Final Fantasy XV: Tourism Simulator 2016

01 Th12, 2016
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  • I wish I could be this funny just bullshitting. I don't know how you and Zanny do it

    Michael LochlannMichael Lochlann24 ngày trước
  • "Miller High Life" uh, it's Miller Hi-Potion

    Moonlight SkateboardMoonlight SkateboardTháng trước
  • But CAN change your clothes.

    JuiceJuice7 tháng trước
  • So funny. And, you seem to really be loving the game. :)

    Digital Foods with JP12xDigital Foods with JP12x10 tháng trước
  • I watched this ENTIRE video before gta v finished loading

    Mr. GeckoMr. Gecko11 tháng trước
  • Ahhhhhhh yes, my favorite Final Fantasy character: Shaquille O'Neill

    Ricardo MSRicardo MS11 tháng trước
  • “It wouldn’t be final fantasy if you could change your clothes” somewhere Lightning Returns is sweating

    mayorweastmayorweastNăm trước
  • Briefcase wanker

    smokin cheeriossmokin cheeriosNăm trước
  • *"WHAT IS THESE TITS?!"* BY FAR, the hardest I've laughed in my entire life.

    Personal PersonaPersonal PersonaNăm trước
  • Happy anniversary

    Rain GioRain GioNăm trước
  • tHiS gAmE iS GReaT i LoVeD CoLLeCTinG rOcKs FoR ThiS BrAH iN ThE PaRKiNG LoT aND FeEDiNG tE sTaY cAT. cUP NoODlES BRO

    Bruno FettuciniBruno FettuciniNăm trước
  • Emoji are timeless, because is a minimalist representation of an object, an like all the minimalism the emojis are timeless

    Meir JalifMeir JalifNăm trước
  • Where is this Lets Play on Patreon

    Mason S.Mason S.Năm trước
  • w h a t i s t h e s e t i t s

    The Yung SanctumThe Yung SanctumNăm trước
  • *the sauce*

    Garen EvansGaren EvansNăm trước
  • I love how when the title card drops Dan and Marcus are discussing the ability of the main characters to push cars.

    Lego Crafter StudiosLego Crafter StudiosNăm trước
  • I love XV, I love this channel, and I am dying.

    JKBlohmJKBlohmNăm trước
  • He stands like he's got a stupidly heavy beltbuckle.

    JimmyJimmyNăm trước
  • I really want them to make the next games way more than a one button battle system. It would be amazing even if you just tapped attack each time.

    psychfan21psychfan21Năm trước
  • I love that like all of his offhanded complaints about the game are solved. Like you can play as other characters in main game, you can change outfits, you kill the bird, you can drive off road with the type D. It's hilarious 😂

    FletchindaryFletchindary2 năm trước
  • Ppl in distant future: "the wierd fox-creature says party hat, he must be congratulating us" Also ppl in distant future:"what's that strange rectangle Noctis keeps looking at/ pressing against his head"

    myrrkindaimp1myrrkindaimp12 năm trước
  • This shit raw as hell.

    demetrius owensdemetrius owens2 năm trước
  • Marcus just starts dying off screen 🤣😂

    Gregory BancroftGregory Bancroft2 năm trước
  • How is it possible that I keep finding new old videos that I didn't watch in this channel yet?

    Eduardo PasseroEduardo Passero2 năm trước
  • Something being timeless means it could take place in almost any time period. The story of Romeo and Juliet is retold and recontextualized over and over because it’s not tied to any one time period. Sending emojis via a cell phone is 100% right now and can’t be done in any other time. That was Marcus’s point.

    MrFreeForAll25MrFreeForAll252 năm trước
    • that's because the themes are universal though. they did a version of romeo and juliet with guns. so, it's not technology that makes something timeless or not but the sense of humanity and truth about it. or if it's really dope.

      Michael LochlannMichael Lochlann24 ngày trước
  • 8:40 to 9:30 i just fucking cant lmao

    doopmachinedoopmachine2 năm trước
  • 7/11 is a Japanese owned company.

    ReplayItBackReplayItBack2 năm trước
  • "let the legend come back to life." LITERALLY made me feel like playing Phantom Pain again

    VigilanceVigilance2 năm trước
  • I love the vid just can't stand having one person in each ear

    Acid PainAcid Pain2 năm trước
  • Do you have a Twitch?

    beriigirlberiigirl2 năm trước
  • "I'll have a-one- pheenix-a down."

    Chris LChris L2 năm trước
  • Can you teach me DnD

    Tyler CampbellTyler Campbell2 năm trước
  • I can see air fresheners being pheonixdowns, you crash and die and then instantly revive like "wtf just happened?"

    gregory waldgregory wald2 năm trước
  • 🎉

    R. LeyvaR. Leyva2 năm trước
  • The fucking gladious training parts were the most boring parts of the video. No one cares about you arguing with your friend about emojis.

    OddOdd2 năm trước
  • I can make garlic breeeeeeeeeeeead

    MackenenzieMackenenzie2 năm trước
  • Final Fiesta XV

    Thumb drumThumb drum2 năm trước
  • Can you redo this or do a re-review

    VioletViolet3 năm trước
  • Did he just say "general snoke"? He's a supreme leader, pleb!

    Blaine HooverBlaine Hoover3 năm trước
  • Noctus confirmed soiboi

    TheMatlochTheMatloch3 năm trước
  • Yeah FFXV is going to be really dated in a decade or so

    Dunric MordamirDunric Mordamir3 năm trước
  • the thing i never understood about this game, is where do all the people live? you'll go to some small location in the middle of nowhere and there are people walking around. the environments look beautiful but just feel a little off because they don't feel lived in.

    Nick PerryNick Perry3 năm trước
  • How does including emojis in a game 'remove timelessness' from it? Also who is trying to make a 'timeless' game? Lol. Emojis are an easier way to express emotion through text. If anything, they're only going to be more widely used in the future. Even if that weren't the case, it's fine and you just seem like you hate fun.

    T. K. AbramsT. K. Abrams3 năm trước
  • Being serious, cmon KOTOR is DND the video game. The base it off of D20 rolls

    Rhett HoppusRhett Hoppus3 năm trước
  • Why can I hear the song "Stand By Me" in 2:41??

    Ro AdRo Ad3 năm trước
    • It's legitimately a part of the game.

      Sleepy VivoSleepy Vivo3 năm trước
  • Can we get a I love this game or this game is good counter

    that one kid in school who eats gluethat one kid in school who eats glue3 năm trước
  • Japanese 7/11s are actually super fucking lit, they have like donuts and shirts and other cool shit

    Leaf FiniteLeaf Finite3 năm trước
  • Gilf

    Clark KentClark Kent3 năm trước
  • Zelda uses a ton of emojis in alot of their games, and they are the definition of timeless.

    KaighenKaighen3 năm trước
    • Are you talking about Emotes? I know that zelda usually has a lot of emotes or facial expressions... but Im not sure about full on emojis

      Silver SickleSilver Sickle2 năm trước
  • 🐤

    golgariSoulgolgariSoul3 năm trước

    【やにっく】【やにっく】3 năm trước
  • MOAR

    Morgan GMorgan G3 năm trước
  • Idk why but calling Ignis "Papa" had me literally in tears

    decoydecoy3 năm trước
  • Gotta side w/ Dan boi. For one, "emojis" existed long before they were called that, and for two timelessness isn't an essential quality in art, sometimes reflecting the time period is cool beans too. But more importantly BUY THE FFV SOUNDTRACK

    NovaNova4 năm trước
  • ahaha lmfao

    yeflynne dktneyeflynne dktne4 năm trước
  • loved this video, new subscriber. hope more people find you guys like i did!

    tiredsethtiredseth4 năm trước
  • Oh my god this was amazing

    Ali AAli A4 năm trước

    Lonred StarLonred Star4 năm trước
  • LMAO you guys are hilarious. Subscribe.

    YashaYasha4 năm trước
  • LMAO you guys are hilarious. Subscribe.

    YashaYasha4 năm trước
  • Just please play more of this game. Like. I beg you. This was freakin' entertaining to watch

    SnakeSnake4 năm trước
  • "damn son, cowboy daddy" I'm d e c e a s e d

    MaddiMaddi4 năm trước
  • I'm literally crying laughing

    Almond RipleyAlmond Ripley4 năm trước
  • If you're interested in playing this sort of game, I highly recommend Anima: Beyond Fantasy. D&D would either need to have it homebrewed to hell and back, or just be a hollow representation.

    BreakDamageLimitBreakDamageLimit4 năm trước
  • did you make references to mbmbam ( the mcelroys) or did i just imagine that?

    Mgm MMgm M4 năm trước
  • You. I like the cut of your jib. make more like this

    imhellagimhellag4 năm trước
  • Loving your content! Truly underrated channel, keep up the great work 👍🏻

    BenniemaruBenniemaru4 năm trước
  • Subscribed. Do a full play through.

    daretofall17daretofall174 năm trước
  • i fucking love you guys

    neovideoneovideo4 năm trước
  • haha damn, I'm just subscribing because of the last two FFXV videos you made. this shit is hilarious. it is fucking gold.

    timberkiddtimberkidd4 năm trước
  • I haven't laughed that much in a while, definitely needed it today. Idk if you will make more vids of you guys playing it but I'd really love to see it.

    SirNutSirNut4 năm trước
  • "This is a game that turns you gay." I have never heard words more true then these.

    William PorterWilliam Porter4 năm trước
  • I set myself on fire in that old run down shack. XD

    Melodyofthesea78Melodyofthesea784 năm trước
  • Why did I die laughing at "What's Final Fantasy" 😂😂

    remereme4 năm trước
  • He got REALLY butthurt about the emojis.

    James Oh BurnJames Oh Burn4 năm trước
  • this video made me subscribe

    Hyou VizerHyou Vizer4 năm trước
  • Loved the video, laughed all the way in :p. the game is definetely a must buy, cant wait for it to be released in PC.

    rafaelomansanrafaelomansan4 năm trước
  • cause of the new youtube algorithm imma give yall that video interaction right here yo

    tlou2 s'pretty goodtlou2 s'pretty good4 năm trước
  • he sounds like : uberdanger

    Jinx or afkJinx or afk4 năm trước
  • This is my favorite video ever

    taytay4 năm trước
  • Most underrated channel ever.

    Thomas LThomas L4 năm trước
  • I straight up fucking lost it with Noctis and that stupid ass outfit.

    Meduka The MegucaMeduka The Meguca4 năm trước
  • This video made me buy FFXV

    CrowRogueCrowRogue4 năm trước
  • please do a full playtthru

    Tm87streams The dpsTm87streams The dps4 năm trước
  • Final Fantasy 15? more like Pretty Boy Swag 15 and 3 quarters!

    PrometheusPrometheus4 năm trước
    • Prometheus PPXV III/IV just doesn't have the same appeal.

      Alex LavoieAlex Lavoie4 năm trước
  • Marcus, the concept of an emoji is merely just a translation of the human concept of using pictures to convey a meaning lmao. Haven't gotten too far in the game, but I'm sure it'll age p well for a while, seeing as I don't think emojis will be going anywhere anytime soon. Also I think the meaning of maracas and a party ball popping have been around for a while and will p much mean the same thing forever, so people will understand it even in the future lol. It may become cringey by then, but they'll still get it, I'm sure. HOWEVER, I do totally agree with you in that The Wind Waker is timeless bc that game is the best video game of all time and Dan can suck it.

    Cap'n TetraCap'n Tetra4 năm trước
  • Thank you for including your debate about whether including emoji ruins the timelessness of the game, it was a humorous and genuinely intriguing discussion. by the way hey baby can you pay? you know i *got* you next time

    MatballMatball4 năm trước
  • I'm, ugh, not sure if your praise is sarcastic or not. Buy or not?

    Hunter GreeneeHunter Greenee4 năm trước
    • Briandon Stark I actually didn’t know that, even though I’m playing through this game again.

      焔Spryzen Edits焔Spryzen EditsNăm trước
    • Just thought you should know, if you go into the menu and read about the potions, they're regular soft drinks that Noctis infuses with magic to give them curative properties.

      Brian MacLeodBrian MacLeod4 năm trước
    • Game is actually good. Real praise. Buy. - Marcus

      The Cosmonaut Variety HourThe Cosmonaut Variety Hour4 năm trước
    • They seem to be having a legitimately good time to me. In any case it makes me want to buy the game, and I don't ever buy new releases.

      MatballMatball4 năm trước
  • love your videos guys, but please. please make your microphone audio mono. One of you are always really quite in one ear

    BattleFlyBattleFly4 năm trước
  • i love you guys

    Meloen KatMeloen Kat4 năm trước
  • Please do more!

    ElsaElsa4 năm trước
  • Dan is totally right about the emojis. Using symbols to denote emotion is like, thousand year old human communication.

    MekasoundwaveMekasoundwave4 năm trước

      Jessica CarrollJessica Carroll2 năm trước
    • Mekasoundwave What do you think words are? Lol they're symbols to denote thoughts (typically without emotion). Emojis can communicate through language barriers and convey emotions in text messages that would otherwise be ambiguous. 'Of course 🤗' and 'of course 🤔' mean very different things.

      T. K. AbramsT. K. Abrams3 năm trước
  • This game is the best. You guys are the best. Everything about this is beautiful.

    Jennie MacqueenJennie Macqueen4 năm trước
  • I work at Steak and Shake and I'm gonna tell someone that they can hunt a behemoth nearby tomorrow

    J HallJ Hall4 năm trước
    • Please year 2 update

      Deez NutsDeez Nuts27 ngày trước
    • what de fuk haha for real?

      BlackTopBlackTop2 năm trước
    • Gopple Hall good shit

      JOJJOJ3 năm trước
    • *Slow clap* Bravo sir.

      VocalCalibrationVocalCalibration3 năm trước
    • 1 Year Update: I got fired a while ago and I'm pretty sure this was one of the reasons

      J HallJ Hall3 năm trước
  • "I'm so into all this atractive men" LMAO, me too Dan, me too.

    DewpokeDewpoke4 năm trước
  • best game of 2016. would play for cowboy daddy

    kiiro tamagokiiro tamago4 năm trước
  • "Hot grandpas." You guys speak my language fluently.

    NanaNana4 năm trước
  • This had me laughing up a storm. Top-notch video.

    Jacob FischerJacob Fischer4 năm trước
  • This video was so good. good. I fucking love this game.

    knockoutroundaboutknockoutroundabout4 năm trước
  • The weird interplay between the fantastical and the utterly normal... I mean other games and stories have done it before but somehow this is different. I can't quite place why, but it's incredible.

    PermianExtinctionPermianExtinction4 năm trước
    • Its like magical realism turned up to 11.

      Sara3346Sara3346Năm trước