Every Star Wars Movie Reviewed - Pt. 3 - The Disney Movies

31 Th12, 2019
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    Connor RoperConnor Roper5 giờ trước
  • rogue one is probably my favorite Disney movie, closely followed by TFA and solo.

    TManTMan13 giờ trước
  • Came from a video called "Last Jedi: A complete cinematic failure" narrated by some who sounds like he bit his tongue off. And this says Last Jedi is decent. *I don't know what to believe anymore*

    SomeCovertRebelSomeCovertRebel15 giờ trước
  • My thing on the sequels is that Force Awakens is good, Last Jedi is ok but can get dumb at times, I hate Rise of Skywalker, Solo is really good, Rouge One is ok but nothing crazy but still really good

    Lost PagesLost Pages19 giờ trước
  • the problem isn't that rey is good at stuff. the problem is that she's good at almost everything she touches.

    SqueakerSquadSqueakerSquadNgày trước
  • Idk about anyone else but the reason that I rank RotS “higher than I have any right to” is because it is never a slog or boring ride. It never makes me angry and makes me laugh and have fun. It’s choreography is impeccable and it has some fun shots. The dialogue and line delivery drags it down but even that improves the experience because of how hilarious it is

    The Deathly SmileThe Deathly SmileNgày trước
  • im still really pissed off that everyone hates this film because of han solo himself and how he doesn’t look like the real han solo from the original series i hate that

    Lenny SummersLenny SummersNgày trước
  • I think that if those 6 hour long 14 part videos of people criticizing The Last Jedi, everybody’s experience would be so much better. Most of the people who don’t like it probably haven’t even seen the movie and have instead only seen those criticism videos. I think the more somebody has to argue about a movie the less they enjoy it and if TLJ didn’t become a war zone, everybody would like it better. I really like it, but it’s just exhausting to put up with all of the fanboys who hate it.

    Brendan FitzpatrickBrendan FitzpatrickNgày trước
  • Did he not talk about Dryden Vos the second best villain in the sequel era

    Daniel DavisDaniel DavisNgày trước
  • Ranking all of them: Rise of Skywalker Attack of the Clones Clone Wars Movie Phantom Menace Revenge of the Sith Rogue One Last Jedi Solo A New Hope Force Awakens Return of the Jedi Empire Strikes Back

    Splat KirbySplat Kirby2 ngày trước
  • Hates rebels likes the sequels lol like what

    Mister BlueMister Blue2 ngày trước
  • The best part of Rise of Skywalker was a part I made up in my head. When Rey hears the voice of all the Jedi, I imagined Ewan Mcgreggor's "Hello, there!", and chuckled real hard!

    WanderingRandomerWanderingRandomer2 ngày trước
  • I still like the prequels, ROTS in particular. Not sorry, they're fun movies. From the disney series, I like TFA and Solo, tons of fun, just good ass star wars. The OGs are good, classic, return of the Jedi is pretty weak tho.

    Evan LangstonEvan Langston2 ngày trước
  • I think if Ryan Johnson wanted Luke to give up on the Jedi, justify why he thinks that, let him talk about how the republic fell because the Jedi were corrupt, like how they took children at a young age which they think was justified because they are force sensitive. Also how Jedi teach people to shut off their emotions that they aren't allowed express emotion, a thing especially shown through Anakin which makes it better because Luke is the son of a fallen Jedi. You even have Rey be the symbol of a new type of Jedi, a Jedi who can be free to express emotion, a person who uses the force but allows her emotion to not be pushed down but express which would be great considering Rey is orphan and after the force awaken it seems to not have effect on her at all. which is weird since it could be a flaw that shows she never had a normal childhood and that she blames herself for them leaving but learns to except that she is not to blame for her parents leaving and that they were bad parents who couldn't handle taking care her of as a child. Ryan Johnson I admit does show this in one scene after Ben tells her that her parents are nobodies but then it's not shown ever again. Luke is also an orphan so he could relate to Rey and actually show her how to deal with, unlike Yoda who tells Anakin to just to just ignore his emotions. You can change a character as long as you justify why they are this way which Ryan Johnson fails to do. Luke trying to kill ben is odd since wouldn't Luke consider this could be the push to turn ben to the dark side and it's way out of character for Luke he wouldn't kill someone because he saw a vision, he would of tried to talk to ben but it was to late ben had made his decision.

    The Marsman Walking PodcastThe Marsman Walking Podcast3 ngày trước
  • I really hope some of the Sequel characters get the all star (fanservice but cool) treatment and get to appear and other pieces of Star Wars media.

    Jude Connor-MacintyreJude Connor-Macintyre3 ngày trước
  • Why is everyone so upset that Rey is good at stuff, literally everyone in Star Wars is the 'best dang [something] in the galaxy'

    Jude Connor-MacintyreJude Connor-Macintyre3 ngày trước
  • What was Finn’s role in the story? I’ve played around with the idea that Finn was the trooper who died on Max Von Sydow’s planet and the whole trilogy was Finn’s death throes. That would be why he was leaking everywhere at the start of TLJ.

    maplebob23maplebob233 ngày trước
  • TLJ was pretty entertaining. Especially if you abandoned all hope ten minutes into TFW like I did. It was still pretty bad but entertaining. Not that I want to ever see it again.

    maplebob23maplebob233 ngày trước
  • The biggest problem with all of Star Wars is, people love empires. Rome was a republic for 500 then, one day, they became an empire and everyone loved it. They didn’t even need a Death Star. When you think about it, all the ‘rebel’ attacks happened to Rome while they were still a republic. Until the empire became decadent.

    maplebob23maplebob233 ngày trước
  • The problem with Rey, and all the characters in DSW, is none of them have any character. I knew who Luke Skywalker was in two minutes. I still have no idea who Rey, Finn, that other guy, maybe his name is Oscar? Unfortunately, I was able to pick up on who mask-guy was, Relo Renn? in two minutes. He’s the guy living in his dead grandpa’s basement playing video games. What did anyone want in the DSW movies?

    maplebob23maplebob233 ngày trước
  • How did Disney get John Carter so right and screw up Star Wars so bad?

    maplebob23maplebob233 ngày trước
  • yeah i liked rogue one too edit: YES SOLO IS A GOOD MOVIE

    perkingperking3 ngày trước
  • Green milk

    Joe PersonJoe Person4 ngày trước
  • I thought of The First Avenger when Han Solo was on the train in the mountains

    Matt WangMatt Wang4 ngày trước
  • Yo 41:43 was such a tough battle I spent a while on that dude

    Mark CampbellMark Campbell4 ngày trước
  • 49:24 "Star Wars is the most popular franchise in the whole world" this man should check out this list: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_highest-grossing_films#Highest-grossing_films for better or worse, marvel is a lot more successful than star wars

    bretbret4 ngày trước
    • @Glctc Thnkr marvel comicbooks, games and merchandise have sold double as much as star wars.

      bretbret3 ngày trước
    • There’s more to the franchise than just movies (merchandise, games, books, shows, etc)

      Glctc ThnkrGlctc Thnkr4 ngày trước
  • rey is my favourite character!

    EliEli4 ngày trước
  • Anyone remember when we though Finn was gonna be the mc?

    Ilan TractonIlan Tracton4 ngày trước
  • Rogue One is the best of the new ones by far

    MarioMario5 ngày trước
    • Nah solo is a 100 times better

      CajDoesStuffCajDoesStuff3 ngày trước
  • I think Solo is severely under rated. There’s some moments of really clever writing, like how the film manipulates the presentation of the scene depending on the character in Kiera and Han’s last moment after they killed Drydan Vaus. Hans moment is well lit and the music is upbeat, dialogue younger and cheek and the camera focuses on diamond like-shards of glass, but when he leaves, the scene is dark, the shots are wide and impersonal and the dialogue is dramatic. Stuff like that in the movie really makes it special. This film also has really good story structure and pacing. Even though some of the movie is quite ugly, there are some really nice camera shots here and there and I love the costume design. The characters are charismatic and fun, performances are convincing, I could really go in depth about this film. I really love it a lot.

    Rohan Hadley-BurgessRohan Hadley-Burgess5 ngày trước
  • Honestly Star Wars fans will never like new flicks the standards are kinda high. Even if you go back and look at the OT t they’re not super complex sci fi it’s super fun space fantasy.

    GnarrcanGnarrcan7 ngày trước
  • i just binged all these videos wheres the tylenol

    SignalCrayfishSignalCrayfish7 ngày trước
  • The force awakens was not better than the prequels, IMO.

    H2o FishingH2o Fishing7 ngày trước
    • Nah it was

      CajDoesStuffCajDoesStuff3 ngày trước
  • uncommon opinion all sequels are trash (rogue one and solo are cool)

    Maly Brick ProductionsMaly Brick Productions7 ngày trước
    • It is very common

      CajDoesStuffCajDoesStuff3 ngày trước
  • Finn should have gotten the lightsaber

    Darth NaterDarth Nater7 ngày trước
  • The fact they didn't plan out the story really shows when watching these movies, ESPECIALLY when it comes to Finn's story and all of Episode 9. I'm sure the flip-flopping directors didn't help keep things together.

    Soviet GopnikSoviet Gopnik8 ngày trước
  • Dominic Monaghan (Merry from LotR) did not deserve to be known as "Charlie from Lost."

    Eli StallingsEli Stallings8 ngày trước
  • how the fuck can you put TLJ higher than ROTJ. proves my point how ROTJ is highly underrated

    jack adamecjack adamec8 ngày trước
    • @ArtanisTheScrub sure it’s not as good as Star Wars or esb but ROTJ is definitely better than TLJ or TFA It doesn’t even compare

      jack adamecjack adamec8 ngày trước
    • Because RotJ is the worst movie in the original trilogy

      ArtanisTheScrubArtanisTheScrub8 ngày trước
  • The prequels gave us such awesome vehicles and machinery.

    TheBrickGuy7939TheBrickGuy79398 ngày trước
    • @CajDoesStuff They are good aspects in them. I'm not saying they have no flaws but I cannot call them all bad movies with nothing to enjoy.

      TheBrickGuy7939TheBrickGuy79393 ngày trước
    • @TheBrickGuy7939 and that makes them good?

      CajDoesStuffCajDoesStuff3 ngày trước
    • @CajDoesStuff And a lot of cool action and world building.

      TheBrickGuy7939TheBrickGuy79393 ngày trước
    • That’s it...

      CajDoesStuffCajDoesStuff3 ngày trước
  • He rated these pretty high for crapping on them so much lol. Especially when you look at it compared to his Harry Potter ratings

    Soolty BoiSoolty Boi8 ngày trước
  • I really don’t mind the last Jedi. The sequels were the movies I grew up wiht and I was just so excited to see a Star Wars movie. I liked when I first saw it in theaters but I rewatched it the other week and it was just an entertaining movie. I completely understand that people are mad that they kinda did luke dirty but honestly I can’t agree wiht people who absolouteoy hate this movie and think the prequels are better

    Soolty BoiSoolty Boi8 ngày trước
  • The ONE stars wars movie, I haven't seen, nor want to see, is the one with "jen ursa". She's a pretty weak actress, and its even worse when they make an 87 pound girl, the "badass warrior". Who has ALL these "strengths and powers" they didn't earn. It's not as bad as "rey" the worst Mary sue IN HISTORY, but the actress playing jen ursa, who got married to a little boy named eddie redmayne, who GENUINELY looks like a little 13 yr old boy or girl JUST before before they hit puberty. I cannot FATHOM, other than "money/fame", why with a CHOICE, she would go after a little boy who played a transvestite GIRL (eddie redmayne) in a movie...bc he looks SO little like a man. The world needs to start recognizing...girls want to RUN things. Not be happy. Not "get married" and CERTAINLY not "be the best mother possible". They want ALL the finest things life has to offer, provided by a man, if possible. At least with her, she does work. But I genuinely try to put myself in a girl like her's shoes...and I just cannot even PICTURE being turned on by a 98 pound boy, who CONVINCINGLY plays a woman with very little makeup needed to "sell" the idea. But in "Jupiter ascending"...he yells a little....oooh "scary"! And what a GREAT movie. 😆. Kids these days. Its like they ENJOY doing things backwards, so that they can ATTEMPT to sell everyone on the idea that they are "super unique". What a BRAVE new world millennials have made. They've changed almost EVERYTHING! We just all wish it had been 4 the better

    Wesley HallWesley Hall8 ngày trước
  • "Unfallable" isnt a word bruh. Infallible is. Unflappable is too. But not "unfallable"

    Wesley HallWesley Hall8 ngày trước
  • I wanna know why daisy Ridley is wearing lipstick 💄, as a "warrior". What POSSIBLE reason would a "warrior" have...for wearing lipstick to a meeting with VERY old like skywalker? Its a shame they wasted 3 movies. Also...she got "powers" not by earning it...but LITERALLY bc her last name was "palpatine". Which she was not even AWARE of, until near the end, of the 3rd movie, in a 3 movie series.

    Wesley HallWesley Hall8 ngày trước
  • 11. The Phantom Man 10. Attack of the Klondike 9. Rise of Guywalker Every one of the movies past this point are all enjoyable to a certain extent 8. Rogue 2 7. Solo 6. Revenge of the Sith 5. The Last Jedi 4. The Force Awakens 3. Return of The Jedi 2. A New Hope 1. Empire Strikes Back

    Infinite ThingsInfinite Things9 ngày trước
    • Attack Of The Boys makes sense because not one clone trooper is female.

      TheBrickGuy7939TheBrickGuy79398 ngày trước
  • Marcus Logic: Return of the Jedi: 6/10 The Last Jedi: 7/10 WTF?!

    Anakin SkywalkerAnakin Skywalker10 ngày trước
    • Ediot logic: Different opinion Bad video

      Spoodyboi GamingSpoodyboi Gaming8 ngày trước
  • Marcus Logic: Marcus: *"Sabine is a Mary Sue."* Also Marcus: *"Rey is not a Mary Sue."*

    Anakin SkywalkerAnakin Skywalker10 ngày trước
    • Obe wan:"It's over Anakin I have the high ground"

      king Leland's videosking Leland's videos9 ngày trước
  • This dude gave The Last Jedi a better rating than Revenge of the Sith. I'm sorry, but no. You get a dislike.

    Justin ShumadineJustin Shumadine10 ngày trước
    • @Eoin Cleary prequels are by far my favirote and i havent watched the clone ward and find alotnof the memes cringey

      Not a Master SkywalkerNot a Master Skywalker5 ngày trước
    • The only 2 reasons people like the prequels are A) The Clone Wars and B) Memes

      Eoin ClearyEoin Cleary8 ngày trước
    • @Justin Shumadine I disagree with the thing about the sequels but yeah, the prequels have a pretty interesting story. I just wish it was executed better.

      Infinite ThingsInfinite Things9 ngày trước
    • @Infinite Things I think that's fair. The prequels actually have a good story, though they are not good movies. The sequels, on the other hand, can't even manage a good story. In fact, they ruin the existing story.

      Justin ShumadineJustin Shumadine9 ngày trước
    • Revenge of the sith is overrated the only reason people like it is because of the world building. As an actual movie, it isn't very good.

      Infinite ThingsInfinite Things9 ngày trước
  • I thought Rogue One was considered to be one of the better star wars films

    DownsFilmsDownsFilms11 ngày trước
  • You’re probably the only reviewer that I passionately disagree with and agree with at the same time.

    Gold bond ShaqGold bond Shaq11 ngày trước
  • 37:48 do it then smartass

    _ Cabalcade __ Cabalcade _12 ngày trước
  • Rogue One would have been muuuuch better as a short tv series. We would have had much longer to learn of and care about the characters. Jumping from planet to planet wouldnt have felt so rough. Finally, the world building would have been more fulfilling. I remember watching this in theaters and was stoked they actually killed off the main characters. After learning the background for a lot of these characters, I rewatched Rogue One and I just felt sad for them.

    FireSanctuaryFireSanctuary12 ngày trước
  • “I have a confession for you guys. I didn’t really go to the future to watch Rise of Skywalker.” *No, it’s not true. That’s impossible!*

    Gabe VillarrealGabe Villarreal12 ngày trước
  • When Forest Whittaker says "I will run no longer," he means it literally. Dude has no legs

    Agent EggboyAgent Eggboy12 ngày trước
  • This dude just put Revenge of the sith and Rogue One as worse than Han Solo f ing rise of skywalker, which kinda undid the sacrifice of Anakin/Vader and all the profecy stuff, whilst also calling The Clone Wars "that stupid animated show". He likes star wars for the pew pew and not for the story

    Leo Acosta K.Leo Acosta K.13 ngày trước
    • He calls clone wars the "stupid cartoon show" as a joke. He made an entire video about why it's really good.

      Infinite ThingsInfinite Things9 ngày trước
  • This guy seriously just compared Luke pulling his lightsaber to himself from 5 inches away after already having used the force twice at that point and trained a little bit, to Rey overpowering kylo’s mind invasion and reading his mind, mind tricking a stormtrooper, and defeating Kylo in lightsaber combat even though he was trained by the Jedi grandmaster and snoke while she had just found out about the force that day and had zero training. People don’t hate her because she’s strong or good at things. They hate her because she’s a Mary Sue

    13uckets13uckets14 ngày trước
  • To be honest the prequels sucked because George Lucas didn’t have any new Frank Herbert shit to rip off.

    Rizzo RIZZORizzo RIZZO14 ngày trước
  • - Star wars 9/10 - The Last Jedi 8,5/10 -Return of the Jedi 8/10 -Revenge of the Siths 8/10 -the force awakens 8-/10 -empire strikes back 7,5/10 -the Phantom menace 6,5/10 -Attack of the clones 5,5/10 -rise of Skywalker 3/10 (hilariously bad).

    Genesys1040Genesys104014 ngày trước
  • I fully enjoyed Solo.

    Rizzo RIZZORizzo RIZZO14 ngày trước
  • Cosmonaut gives TFA 8/10 Angry Star Wars Fan: "You see the thing that Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni..."

    Nick BauerNick Bauer14 ngày trước
  • I honestly like all of the Star Wars movies

    Hudson AsherHudson Asher14 ngày trước
  • I am upset (and only upset) because marcus said that general grievous came out of nowhere just to provide a cool fight second but he was in clone wars so I would think that would be mentioned but I get it

    Justin HollingsworthJustin Hollingsworth15 ngày trước
    • He meant in the movies for someone who hasn't seen either clone wars series then the viewer would be baffled by Grievous' existance.

      TheBrickGuy7939TheBrickGuy79398 ngày trước
  • Take a shot every time he says "movie"

    Metal Face CommanderMetal Face Commander15 ngày trước
  • I like how he didn’t talk at all about the Rey Kylo kiss like it doesn’t exist 😂😂

    Mr. Movie’sMr. Movie’s15 ngày trước
  • I agree with you Marcus. My friends hate me when i told them that both last jedi and Solo are not a bad movie. They are not a masterpiece for sure, but not that bad. For me, these two films way better than the prequels.

    Julius ValenzaJulius Valenza16 ngày trước
  • I love the last Jedi, it’s my third favorite Star Wars movie behind a new hope and empire, but the argument that “well you like the movie because you are racist and sexist and you should burn in a ditch you bigot!” is fucking ridiculous. Don’t they ever just think to themselves how idiotic they sound when they call someone racist for disliking a fucking Star Wars movie?

    LanTCM ProductionsLanTCM Productions17 ngày trước
  • I think I just about have TPM at the bottom yes the Podrace and Maul fight are cool but are just emotionally empty and AOTC gave us a crap load of cool vehicles and the beginning of the clone wars and I do like how the duel has Dooku making sly villainous remarks.

    TheBrickGuy7939TheBrickGuy793917 ngày trước
  • The Last Jedi is an objetively Bad film

    SturmtrupplerNr595SturmtrupplerNr59518 ngày trước
    • @SturmtrupplerNr595 lol who said I'm triggered

      Spoodyboi GamingSpoodyboi Gaming7 ngày trước
    • @Spoodyboi Gaming you guys aure quite easy to trigger

      SturmtrupplerNr595SturmtrupplerNr5957 ngày trước
    • Please PLEASE be joking

      Eoin ClearyEoin Cleary8 ngày trước
    • @Spoodyboi Gaming sorry I though you were replying to mine lol

      Infinite ThingsInfinite Things8 ngày trước
    • Your objectively an ediot

      Spoodyboi GamingSpoodyboi Gaming8 ngày trước
  • Honestly the second film could have been better if they had just had him director all 3 of them, as while yes it has a lot of weird bullshit that makes no sense and shouldn't be in it (like everything Finn and Rose do, how they destroy the chasing ships, why a commander wouldn't let anybody know her plan, how the First Order are suddenly god levels of strength, why they shot an empty base potentially full of info instead of the fleeing enemy, why nobody ever jumps ahead to cut them off, why they thought stealth ships would work when people could look out the window and there was only 1 possible place to go, Po doing so little that as I hadn't watched the 1st film I honestly didn't realise he was a main character, Fasma having the same issue as Po) the stuff that is "subverting expectations" could have worked and been really cool if the previous films didn't build up to that NOT being the case. But it did, so it made it feel like the story did such a sudden change of direction I'm surprised the Galaxy didn't break in 2 and fly off into different sections of the universe.

    BarnesofthenorthBarnesofthenorth18 ngày trước
  • I think you should have talked about the slow and ilogical bombers in the last jedi

    themistoklis theodorelosthemistoklis theodorelos19 ngày trước
    • slow ships dont make a bad movie dumbass

      Infinite ThingsInfinite Things9 ngày trước
  • I honestly feel like people went into Solo fully expecting to hate it simply because before the movie came out, there were leaks of an "SJW droid" and people lost their fucking minds even though all this droid does is be sassy and is only in the movie for 10 minutes.

    DelinquentDJDelinquentDJ19 ngày trước

    Destiny ReversedDestiny Reversed20 ngày trước
  • I disagree and think the last jedi is a masterpiece but I respect ur opinion.

    RealMadchad the 10th [][][] !RealMadchad the 10th [][][] !21 ngày trước
    • @RealMadchad the 10th [][][] ! wtf...

      CornflexCornflex11 ngày trước
    • Also finn could have just been bi so rose poe and finn could have been a love triangle or if disney was actually a good company they could have been a throuple

      RealMadchad the 10th [][][] !RealMadchad the 10th [][][] !21 ngày trước
  • Its hard to watch this guy be such a dumb ass

    Yo kid McGeeYo kid McGee21 ngày trước
    • @Yo kid McGee it can be a little hard to tell at times

      Spoodyboi GamingSpoodyboi Gaming8 ngày trước
    • @Spoodyboi Gaming i guess your right, I let my emotions cloud my judgment

      Yo kid McGeeYo kid McGee8 ngày trước
    • @Yo kid McGee I wouldn't say he attacks people, he's obviously doing in in a jokey way

      Spoodyboi GamingSpoodyboi Gaming8 ngày trước
    • @Spoodyboi Gaming he says it likes its the truth, and he attacks others for there opinions, that's why I commented, if he said, "in my opinion, these movies are good" but no

      Yo kid McGeeYo kid McGee8 ngày trước
    • I know right, he has a different opinion! I honestly can't believe this ediot.

      Spoodyboi GamingSpoodyboi Gaming8 ngày trước
  • When you said that you can’t hate The Rise of Skywalker, that was the most I have ever disagreed with you

    Luke SLuke S22 ngày trước
    • @Luke S oh, ok

      Spoodyboi GamingSpoodyboi Gaming6 ngày trước
    • @Spoodyboi Gaming no I’m just saying I hate it lol

      Luke SLuke S7 ngày trước
    • @Luke S he didn't actually mean you won't allowed to not enjoy, hes saying it's a movie he feels not a lot of people will love or hate, he's not actually saying you can or can't enjoy it.

      Spoodyboi GamingSpoodyboi Gaming7 ngày trước
    • @Spoodyboi Gaming 44:52

      Luke SLuke S7 ngày trước
    • @Luke S give me a time code

      Spoodyboi GamingSpoodyboi Gaming8 ngày trước
  • Don't worry Marcus, there's two of us now I loved Solo

    Edenz03Edenz0322 ngày trước
    • Four

      Robert GalvinRobert Galvin2 ngày trước
    • Here’s three

      BrynjolfBrynjolf22 ngày trước
  • I love how he called episode 5 the emperor stands up

    Oreo PrawnOreo Prawn23 ngày trước
  • Yeah, you are right that there are people who don't like Rey and will turn off your video after hearing you saying you liked her. But while I too don't like her will watch this video to the end, not because I am a loyal fan of you or something like that, but because you can only grow as a person to listen to other people who have other views... If I wouldn't be like that, I would probably not talking to my brother anymore. I liked Force Awakens. While it is a basic copy of A New Hope, it was the first time that I was able to watch a Star Wars Film in the cinemas. I agree that when you watch it more then once, it becomes a little... I don't know. It is like this fantastic drink that tastes great, but if you want to drink it the next day, you start to realise that it is far too sweet. And when you drink it again a day later you maybe realise that it also tastes far too chemical. But when you wait a few years and then try it again you like it again. Also I believe that the line „kill the past“ kind of show us what the theme of the movie is supposed to be. You said it yourself it isn't important who Reys parents are, forget the past. What the Lightsaber from Anakin Skywalker Let's destroy it. For Kill The Past not being the Theme it seems like it surely shows a few things that are supposed to show us exactly that.

    Jack WriterJack Writer23 ngày trước
  • TRAITOR!!!!

    HaLoHaLo24 ngày trước

      BrynjolfBrynjolf22 ngày trước
  • My opinion: Rogue One is boring, but overrated. The Last Jedi is great, but underrated.

    ZEZZEZ25 ngày trước
  • What I do not get about this trilogy is this: Everyone loved The Force Awakens. And now, everyone does nothing but trash the sequel trilogy. Makes no sense

    David ShillakerDavid Shillaker25 ngày trước
    • @TheDragons Keep yes, but I still can enjoy TFA, even if the other two sequels arent that good

      eusebiu Margarineusebiu Margarin12 ngày trước
    • Actually it does make sense while TFA is a ok movie that has a bad mc the fact its then has 2 terrible sequels it makes the whole trilogy terrible because they are connected.

      TheDragons KeepTheDragons Keep12 ngày trước
    • Nah not everyone loved the Force Awakens. I saw plenty of criticsm months after it.came out that it was a rehash of A New Hope

      The Rockingbird .The Rockingbird .16 ngày trước
    • That's exactly what i wanted to say. They've done a complete 180 with Force Awakens

      eusebiu Margarineusebiu Margarin17 ngày trước
  • I really don’t like how you trash the “script” when you meant to criticize the dialogue. Guys: the script is MORE THAN JUST THE LINES. ITS THE WHOLE STORY AND THEME AND SCENES AND SHIT. WRITERS DESERVE MOAR CREDIT except Chris Terrio. That fucker wrote BvS and they had the stupidity to HIRE HIM FOR A STAR WAR

    Max Welton536,329Max Welton536,32925 ngày trước
  • In defense of Luke, people say he’d never try to kill Ben because he wanted to save Darth Vader are forgetting the fact that all it took was for Vader to threaten his sister for Luke to nearly kill him. He’s always been an impatient character, and TLJ even shows him realizing that his brash decision would be wrong, and he stops himself.

    Sean GallagherSean Gallagher25 ngày trước
    • @Admin. Slayer Enryu it was a fleeting thought and he was ashamed afterwards. It’s like people only saw the flashback of what kylo saw and not the flashback of what Luke saw.

      Infinite ThingsInfinite Things9 ngày trước
    • @Infinite Things Yeah but even then he was somewhat lucid and didn't pulled a "oh of the the guy who dozens of children he massacred, his son you are....*Perish you will*".

      Admin. Slayer EnryuAdmin. Slayer Enryu9 ngày trước
    • @Admin. Slayer Enryu Yoda's species ages differently than humans. And you see he went a little off when luke found him

      Infinite ThingsInfinite Things9 ngày trước
    • @Ryan M. Then did Yoda managed to remain somewhat lucid even after 900 years? I mean he wasn't perfect but he managed to keep his cool and all. Even if he was over his 60's (which a) the Force renders normal age rates useless ans b) SW medicine made it so that even people who would be considered senior age look no different from middle age people) he would've remember the fact that he redeemed his father, who at the time was a Sith Lord, who participated in all sorts of raids and slaugthers, including that of children and innocent civilians. Anakin made rash desicions but he proved to be one of the most effective generals in the CW. Also shouldn't the NR also be accountable. Even if the FO kidnapped children thar were mostly in the Outer Rim, they should've been aware of that or of a planet being turned into superweapon.

      Admin. Slayer EnryuAdmin. Slayer Enryu10 ngày trước
    • @Admin. Slayer Enryu Back then, Luke made poor decisions because he was young and inexperienced. Now, he made poor decisions because he became senile.

      Ryan M.Ryan M.10 ngày trước
  • I forgot that Rey was related to Palpatine after a few minutes ngl

    Alister MarsdenAlister Marsden25 ngày trước
  • Can’t believe you put rots that low lmao I respect your opinion even thought it’s trash

    Ethan BakerEthan Baker25 ngày trước
  • I actually really love solo but the shit they did with the robots was always so fuckin weird to me How intelligent/sentient are most robots? If they are intelligent/sentient why are they used for slave labor? If they’re used for slave labor but that’s supposed to clearly be bad why is one of them trying to get them not used for slave labor played for laughs? Did the robot who dedicated her life to not being used for slave labor really just die and then have her consciousness uploaded effectively brining her back to life in a vessel where she has no way to communicate or execute free will, what the fuck was that? Droids where clearly sentient/intelligent in the other movies but they where seen as unique, not all droids where built like that, they came with varying degrees of humanity and the ones who are sentient bond with the good guy characters and work for them because they genuinely like those characters and want to help them. The Solo movie implies that all droids are basically human and that just adds this whole underlying unaddressed really fuckin dark storyline. I’m sure it could’ve worked but the way the movie just played off all these new questions as a joke didn’t sit too hot.

    Fandom GodmotherFandom Godmother26 ngày trước
  • Tbh the new stormtroopers don’t look to bad

    CheekieCheekie26 ngày trước
  • This is my opinion on all of the movies you reviewed in this movie, The force awakens: You know, I actually thoroughly enjoyed it. The theater experience was amazing, the movie was actually good, and for me, I can rewatch it a million times if I wanted to. Rogue one: The exact same opinion as you so, I don’t have much to say The last Jedi: The perfect word for this movie is eh, just eh Solo: again, the same opinion as you The rise of skywalker: no, just, *inhales* no

    Wolfpack ProductionsWolfpack Productions26 ngày trước
  • You have very professional and well crafted reviews, but I disagree with so much that you say and I don’t know why. Love the content tho not knocking your game by any means, we just have very different taste. Oh we

    Logan PenlandLogan Penland26 ngày trước
  • So I have problems with the sequel trilogy, but if you like them that's your opinion

    nick rodrigueznick rodriguez26 ngày trước
  • I’ll take the sequels any day over the prequels (except maybe rise of skywalker)

    Kendrick LeeKendrick Lee26 ngày trước
    • @Kendrick Lee Definitely.

      TheBrickGuy7939TheBrickGuy793925 ngày trước
    • @TheBrickGuy7939 that’s interesting, I know for sure rise of skywalker should’ve at least been a 2 part movie. One movie was not enough to fit all of that plot into it

      Kendrick LeeKendrick Lee25 ngày trước
    • @Kendrick Lee I would have just split AOTC and ROTS into four films because TPM is the most irrelevant and The Clone Wars was what I wish we saw more of in the movies.

      TheBrickGuy7939TheBrickGuy793925 ngày trước
    • @TheBrickGuy7939 haha yeah I get you, I honestly don’t have many scenes that I really like in the prequels, the storyline in them and how they’re executed is beyond boring for me as well. I get more enjoyment from the sequels even tho they’re flawed

      Kendrick LeeKendrick Lee25 ngày trước
    • It's weird for me because I see flaws in the prequels but they have some of my favourite scenes and lore in the saga which makes me put them above the sequels. Force Awakens was good but I am not a fan of the other two.

      TheBrickGuy7939TheBrickGuy793925 ngày trước
  • How come obi won cam defeat a sith lor- he cant. He didnt. He won because maul left his gaurd down trying to drag out his death sadistically. How come luke can use the forc- no, he cant. He can barely lift a light sabre even AFTER ACTUAL TRAINING VIA OBI-WAN. No one, i mean no one can randomly read minds, have force abilities capable of lifting things outa nowhere and can keep up with trained and experienced force users. With 0 training. Except rey. Your point there was complete nonsense.

    zaya deconzaya decon27 ngày trước
    • Luke actually put up a real fight against vader without *any* training. Rey beat Ren because he had a fucking bowcaster shot in his gut you idiot.

      Infinite ThingsInfinite Things9 ngày trước
  • All I can say is I really need to re-watch the sequel trilogy. I really didn't like any of them, except for the first one.

    ZubbZubb27 ngày trước
  • A child soldier with a love interest named Rose? Huh.

    Isaiah DavisIsaiah Davis27 ngày trước
  • It’s insane how much shit about the prequels that you hated that I hated too while I still like them and you hate them, while you leave out a bunch of shit from this video and like these movies. Despite that I agree that these movies, especially TFA, are not nearly as horrible as people say, and the prequels are not nearly as good as people say. Fuck you for not liking RotJ tho, my favorite for the final act alone.

    IsmaelIsmael27 ngày trước
  • I thought I was the only person who liked Iron Man 3 haha

    ErikErik27 ngày trước
  • Solo is a good movie

    CashtonCashton27 ngày trước
  • Look in last Jedi you guys don’t understand luke wasn’t that super op Jedi he didn’t kill plap he killed Vader to make him good by emotion if it wasn’t for Vader then he would be dead and yes I’m not that person who defends the shi out of the last Jedi I like it and I don’t but I appreciate that it’s Star wars

    CashtonCashton27 ngày trước
  • I hate the new Star Wars fans there not even real they only got into it because of fuc. In baby yoda

    CashtonCashton27 ngày trước
  • People act like it’s life or death because Rey is strong get a life you weirdos it’s just a movie like at lest your getting Star Wars you dum heads it’s funny how people blame the actors even though there good the lines come from the writers dum dum bois

    CashtonCashton27 ngày trước