a Star Wars fan and a HUGE Star Wars the Clone Wars fans. This season was kind of rushed...

    Gaming GatorGaming Gator4 ngày trước
  • tbh i actually got disapointed with the last arc i give it a 8/10 but the order 66 got so fast and i think they made it sloppy and the same when ashoka found rex inhibitor chip it was way to fast and not like oh no like when fives found out about it

    BackaboXtonBackaboXton4 ngày trước
  • i actually only saw rebels after watching all of clone wars, so i wasnt in the same boat as marcus, so for me it was faaar more enjoyable

    Cédric RüfenachtCédric Rüfenacht5 ngày trước
  • It’s ironic, I thought this would explain how it had too little episodes instead of too much.

    SeriousnessTVSeriousnessTV6 ngày trước
  • Fun fact- The Maul vs Ahsoka fight was motion captured and the mocap actor for maul was the original maul actor in episode 1.

    Stoned JesusStoned Jesus10 ngày trước
  • I wish they completely cut the ramirez sisters or whatever their name was, and put an obi wan/anakin arc instead, like the build up to revenge of the sith, because it's so abrupt, one second i'm hearing about how they dumped the old spice deodorants, next thing you know, anakin killed dooku and it's over.

    Kentucky Fried ChildrenKentucky Fried Children13 ngày trước
    • I know right? When I was originally waiting each week for Disney plus to release. I was exited to watch. But then in the middle I was waiting for the arc to end.

      Gaming GatorGaming Gator4 ngày trước
  • Really needed an episode or arc showing grievous attack coruscant and kidnap the chancellor. Obi wan just says “this is a pivotal moment in the clone wars” and that’s it. Like, no shit Ben. SHOW us that.

    Warhead522Warhead52214 ngày trước
  • speaking of tabletop games my family has a weekly starfinder game and its amazing we're at lvl 8 right now

    Patrick SuperKittyPatrick SuperKitty14 ngày trước
  • I would’ve given the last arc a 10/10 if Ashoka and Mauls fight didn’t end as terribly as it did.

    Pirate King BorosPirate King Boros14 ngày trước
  • Rebels doesn’t exist. Except for the Obi-Wan and Maul fight, and the Ashoka and Darth Vader fight. Everything else is trash.

    Jonathan RichwineJonathan Richwine16 ngày trước
  • i hate the argument that simply knowing which characters survive a story ruins the tension. when you rewatch empire, you probably arent thinking, “this is dumb i already know vader doesnt kill luke in this part.” just because you know ahsoka isnt gonna die doesnt mean the finale isnt exciting to watch

    Will CooperWill Cooper19 ngày trước
  • It agitated me how they threw in the dumb sister arc and how they made the bad batch long than it had to be, instead of throwing in some of the actual good arcs that were deleted

    Nick HidalgoNick Hidalgo19 ngày trước
  • 2:11 I agree with you I did not like this Arc in Season 7 of The Clone Wars.

    Omega MaximusOmega Maximus20 ngày trước
  • Marcus I'd like if you read this. At first when I watched this i thought you were just nit picking but then I sat back and watched it again, honestly I'd rather watch sand grains on TATOOIEN MOVE or watching Luke farm moisture on a dry desert planet with two suns. And that's for the ashoka and two random questionable bozo girls Ark but there's so much I can go on about, also my friends think I hate everything because I complain about the certain bad stuff I can't over look in the good stuff.

    armendX KillaarmendX Killa20 ngày trước
  • I love the Clone Wars Maul, he is way more experienced and wise than in Phantom Menace.

    Teun vanderLugtTeun vanderLugt21 ngày trước
  • When bad batch comes out u need to do a vid on it and have u done a vid on Mandalorian Season 2

    BrickTimmyBrickTimmy21 ngày trước
  • 3/10 is too generous

    Ryan BadagliaccoRyan Badagliacco22 ngày trước
  • I loved the bad batch arc mainly cause I just loved seeing a squad of badass tactical clones in action. It was fun

    Sev3617Sev361722 ngày trước
  • I watched the final season right after season 6 and I didn't watch Rebels yet so ooo it was pretty much perfect for me.

    yerboi Viloriayerboi Viloria23 ngày trước
  • 4 episodes is definitely too long for that irrelevant of an arc

    Jay C WJay C W24 ngày trước
  • THERE IS ONE LAST SHOW YOU HAVENT REVIEWED. (what is it) Have you ever heard the tragedy of Star wars resistance (no) I wouldn't think to its not something Netflix would recommend you

    MKGAMER 110MKGAMER 11025 ngày trước
  • Ok, I thought that Rex shouldn’t have been in rebels and he should’ve died in the order 66 clone trap scene thing. Like, he’s shot in his side by Jesse or a 332nd trooper and Ashoka takes him with her in the Y-wing and they have a heart to heart and he peacefully died and is buried with all of his brothers

    Wolfpack ProductionsWolfpack Productions25 ngày trước
  • You repeated yourself 20000 times

    CadeCade25 ngày trước
  • Last 4 episodes were only episodes I watched from start to end...

    PrimroseÑightPrimroseÑight25 ngày trước
  • I absolutely DID NOT CARE for the sister story. I hated it, it was completely boring, the sisters were beyond annoying and totally gave me Ezra vibes and I cannot stand that character for the life of me. The whole time I was watching it I was looking at the time stamp and just counting the mins wishing it would end quickly so that we wouldn't waste more precious Clone Wars episodes and this waste of time. 4 episodes was WAYYY too much. But the last 4 I was elated, gutted and mind blown. Those last episodes was truly Star Wars at its best and I'm sooo glad that I watched Rebels after this because it would have definitely ruined my experience. Ahsoka was the fucking Queen and the force was all up in that gorgeous alien babe. Oh man and that fucking scene with Rex fighting back as best he could when he received "that order "and the look....the gut gut retching look on his heart split in two.. What a powerful moment. Peak Star Wars storytelling 🙌🏻 The perfect conclusion to this legendary show that has captured my heart more and more over the years...Rebels could only pray to elicit such a response that this show so effortlessly evoked especially with that ending... Loved, loved LOVED IT. God bless you Dave Faloni and all those responsible for bringing the show back from the brink and that were as committed to respecting these characters and giving the fans a very satisfying conclusion to this story. I fucking loved the Clones Wars...Ahsoka you're my hero babe.

    DreamgirlBlueDreamgirlBlue27 ngày trước
  • I have never watched any of the Star Wars TV Shows and finally got into them a few months back, without any knowledge of what happens in Rebels, so I'd like to respectively disagree with your opinion. Here's why. I finished TCW a few weeks ago watching in chronological order and I genuinely had no idea who was going to make it through. I knew about Ahsoka and Maul because of spoilers sadly, but the rest was a complete surprise. The Martez sisters arc actually felt really necessary to me, since we needed to see how Ahsoka would react to the nitty gritty anti-Jedi sentiment that exists amongst the common folk and how much of her past she would choose to embrace / run away from. The Bad Batch arc, despite being perhaps low-stakes, was also important for setting up the sequel series they just announced. I'm still not sure how they make it through Order 66 with their personalities intact, but I'm genuinely intrigued and it's good to have Echo on board for at least one familiar face. But by and large, the finale was utterly PHENOMENAL. I wouldn't rate it as any less than 10/10. Virtually all of it was a surprise for me. I was weeping when Rex turned on Ahsoka, overjoyed when his chip was removed, and then utterly terrified again when I realised he could die at any moment. I knew Ahsoka would survive but not what the cost would be. It was perhaps the most heart-breaking roller-coaster ride I had witnessed and I can't express how relieved I was when she and Rex survived the crash. I even felt scared for Maul, since I could sense his terror and powerlessness, and was rooting against all my previous instincts for him to make it out too. So from the perspective of someone who has never seen Rebels (only started last week), I think most of your criticism falls flat. It's only valid if you've seen things out of order, and I understand why that happened, but it's definitely not the intended narrative sequence. And when you watch it how the story is meant to be told, the season does everything it is meant to, is very unpredictable and even convinced me that the TV show (and Ahsoka's arc) was better than anything the movies have tried to do. And everyone else who has never watched these shows is going to go through the same thing I went through, so with that in mind, it really was a perfect final season imho.

    Emily Bontle Imaan WallaceEmily Bontle Imaan Wallace29 ngày trước
  • Now the first 4 make sense, as we are getting the bad batch soon and we can see echos fate without knowing how it ends, and the bad batch conflicted with fighting other clones

    Sam RobinsonSam Robinson29 ngày trước
  • *laughs in bad batch spin off being the only reason the bad batch arc exists*

    Bob Semple tankBob Semple tankTháng trước
  • They should have ended season six with the bad batch arch

    Noah KamrowskiNoah KamrowskiTháng trước
  • 3:29

    Zucc succZucc succTháng trước
  • I wish there were more Also you cant tell me that anakin and the 501st scene wasnt a little bit cool. The bad batch wasnt too bad

    Zucc succZucc succTháng trước
  • I enjoyed he first arc of the season, but after one and a half episodes, I skipped the second. The final arc is fantastic, and I think I enjoyed it more cus I didn't watch Rebels. (But the goofy droids and shit is distracting.)

    Big GuyBig GuyTháng trước
  • The best thing in 2020

    Julie CarterJulie CarterTháng trước
  • I wish they would just make a better “clone wars animation style” episode 3

    Harryboi 64Harryboi 64Tháng trước
  • You know what’s crazy you remind me of the sisters

    La CaponeLa CaponeTháng trước
  • And I don’t need happiness..

    YoYoNoGoYoYoNoGoTháng trước
  • I watched it before rebels and I didn't know much about rebels so I loved it to its fullest potential

    Mr. PapayaMr. PapayaTháng trước
  • As someone who hasn't seen rebels yet (but still been spoiled about a lot of things) I thought the last arc was perfect and wish everyone got to experience it without having seen rebels/mandalorian season 2

    MalekMalekTháng trước
  • 3/10 was not hard enough on the martez sisters they fucking blow

    Noah HeiterNoah HeiterTháng trước
  • Clone wars season 7 as a season was good but the siege of mandalore was pure perfection

    Spidey’s GamingSpidey’s GamingTháng trước
  • I got lucky and refused to watch rebels so I had a much better experience

    Imaginary Corgi7Imaginary Corgi7Tháng trước
  • Well you're right about season 7 should've released before rebels. But sometimes we have to let it go.

    Diogo CamposDiogo CamposTháng trước
  • I’ve never even seen clone wars and I still skipped through the 4 episodes until I saw maul show up. Glad I didn’t waste the time.

    Brady OotenBrady OotenTháng trước
  • I haven't seen rabels so s7 were really F****** cool "FOR ME"

    semi Animationssemi AnimationsTháng trước
    • So now I kan se Rebels

      semi Animationssemi AnimationsTháng trước
  • The title is right it needed more

    chessmaster588chessmaster588Tháng trước
  • Rebels: basically side quests TCVH: Fucking boring Mandalorian: basically side quests TCVH: 10/10 (No offense lol)

    Maxumus 101Maxumus 101Tháng trước
  • 1:57 Cause Bad Batch is coming out this year!

    Manoj VargheseManoj VargheseTháng trước
  • I hadn't seen Rebels when I watched season 7 so it was soooooo good

    Harry WalshHarry WalshTháng trước
  • Fun Fact: Not only were these 3 arcs planned a LONG TIME AGO, but there were 13 unfinished arcs before this season 7. And one of those arcs had Chad Bane and Boba Fett dueling. WHICH SHOULDVE BEEN IN THIS SEASON

    Cristopher SaldivarCristopher SaldivarTháng trước
  • The bad batch group aren’t effected by order 66 as they are a specialist “reject” squad

    JackLeafProvidesTheROBUXJackLeafProvidesTheROBUXTháng trước
  • Bad batch was cool.. but that middle 4 episode arc was so shit and completely pointless.. should have done something different

    Tom CoyleTom CoyleTháng trước
  • I myself love the clones the the first arc is great in my opinion but the middle 4 episodes are ASS

    Alexander ZoubulAlexander ZoubulTháng trước
  • Personally I hate all of the episodes with the two kids on 1313 they are so boring and these girls just get into the same problems multiple times like you’d think they would learn but noooo

    Alexander ZoubulAlexander ZoubulTháng trước
  • I was smart and waited for them to stop making seasons for both clone wars and rebels

    Keegs BwKeegs BwTháng trước
  • The first arc is important for clarifying that Echo is alive for the fans (and the bad batch). The second arc I DEFINITELY FEEL gets WAY too much hate, it’s important to show Ahsoka’s constant struggle after leaving the order and having to deal with these idiots, they ARE insufferable, which means the story writers did their job well. Do I even have to explain the third arc? We are ALL in agreement when it comes to this one. I love y’all Star Wars fans let’s be happy the people making the show gave us what we got. ❤️

    Crime the IllustriousCrime the IllustriousTháng trước
  • As someone who literally just finished the original clone wars and went straight into season 7... I gotta say, I feel kinda the same way. I already know The Bad Batch series is coming so I saw this as their introduction which was neat. The Martez sister bit literally had me wondering why it was there. It was boring. Last 4 episodes were so friggin doooppppeee though. The only thing that sucks is that after so many years of not watching these shows yet, I had things spoiled for me in both Clone Wars and Rebels. Started Rebels like... 2 nights ago? Gonna find out if I enjoy or not. Wish me luck

    The KeerKatThe KeerKatTháng trước
  • Your opening point is so valid, but as I hated what little I had seen of Rebels I never watched it until I actually had sat down and eaten the Clone Wars. Season 7 was mind blowing as I had no exposure to post RotS Ahsoka, Maul or Rex. Good shit.

    OverlordzfjOverlordzfjTháng trước
  • Middle chunk sucked, but echo and the domino squad was epic

    trent schnelltrent schnellTháng trước
  • The last episode were not written a while ago

    Diek LachstDiek LachstTháng trước
  • 🧢

    Diek LachstDiek LachstTháng trước
  • I was honestly pretty nervous when all the boring garbage happened in the middle. I like the bad batch, the non edited versions have been out for years so I’ve been waiting to see it completed, but that whole part with Ashoka and the sisters was just so bad. Thought the season was a wrap until I saw the mandalorians. Than the last 4 episodes dropped and they were beat. So the season wasn’t great but I still think it was solid all around

    WillsterWillsterTháng trước
  • Like with all of Star Wars is it all rebels fault

    Swung BurritoSwung BurritoTháng trước
  • I will agree with you on that second arc, it was incredibley painful to watch

    The Awkward HobbitThe Awkward HobbitTháng trước
  • My only problem with the bad batch arc is the polteks-- I think they're stupid. why do hyper-primitives on a separatist planet know about a galaxy wide war, they can't even leave the system. Moreso, they're on a separatist planet. You're telling me these guys exist on the same planet as the techno union, and the techno union didn't experiment on/enslave/trick them into thinking them to be gods. and they just left them there. Being neutral.

    internet personinternet personTháng trước
  • Cur us cant

    Mr. Midlife CrisisMr. Midlife CrisisTháng trước
  • I always felt the finale was not about Ahsoka living or dying but rather her journey through it and the lengths she would go as she was faced with the decision to kill her friends or comrades or be killed. It was a matter of if her integrity and character survived rather than Ahsoka herself, which is especially powerful when showcased with Anakin's turn to the Dark Side as well as Maul's power and ruthlessness. Also Echo's arc probably existed due to the Bad Batch TV show they just announced, so it probably wasn't lazy writing.

    normalcy_is_ subjectivenormalcy_is_ subjectiveTháng trước
  • Fun fact for those who don't know. The duel between Ahsoka and Maul was actually motion captured, and they brought back Ray Park to do the mocap for Maul.

    EmperordmbEmperordmbTháng trước
  • Agent 99

    User unknowns RBUser unknowns RBTháng trước
  • Here to say that I watched this season before watching Rebels, so with fresh eyes. Well, if you can call my teary, snot-nosed face at the end of the finale "fresh eyes". Seriously, 10/10 stuff.

    Luke AriLuke AriTháng trước
  • Great, now The Bad Batch is a thing, wonder how it will fuck everything up again im hopeful

    The Letter 3The Letter 3Tháng trước
    • Very unlikely, it takes place after order 66 and can introduce entirely new content around bad batch without the need for main story elements (besides order 66)

      bradlebradleTháng trước
  • Bruh fax i didnt even want to see season7 and i wanted anakin in the jedi Temple i hate all New fake star wars fans like the Only like rebels and mandaloran bruh

    Simon PierreSimon PierreTháng trước
  • Glad I watched the final season before rebels

    No UsernameNo UsernameTháng trước
  • The first arc was mainly to introduce the bad batch for the new series

    Jaymastarj Mad Wolf PackJaymastarj Mad Wolf PackTháng trước
  • I had never watched CW nor Rebels before untill I watched Th Mandalorian. That show made me want to know more about the SW universe. So I watched every CW season on Disney+ before Rebels, not even knowing that there had been a gap between the last two seasons, so the finale was really good for me, not knowing what had happen in Rebels with Ahsoka and Maul

    Mario BastiMario BastiTháng trước
  • I think I would've given the Bad Batch episodes a lower rating. The plot was fine but Wrecker was really annoying and the rest of the bad batch clones were just boring.

    Alex GatesAlex GatesTháng trước
    • Imagine there is gonna be a entire sbow about them

      MarloniMarloniTháng trước
  • So I haven’t seen the seasons 2 and 3 of Rebels, but I did watch Rogue One, Mandalorian season 2, and have seen several scenes of Rebels on accident for me to know that they were going to survive the climax of the season. Even with this knowledge, though, I find the ending of Clone Wars to be extremely satisfying and perhaps one of the best stories of Star Wars history

    The Green ThunderThe Green ThunderTháng trước
  • "Why do I care if Echo found a squad of clones to hang out with for like the two weeks before they all turned evil and killed the jedi?" Bad Batch Series: Allow me to introduce myself.

    Caleb MangoldCaleb MangoldTháng trước
  • I haven't seen rebels, so all I knew was that ashoka maul and rex would make it. My biggest complaint isn't that, it is the inconsistency of the characters. Every character but Ashoka and Maul (maybe Rex kind of) don't have health bars. The droids in the first arc cannot shoot dudes running at them in an open field. How can the Martez sisters escape the cartel? They are just random people. The absolute lack of threat from the enemies in the first two arcs really made them hard to watch. If I tried to pull that on the mafia I would for sure be dead, so what can these chicks just run around their maximum security jail and be fine? Ashoka and Maul don't have these problems, they get fucked up by the people they fight, which means that there are actual stakes. Pretty much every villain who even knows about Maul operates purely out of fear of him, so when Maul is insanely screaming "We're all going to die!" That is some rad shit. When I know that these clones killed almost every Jedi, Ashoka actually has to do stuff, not just stand there while professional soldiers empty their weapons at the air around her. Also, when Obi-Wan tells Ashoka that he has killed Maul once before, I am pretty sure that is the first time he ever has grey hair. That is some next level show don't tell shit. So yeah, late to the party but I loved the last season. I am not counting the first 8 episodes as part of season 7 for me, they are classic clone wars filler crap, but I would give the final arc a 9.81/10. I loved all of it but if they made gravity and terminal velocity a thing then Ashoka would have had to do even more to not die, the running down the falling debris was the only shot I think could have been done better. :) Hope you enjoyed my rant

    Carson ReidCarson ReidTháng trước
  • My favorite part of clone wars is maul going on a murder spree

    Myst_ DesendantMyst_ DesendantTháng trước
  • I disagree I didn’t want less episodes I wanted more. I enjoyed clone wars more than rebels because it followed different characters not just the same group. We should’ve seen Cad Bane or Asajj Ventress arcs end. Characters we don’t know what happens to them, but don’t survive in the empire. I’d say 22 episodes is how it should be

    Spencer WestSpencer WestTháng trước
  • Cosmonaut: *talking about Clone Wars* The backround music: 🎶🥁🎺🎷🎶

    Connor BrintonConnor BrintonTháng trước
  • The clone wars ending with Vader may have been the best scene I have ever seen in Star Wars just about ever

    Henrik RohmeHenrik RohmeTháng trước
  • 3/10? Too generous

    Robert CameronRobert CameronTháng trước
  • 2:01 Bad Batch spinoff. that trailer made me rewatch the arc and i’m now excited to see what happens to them after order 66

    VictorVictorTháng trước
  • I think that I like the bad batch arc and the siege of mandalore

    Steve DarraghSteve DarraghTháng trước
  • Wacky clones and Echo alive. Bad Batch series: im about to Show this man what i can Really do

    One Clone That looked at a ExplosionOne Clone That looked at a ExplosionTháng trước
  • So lucky I watch it in the right chronological order

    鄭茂廷鄭茂廷Tháng trước
  • Glad I didn't watch rebels then. You keep saying how much that ruined clone wars for you.

    Andrew HarrisAndrew HarrisTháng trước
  • the bad batch arc makes more sense now that their getting their own show

    Fincar FelagundFincar FelagundTháng trước
  • This is the way

    Fred BeustFred BeustTháng trước
  • Knowing that they most likely only really did it to set up for the show, I really enjoy watching the Bad Batch arch and it makes me really excited to learn more about them and seeing what they do during/after Order 66

    YGOYGOTháng trước
  • The Bad batch is getting a show!!!

    Marvin MartinezMarvin MartinezTháng trước
  • Honestly he’s not a fan of this series if he gave the 3rd arc an 8/10

    John LeekaJohn LeekaTháng trước