Every Star Wars Movie Reviewed - Pt. 3 - The Disney Movies

31 Th12, 2019
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  • Solo is my 3rd favorite Star Wars movie. I love it.

    Crest Of The HillCrest Of The Hill13 giờ trước
  • Solo is my second favorite movie! First is Empire strikes back and third is star wars

    AlexD- RacerAlexD- RacerNgày trước
  • U wrong

    CadeCadeNgày trước
  • Luke got trained by obi wan and yoda and Rey got trained by leia but Rey is still strong af like da hell

    LSD298VeNoMLSD298VeNoMNgày trước
  • If I were ranking I would push rise of sky walker to where you put revenge of the south put solo where you put rise of sky walker and put revenge of the sith where solo is then flip phantom menace and attack of the clones then you got my ranking

    Jack OBrienJack OBrien2 ngày trước
  • “Charlie from Lost” 💀

    Sarah JenkinsSarah Jenkins2 ngày trước
  • The dancing at 31:20 makes the music feel stupid. Did you mean it that way?

    FilippoFilippo2 ngày trước
  • i think its fair to say, that starwars 9 did to 8, what 8 did to 7.

    aske Visholmaske Visholm3 ngày trước
  • I completely agree with you on Solo. Nothing more to say.

    ThePapabear2012ThePapabear20124 ngày trước
  • The second sequel was just a boring movie. This and "Star Wars the follow up" did not need to be made. I left the theater wondering WTF I just watched. This movie caused me to not watch the follow up in the theater so I guess it was good for something... 5/10

    ThePapabear2012ThePapabear20124 ngày trước
  • These sequel trilogy movies are boring at best and shit for the most part. That last movie... Good lord. WTF?!?!

    ThePapabear2012ThePapabear20124 ngày trước
  • Honestly I was shocked when people said Solo sucked. When I left the theater I said to my self "That what a great movie". Although I did hate the Maul cameo. I did not watch clone Wars yet so I was confused.

    SuperMLGoSuperMLGo5 ngày trước
  • Fair rounded judgement,great job. Still wish they made Poe & Finn a couple.

    J1mmy W00d1991J1mmy W00d19915 ngày trước
  • Sequel trilogy is not bad but boring... Boring to death!

    Господин СикаторГосподин Сикатор5 ngày trước
  • You may have your own opinions but at times they can be really god damn annoying and idiotic.

  • Correction: George Lucas didn't actually plan out his trilogy either. But most everything else you said was pretty spot on.

    The SapienThe Sapien6 ngày trước
  • Episode I: The Phantom Man. Episode II: Attack of the Boys. Episode III: Revengeance. Star Wars: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Episode IX: Rise of Skyman. Episode VI: Return of the Jamband. Episode VIII: The Last Johnson. Star Wars: Solo: A Starman Story. Episode VII: The Fucking Awakening. Episode V: The Emperor Stands Up. Star Wars Episode IV: Star Wars. There you go.

    The Mad TitanThe Mad Titan7 ngày trước
  • Mmmhhhh... I personally place empire at the top. It may be paced slower but that’s not only intentional but it’s utilized to the fullest. And the pacing for me isn’t a problem because the good character moments makes the movie go by faster.

    FollowerOfShmegFollowerOfShmeg7 ngày trước
  • In reference to his Vader comment of Rogue One, there's a reason Vader in Fallen Order was strong. No marketing about it, and he only shows up once to kick ass

    AugtivismAugtivism7 ngày trước
  • The last Jedi at the very least like had attempts at interesting ideas, but rise of skywalker just, did not deliver anything interesting, it basically took a big old shit on the previous movies, like, all of them somehow

    Sam UlvilaSam Ulvila7 ngày trước
  • Just wait: kids 20 years from now will say this was ACTUALLY one of the best Star Wars movies, like they did with Episode 1.

    Glenn DaveyGlenn Davey8 ngày trước
  • I hate all the stars wars movies. Even the old George Lucas movies. Never got the hype. But I did like the mandalorian a lot. Like really a lot!!

    ecstaticityecstaticity8 ngày trước
  • leia face is pretty perfect i really dont get the hate

    wktrwktr9 ngày trước
  • You did not just rank Part 8 over Rogue 1. I cannot believe this man, smh...

    Pablo RuelasPablo Ruelas9 ngày trước
  • TLJ ranked higher than RoJ

    Didi Meow & the MEWSDidi Meow & the MEWS9 ngày trước
  • There are actually 5 fake out deaths! Kylo is tossed into a crevice by Palpatine and I guess we're supposed to think he dies there too. Then his hand comes out and grabs the ledge and triumphant music plays. hahahahaha!!

    Christopher LaiChristopher Lai10 ngày trước
    • nah that wasent a fake out, NO one in star wars has ever died by falling into a pit, not darth maul, not the emperor, not luke, not boba fett.

      minigamer J Eonsofbattleminigamer J Eonsofbattle2 ngày trước
  • What is the music at 15:15? (headphone warning!) Both soundhound and shazam fails to identify it and it is stuck in my head

    S4zzieS4zzie10 ngày trước
    • If you look on the bright side, it can only happen to you once! I updated the comment with a headphone warning though.

      S4zzieS4zzie8 ngày trước
    • And kids that's how a koala on the internet made me go deaf

      RiverRiver8 ngày trước
  • What the fuck... I know people from movieschools... and holy shit... the sequels are bad man and R1 is a great film... if you like the one or the other... fine... but the if one of the students would deliver a movie like the sequels the profesors would kick the shit out of them.

    Simon SchafshundSimon Schafshund10 ngày trước
  • I like how two of these movies prove that critics have no taste most of the time.

    Daniel EllisDaniel Ellis10 ngày trước
  • "sTaR wArS uSuAlLy iSnT tRyInG tO sAy mOrE tHaN bEinG eViL iS baAaaD" Star Wars Prequels and Star Wars The Clone Wars with special episodes like: Season 03 Episode 15 Overlords: Am I a joke to you? But really man. I really really loved your opinion about Star Wars Rebels because for me it is just a stupid series that makes the antagonists seem pretty weak and dumb alongside with the empire. I cant say the same about your view about the Prequel and the Sequel trilogy. There is stuff like: Luke and Obi Wan and Anakin were powerfull as well so why shouldn´t Rey be powerfull. But my dude please make your research. All three, Obi-Wan, Anakin and Luke had a LOT of training before they could lift rocks or defeat someone in 1v1 combat. Anakin failed and Luke failed as well even after years or months of jedi training. But what training did Rey receive? Let me guess: She defeated Darth Rock at the cliffside and scared the locals to death. WOW perfect training man. She wins the first lightsaber fight she got ever into, she lifts a bunch of rocks even Master Windu or Grand Master Yoda would have struggled to do so and she does every other shit as well without being flawed just a little bit. And all this without a single month or even day of jedi training. We just see her train in the 9th film wich just felt off and feels also like an excuse to make her even more, MORE powerfull than she was before. Overall I am very disappointed of the close minded view you have about the Star Wars Prequels and the franchise itself. "iTs jUsT gOoD vS eViL" If it would be only about that, I would hate Star Wars bcs its just another shitty Marvel Super Hero action movie. But Star Wars never was this for me. It was a deep reminder and teacher that told me: EVERYTHING needs to be viewed from two angels and sides. That is why I like the idea of having a Sequel trilogy. A Sequel that finally brings true balance to the force, where we just focus on the myth of THE FORCE. We saw everything from a full galactic war to small rebel cells trying to defeat the big and mighty empire. And why do we need to just copy the old recipe again and just call the Empire: First Order and The Rebel Alliance: The Resistance???? Yeah because they dont have original ideas. Why not focus entirely on the force the very thing that makes star wars special? The balance and how Luke might have failed to build up a new jedi order because too much light or too much dark is just not good. There needs to be balance: true balance and not just 1 side defeating the other side and call it "balance". I mean how cool would it be seeing original fans and prequels fans reunited into a Sequel where Ahsoka is building up some kind of Grey Jedi Order wich emulate the Dark and the Light in a good manner? And have Anakin guiding her by speaking to her as a force gohst. This is just a rough sneak peak how I would love to see this saga ending. But it just came out as another fucking stupid "tHe gOoD gUyS wIn aNd tHe bAd gUyS LoSe" saga. I mean... how fucking boring is that??? Anyways even though I totally disagree and rage about it like a little kid I am I do recpect other opinions. Just as star wars tought me: You have your reasons why you like stuff and so do I have reasons to not like stuff you may like. Its all a point of view. Have a good time my fellow Star Wars Fans and lets discuss this in a good manner ;) !

    -104th-CmdWolffe-104th-CmdWolffe10 ngày trước
  • 35:17 kinda consistent with his ever-changing plan in the prequels, especially regarding Padmé’s life, no?

    MetalForTheMassesMetalForTheMasses10 ngày trước
  • I honestly only like Solo and Rogue One, the Clone Wars and The Mandalorian. I live Star Wars and watched it all multiple times but the films just suck (the originals only because film just isn't a genre that ages well)

    MulvinMulvin11 ngày trước
  • The problem with Rey’s skill is lack of training. Luke can do a force pull after learning the basics of the force and spend two years doing some personal training and meditation. Obi Wan trained to be a Jedi for 10+ years and got pissed off after seeing his master die so he utilized his anger and took advantage of Maul’s arrogance to beat him. Rey heard about the force and suddenly can do mind tricks. That’s the issue.

    Bekfast TimeBekfast Time11 ngày trước
  • I'm just glad to see episode four (I just call it "Star Wars") at number one. I was eleven when it came out and it blew my mind, it influences the crap out of me to this very day. Empire was really good, but it was obviously 'the middle part' . And the Disney chapters, I saw them and basically can't even remember what happened in them. They just don't stick. I put on a happy face when I saw episode 1, because I really wanted my kids to like Star Wars ( the same way it overwhelmed me in '77 ). I completely agree with the Cosmonaut though.

    Ray op ten BergRay op ten Berg11 ngày trước
  • Don't worry Marcus I'm with u I too really like solo

    Wayne DurantWayne Durant11 ngày trước
  • Not saying I know (only Disney does) but maybe it wasn't just the fan reaction that got Rose a diminished role in ROS. Some moron who doesn't understand Asian prejudices cynically put an Asian character in the movie, thinking it would appeal to the all-important Chinese market, and whoops - Kelly MT isn't Chinese! Big backfire, but they blamed it solely on the fans. It might also be the real reason Finn was so underused and John B's image taken off the Chinese posters etc. There is real racism in the world, and it isn't exclusive to SW fans.

    BB WolfBB Wolf11 ngày trước
  • JJ Abrams makes very entertaining movies. He just does. As you said, it's all unfortunately surface level stuff with cool visuals above all else, and mystery for the sake of keeping you watching. And the shine is very much off the apple after the third viewing, especially if you dare to think about the plot points and apply any logic. But I gotta admit, I could give my brain a couple hours off and watch TFA right now and probably very much enjoy it.

    BB WolfBB Wolf11 ngày trước
  • #releaseriseofskywalkercut

    Matty GuzmanMatty Guzman12 ngày trước
  • all 12 movies are good

    Weaponized KnightWeaponized Knight13 ngày trước
  • I wouldn't have minded these movies if Rey turned out to be Obi-Wans and Sabines secret daughter, which would also explain her insane connection to the force, and tie her into the story nicely

    Johnathon HoffmanJohnathon Hoffman13 ngày trước
    • SABINE?! FBI is gonna be at obi wans door

      George and RaichuGeorge and Raichu3 ngày trước
    • That wouldn't suit obi wan

      RiverRiver8 ngày trước
    • The only thing that would explain how powerful she is is if she were Luke or Leia’s daughter. No other bloodline would be a sufficient explanation. You gotta remember Rey is practically a GOD in these. Unless she’s descended from the Chosen One, it just doesn’t make any sense

      Derek FordDerek Ford8 ngày trước
  • With the prequels I can go back and make fun of how bad the dialogue is and with revenge of the sith MEMES GALORE and a genuine good movie and fight scene With the sequel trilogy I get nothing but sadness and anger at what could’ve been Star Wars the Force Awakens- Finn is such a great character I really hope he trains and becomes a Jedi to fight the people who kidnapped and slaved him Rey is way too perfect, how can she fly the falcon without a co pilot? How can she use the force with zero training while Anakin, Ashoka, Meetra, Ezra, Obi Wan, and Luke (who was trained a little bit by Obi Wan so don’t pretend like he did it on his own) ect and ect have to give up their entire lives to become Jedi while Rey just gets it because???? And yay where back to where we started in only 30 years so all that Luke, Lea, Han, and Lando did was for nothing I hope TLJ explains why Luke just left them all to die hopefully he was probably dealing with a secret threat behind the scenes like Revan was or he needed to keep someone else he viewed as close to him as safe as possible let’s see The last Jedi- WHAT THE FUCKING HELL!?!? Luke left his best friends and family to die because he literally weighed the pros and cons of killing his nephew wtf?! And now everyone has to pay for his idiotic mistakes which he should damn well known not to make in the first place (reaching out to his dad and redeeming him in the end) I love how the black character needs slavery and war explained to him (HOW DOES NO ON MENTION HOW RACIST THAT IS SERIOUSLY!!) fuck off Disney also Also Cosmonaut “Star wars only ever talks about good guys and bad guys” Go Look up KOTOR 2 and tell me again that this is the only thing that explores this Why do people like this movie again? Damn now I’m mad

    Mike ClarkeMike Clarke13 ngày trước
  • Rogue one is the only movie in my entire life I ever fell asleep watching...even though I was in theater

    Faded MoGLiFaded MoGLi13 ngày trước
  • About Luke...you are right,change is needed,no one wants to see the same shit twice.But too mutch change ruins it.

    Abel DemeterAbel Demeter13 ngày trước
  • Luke gets f’d up so many times in the OT but Princess Rey never gets defeated she doesn’t pay for the mistakes she does she doesn’t get any character development because she is already perfect it’s so bad. Yes the movies don’t have high stakes cause wht the hell should i care for these copied and pasted characters Disney trilogy sucks.

    YahreinYahrein14 ngày trước
  • Just had to stop listening to you. You are so desperate for Star Wars to re-emerge that you have to try to draw parallels to the original three to say, "they weren't any better"? Luke had received some basic training from Kenobi before he actually started to understand the force (little laser drone). He also initially stumbles with the cannons on the Millennium Falcon. He doesn't just start blasting them the second he sits at the controls. His few hits are luck and he gets quite jovial at his actual first hit. I have typed out so many times in other threads how Rey is such a feminist, women can' do no wrong, and do it so much better, that I am not going to do it here. Then Finn..... Cringe worthy.... Ex storm trooper, but yeah, let's just trust him with everything we have. Just got to wonder, "What is the true reason the empire can actually track hyperspace now?". A storm trooper with a conscience. Storm troopers that aren't even clones. When did that happen? Got to be a story there. Then later, a storm trooper with the force?!?! A Storm Trooper that gets a conscience but has no personal battle with killing his one time comrades. One of which dieing is why he has his crisis to begin with?! Disney Star Wars sucked out of the gate. You only talk it up cause you NEED a starting point to begin the debate on a show you were desperate for a continuation of. This hunk of burning dog shit in a bag, gives you that.

    Daddy BenjaminDaddy Benjamin15 ngày trước
    • how is rey feminist lol

      Abdullah HusseinAbdullah Hussein14 ngày trước
  • And here I thought Rose showed Finn that Capitalism is bad and uses war as a tool of oppression and exploitation, which gives rebels greater purpose far beyond the conflicts they fight. 🤷‍♂️

    Joe AmmelJoe Ammel15 ngày trước
  • "And then they don't do anything with it!" No offense, but that pretty much describes The Last Jedi.

    William CronshawWilliam Cronshaw16 ngày trước
  • 28:43 WHAT DID U SAYYYYYYY!!!!

    Jonathan RoseJonathan Rose16 ngày trước
    • viworld.info/rock/video/yHmX0mXFqomXlXk.html. I dont know why he said that

      George and RaichuGeorge and Raichu3 ngày trước
  • I disagree. Rey, Finn and Poe had no chemistry. Because the argue with each other and they barely spent a lot of time with each other in the trilogy is a red flag.

    Captain Marvel WilsonCaptain Marvel Wilson16 ngày trước
  • I'm not saying everything about the Last Jedi is bad but you are missing out on some key problems in the story. For example Luke turning into a depressed old man, there being no explanation on who Snoke is, not showing any of the side effects or reprocutions of the new republic being destroyed, Leia being a boring old woman, or SJW laura dern stuffing Brian Johnsen liberal agenda down your throat.

    Andrew GuyAndrew Guy17 ngày trước
    • luke turning depressed was clearly explained in that movie, and palpatine was never explained in the original trilogy either. so

      Caleb LawsonCaleb Lawson8 ngày trước
  • You don’t really know what you want out of movies, one second your giving the movie shit for something then you praise it for the same exact thing or vice versa

    Lavar BallLavar Ball17 ngày trước
  • I guess the problem with Rey is that she doesn't have a personality of her own She is a Jedi with a mind like Luke's Her main personality collides with Han's She is kind of a rebel leader like Leia But all of this is at 50% and she just doesn't have a trait of her own

    Smit SonavaneSmit Sonavane18 ngày trước
  • Respect the cuphead music 👍

    Jack MorganJack Morgan18 ngày trước
  • Did I hear him call the Clone Wars a "dumb cartoon show"?

    Taino RexTaino Rex18 ngày trước
    • he made a whole video on why you should watch it

      Asc3endAsc3end10 ngày trước
  • PEOPLE liked star wars episode 9. the critics didn't. don't confuse the two cosmoshill

    SlenderServinSlenderServin18 ngày trước
  • I agree with a lot of this, and a lot of it is thought provoking even if I don't agree. The one thing different is I would never in a million years watch TROS instead of the prequels. The prequels didn't stick the landing, but my god at least there was a story to care about lol

    Officer TOfficer T19 ngày trước
  • I like that Luke Starkiller thing.

    Mr. BlackMr. Black20 ngày trước
  • You should be the editor for the special editions!.. :)

    Ivan BnvIvan Bnv20 ngày trước
  • Ben Swolo is the best character!.. rofl

    Ivan BnvIvan Bnv20 ngày trước
  • _The Rise of Skywalker_ is the worst Star Wars movie.

    Duarte VaderDuarte Vader21 ngày trước

    Destini TaylorDestini Taylor21 ngày trước
  • 11:50 clone wars peeps be like ohhh u did not just say fucking dumb cartoon show

    Rice WaterRice Water22 ngày trước
  • I love Rose, but I hated her role in the story. The idea of normal person getting pulled into all this insanity was fun, Rose had good personality for it, but they gave her all the wrong things to do

    Jibek MechlerJibek Mechler22 ngày trước
  • I guess I’m the only one who love rogue one for it’s characters. I feel like they’re all great, except Jyn and Cassian, the later who’s hot enough that I can over look his blandness. Seriously tho, K2 has to be my favorite character of all time

    Jibek MechlerJibek Mechler22 ngày trước
  • To be honest 1. Episode 3 2. Episode 5 3. Episode 4 4. Episode 6 5. Episode 1 6. Episode 7 7. Episode 2 8. Episode 8 9. Episode 9 That is how I will rank the star wars films

    TheVirtualPug 3DTheVirtualPug 3D22 ngày trước
  • I only don't like Rey cause she had NO training the only thing Luke told her is she's basically a bumbling idiot yet she had enough power to beat palpatine who beat Yoda maul and so on he mentally destroys everyone except Luke and mace windu and Rey beats him with like a said barely any training.

    Kinshasha JacksonKinshasha Jackson22 ngày trước
  • *F l y T h e y N o w*

    Dalek 446Dalek 44622 ngày trước
  • The Last Jedi is the only bearable movie of the sequel trilogy. And that’s only because it’s the most bearable in theory. I still can’t watch it a second time, because it was that horrible. But Because it looks at Abram’s horribly TFA, and throws it all in the garbage, then pulls in more grey zone questioning along the lines of kotor2, it at least has a redeeming factor. TFA was complete trash. Fundamentally. Zero redeaming factors. Just a bunch of mystery boxes sprinkled into a recycled plot plus the very definition of Mary Sue. If you can enjoy that, you obviously aren’t capable of being critical of anything. .

    John CJohn C22 ngày trước
  • And here I thought this was a good channel...

    Dakota HoeckerDakota Hoecker22 ngày trước
  • Did we know anything about Han other than he was a smuggler? Why do we need to know more about Cassian Andor other than he’s been fighting as rebel since he was 6 years old? Gyn Erso has just as much motivation as Luke or Leia and it’s laid out pretty succinctly. The rebels killed her father but she acknowledges that when she’s arguing with Cassian about the rebels and their place in the war. She doesn’t just forget they killed her father, she accepts that the greater good goes beyond her own personal attachments and that her father died to HELP defeat the empire. Life isn’t clean cut good/bad and I think that it’s surprising that a Disney Star Wars film allowed that to be explored beyond a throwaway line like in Last Jedi. Lastly, Forrest Whitaker’s character didn’t go with them because he was completely broken down and on the verge of death anyway. They showed us that pretty clearly during his scenes so I don’t think it’s requires a logical leap. Still get the overall criticism about that trope though.

    John MJohn M22 ngày trước
  • Finn was A wasted character.

    Predator KingPredator King23 ngày trước
  • Rey isn’t just too good, she’s literally better than everyone at everything. Luke lost his hand. And he had tons of training. From fking yoda and Obiwan before he could beat real bas guys. Rey is literally just god walking around being stupid. The force awakens was crap. Literally the only reason you like it, is that it’s starwars. If the same movie/character types and story was told in the normal world you’d hate it. I guarantee it.

    DtDt23 ngày trước
  • Man I agree with all of your critiique...... Except about Revenge of Sith.... That film has many flaws but still it is beautiful..... Not enjoyable.... But beautiful.... Anyone who loves art.... Loves Revenge of Sith.....

    Geeta DhumaneGeeta Dhumane23 ngày trước
  • 5 fake out deaths kylo got two he was pushed over the cliff in the final fight

    Isaac AltmanIsaac Altman23 ngày trước
  • No one hates star wars like star wars fans

    deanthememedeanthememe23 ngày trước
  • write comments without me save yourselves

    Aw350m3 H3R0Aw350m3 H3R023 ngày trước
  • The phrase "objectively bad movie" activates my fight or flight reflexes, I HATE people who pull that shit.

    Rycore XIIIRycore XIII24 ngày trước
    • @jon roy Because he spreads the "objective criticism" narrative, which is my opinion, a cancer on the field of media criticism as a whole. It's an extremely dangerous way of thinking that fails to understand much of the fundamental nature of art. As the nature of art is subjective, it is impossible to objectively measure the quality of media. By spreading this idea that one can objectively measure the quality of a work of art, and claiming that his opinion on movies is "objectively correct," Mauler and people like him are actively making discussions around art and media much more toxic and awful. Also he's just being kind of a pretentious prick.

      Rycore XIIIRycore XIII16 ngày trước
    • @Rycore XIII how is mauler trash? He’s ehh to me but what do you hate about him?

      jon royjon roy16 ngày trước
    • @Anakin Skywalker wow you're actually suggesting that worthless shitstain of a channel, actually the last Jedi is the ONLY sequel movie I particularly like, but I can guarantee you I'm VERY familiar with Mauler, he's an idiot and a fucking disease in movie criticism. And I have no interest in watching any more of his painfully bloated trash than I already have.

      Rycore XIIIRycore XIII22 ngày trước
    • TLJ was objectively bad, go watch Mauler's trilogy as to why, you won't regret. Unless you're Sequel Stan.

      Anakin SkywalkerAnakin Skywalker22 ngày trước
  • I love the dig at that piece of shit mauler.

    redcobra 92redcobra 9224 ngày trước
  • JJ Abrams is the greatest person to write the first movie of a trilogy, and the absolute worst person to write the last movie of a trilogy.

    SchoolhouseTechnoSchoolhouseTechno24 ngày trước
  • This guy has some of the worst Star Wars takes I’ve ever seen. Rise of Skywalker, Rouge One and The Last Jedi over Revenge of the Sith? Seriously? And Return of the Jedi under The Last Jedi, Force Awakens & Solo wtf

    BreezyzBreezyz24 ngày trước
    • Revenge of the shit

      Daniel RavivDaniel Raviv20 ngày trước
    • “Return of the Jedi is a worst movie then the last Jedi”. I’m sorry but that’s probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. No disrespect to The guy but that Star Wars Tier list was horrible.

      Lamont whiteLamont white23 ngày trước
    • Opinions, like yours.

      GridseekerGridseeker24 ngày trước
  • My biggest problem with the sequels is the first movie built up Finn as a new Jedi lead, but just decided to use Rey even though she's pretty much just a boring "Future Jedi" type character. By the way, I thought I was Solo's number one fan.

    Mark PerlMark Perl24 ngày trước
  • Fanboys on Reddit should have been given a writing Credit for Rise of Skywalker CHANGE MY MIND

    康亚Abraham康亚Abraham25 ngày trước
  • man, you like every sjw horrible movie ever made, not only star wars, starting to see the correlation

    sergio martinsergio martin25 ngày trước
  • Solo is such a solid Star Wars film. Could have been very different (and better) but it was still a good watch. It got trashed for no reason

    Jimmy AtheyJimmy Athey25 ngày trước
  • whens that AOT retrospective video

    Jon BeneshJon Benesh26 ngày trước
  • Darty Vader fucking up mfs is great and it connects

    Saul BaezSaul Baez27 ngày trước
  • It was a little more than “some” people not liking TLJ. Just look at the box office and general audience scores. But you’re right, if Disney had taken a little more time to plan out the trilogy they probably would’ve made way more money and the fans may not have been so divided.

    Krang XKrang X27 ngày trước
  • Luke had training prior to the Hoth cave scene. I...I don't understand how you could be that dumb.

    Uploader Of Many ThingsUploader Of Many Things27 ngày trước
  • Well no shit the sequel reacts to the previous film. Thats what a sequel means?

    LegacyRXTLegacyRXT27 ngày trước
  • Yeah we haven´t had a badass "Disney" princess in a Star Wars movie. Yeah. Princess Lea left the chat

    All4OneAll4One27 ngày trước
    • @Theo Thats why I used "...." if SW 4-6 Leia would have been in the new Disney movies you would say that she is kind of a Disney princess

      All4OneAll4One27 ngày trước
    • Wasn't owned by Disney when she was the 'damsel in distress' - unless ur saying 80 year old leia is comparable to a Disney princess lol

      TheoTheo27 ngày trước
  • My ranking. 11. Rise of Skywalker 10. The Force Awakens 9. The Last Jedi 8. Attack of the Clones 7. The Phantom Menace 6. Rogue One 5. Return of the Jedi 4. Solo A Star Wars Story 3. Star Wars (1977) 2. Empire Strikes Back 1. Revenge of the Sith.

    IrishJediIrishJedi28 ngày trước
    • I would our ROTS between Rogue One and TPM, otherwise great list

      Sike IkeSike Ike18 ngày trước
    • This list is 🔥

      Lamont whiteLamont white23 ngày trước
  • I just can't give the sequels better scores than the prequels. The prequels at least want to tell a story that leads somewhere while the sequels just stumbled along without any goal or plan...

    KceamKceam28 ngày trước
    • I still think the sequels are better than the prequels even though the prequels were planned

      Infinite ThingsInfinite Things25 ngày trước
  • There was a point where I was considering rewatching The Last Jedi to give it a second chance. I saw an add for it on VIworld and pulled up the page to rent it and ended up watching the trailer. What caused me to click away (somewhat in disgust) was when I realized that every single setup that was presented in the add was a fakeout. Half of the moments that were presented as these serious moments were cuts moments before a dumb joke (Rey presenting the lightsaber to Luke being one everyone would know). While it was said in the video that Rise of Skywalker had too many fakeout deaths... I think TLJ suffers from too many twists or subversions. Virtually nothing in this movie plays out without the initial setup being undercut. While I am generally in the camp that I really dislike the Luke arc, for me, it's something that could work. In reality, I thought that the way that it was explained made no sense. Luke is shown to absolutely freak out about Kylo Ren having the dark side in him... and couldn't see any light. This seems to be really contradictory with everything we had seen up to that point with Kylo Ren, who had been visibly struggling to suppress the light side in himself since we encountered him with it being one of the very first things we were introduced to with Kylo when he's talking to Vader's helmet. I would have preferred a setup more along the lines of Luke giving Kylo a chance over and over again, even when there were clear signs that he was falling to the dark side, because Luke had redeemed his father and thought he could do the same with Kylo, and he gives Kylo one too many chances and he ends up betraying everyone. I think that would have been a more natural transition. It probably would still piss some people off, but I think it would have respected where Luke ended in RotJ better and made that transition more palatable. I also think that TLJ overall isn't that enjoyable to watch. While I could sit here and nit-pick all the details that have been gone over a million times on the internet, I think the biggest problem is something similar to what was said about RoS. Rey's story is really the only one that matters for most of the movie. What is going on with Poe and Leia/Fynn and Rose are rather pointless up until the climax, and by then I have really lost interest in what's going on. I think there was ways to handle everyone in this film and keep the general story concept, but there's a lot of work that would need to be done before I'd give TLJ a passing grade. While I would agree with the assessment that RoS was worse than TLJ, I would probably rank them in only a little above The Phantom Menace or Attack of the Clones (which are rightfully panned as bad movies in this video series) because I think that the characters and actors at least are interesting through the whole trilogy, which is not something that can be said for the Prequel Trilogy.

    Dr KrugglesDr Kruggles29 ngày trước
  • every disney star wars episode fkn suxs. only good is rogue one

    lmozeplmozep29 ngày trước
  • I agree solo is good

    Saxon JenkinsSaxon Jenkins29 ngày trước
  • Is it just me or did Rey’s face seem pudgier in Last Jedi?

    Borsalino KizaruBorsalino Kizaru29 ngày trước
  • I hardly agree but the arguments are usually quite compelling. It's good to hear from different angles

    jibrhan khanjibrhan khan29 ngày trước
  • While watching this I remembered oh right ray died I FORGET THE MAIN CHARACTERS DEATH

    Quinn KirchnerQuinn KirchnerTháng trước
  • Rise of skywalker is easily the worst

    Nick HahnNick HahnTháng trước
  • This hurts

    Andrew DevinAndrew DevinTháng trước