Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Both Brilliant and Flawed

22 Th04, 2020
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  • but... the train graveyard was in the original?

    Rich EmperorRich Emperor3 ngày trước
  • SPOILERS..............Totally agree on the ending. Brilliant. It's a twist. This is not a remake it's a sequel and the remake in the title refers to Sepheroth trying to remake the world in his vision. If they would have made a true to the original mode or dlc it would have been a perfect game imo

    psrabepsrabe7 ngày trước
  • what was it again about 'remakes' and 'being 'dumb'' from that tlu video of yours? Where is it now, now that news about a remake is possibly so recently.

    Cayde SixCayde Six13 ngày trước
  • I found that instead of hoping the other members of your party do stuff, you actually have to switch between them rapidly in order to use their abilities off cooldown. My playthrough had a lot of swapping between members that were each useful in different situations, very quickly on the fly.

    Christian WallsChristian Walls14 ngày trước
  • I just finished it. As a player who never played the original; I have to agree as a first timer I am a bit loss on some of the elements of the story. I have friends who love Final Fantasy and so I knew the overall plot and characters. But it was an enjoyable game nonetheless and I am excited to play the next games.

    HayabusaRyuHayabusaRyu14 ngày trước
  • The fact that I knew everything about this franchise made this game visual ecstasy for me

    EausoraEausora15 ngày trước
  • YES!

    EausoraEausora15 ngày trước
  • And then comes genshin impact which will be 10 years long

    BrEaD LoRdBrEaD LoRd16 ngày trước
  • I really dont know what to think of the ending i was jizzing my pants and crying when I first played it and i let it sit for awhile. Then I thought anyway you think about what they are doing its kinda fucked up. Like they are taking the most popular final fantasy characters and essentially using them and their fanbase to to tell some new story when this was marketed as them remaking the game for a new generation who doesnt wanna play that old game that have alot of issues, but instead are making a sorta sequel to the original game. Thats like if they sad they were gonna remake kotor and make the first game planet taris only and then spoil most of the stuff that comes later and end the game off with everything is gonna be different now. You are essentially using that fanbase to tell your own story when that fanbase is there in the first place for that original story its kinda a fucked up bait and switch. I just wanted to see a retelling with expanded elements its just crazy that they essentially stated they are writing fan fiction what if story.

    YtomanyYtomany19 ngày trước
  • Making it free on PS Plus was like the best thing to ever happen and now I love all the characters

    uchiha bomberuchiha bomber21 ngày trước
  • Which song was played when he was on about the music? I cant find it anywhere!

    Arjun KorpalArjun Korpal22 ngày trước
    • Thank you bro I appreciate it

      Arjun KorpalArjun Korpal14 ngày trước
    • Ghoul theme

      Jill SandwichJill Sandwich19 ngày trước
  • "I haven't liked a Square Enix game in years." Legitimately this is what ended up with Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers being my favorite modern Final Fantasy. Yeah, the expansion of the MMO. It felt more like a Final Fantasy than anything has in years.

    Sweet Nightmare GamingSweet Nightmare Gaming25 ngày trước
  • Tbh I had to google who the hell Sephiroth is after first playing through this game

    SafiyyPROSafiyyPROTháng trước
  • Anyone know the song at 8:45?

    Aidan KeatingAidan KeatingTháng trước
    • Ghoul theme.

      Jill SandwichJill SandwichTháng trước
  • Wait a minute..."genuinely" moved? As opposed to un-genuinely moved?

    Wesley HallWesley HallTháng trước
  • No way. If the dumbass spooky train WooOOoOo and Painful turtle sewers aren't in the original, I'm gonna play it despite the random encounters and turn based shenanigans.

    Uh OhUh OhTháng trước
  • You were spot on with the ending breakdown. I do see your points in regards to the padding throughout the game. I personally was able to brush it all off, considering what this game did great.

    Jacob WolbertJacob WolbertTháng trước
  • Cosmonaut, if you press R1 or R2 while pausing time during battle, you can tell your teammates what to do.

    AlfieAlfieTháng trước
  • I love your voice, you sound like a standup comedian. And I agree with you on a lot of things. Imagine if they remade Chrono Trigger which was flawless from beginning to end and tried to make it longer! As somebody who hated the changes, I feel like the Whisper stuff was just not written very well. The ending just came out of nowhere and had nothing to do with the rest of what had happened in the game. And suddenly Aeris, who had been written exquisitely, was saying out of character exposition dumps that she had no way of knowing about. But yeah, it's interesting to think what can happen next. I just feel like if it's not broke, don't fix it.

    Michael LochlannMichael LochlannTháng trước
  • I'm curious if Marcus has plans to ever play Nier:Automata

    Edmund AvilesEdmund AvilesTháng trước
  • 1:31 (me a Dragon Quest fan) am I a joke to you ?

    Just a SlimeJust a SlimeTháng trước

    Deod HashingtonDeod HashingtonTháng trước
  • Final fantasy 7 a wasn't that good it was meh actually the characters was one dimensional and they were pretty annoying and the story was confusing also the whisper were plot devices you were making up theories and their was no conflict everything has to be light and colorful the story is just some destiny crap the characters have no motivations.

    James PaguipJames PaguipTháng trước
  • I have never finished a final fantasy game. I've gotten 60% through a few of them, but they all feel like they are trying to waste my time. Crisis averted here

    Adam A NelsonAdam A NelsonTháng trước
  • Classic “the book is better than the movie”

    BixlsBixlsTháng trước
  • 16:37 Write this one down everyone. Let's see if this holds up in 20 years.

    Artie RupinenArtie RupinenTháng trước
  • song at 8:44 what is it?

    BadSodaProductionsBadSodaProductionsTháng trước
  • FF 13 Had turned based combat

    Γιώργος ΦελέκηςΓιώργος ΦελέκηςTháng trước
  • BTS blood sweat and tears

    TV Sized Anime ChannelTV Sized Anime ChannelTháng trước
  • 6:27 As of This Recording The Last Final Fantasy Game that did have Turn Based Combat was Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII, At least if you only include Console Games, if you Include Handheld Games than the Last Final Fantasy Game that did have Turn Based Combat was Theaterrythem Final Fantasy, and If You Include Mobile Games, Than It's Either Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Or Dissida Final Fantasy Opera Omnia.

    egate qaegate qaTháng trước
  • Why are your argumentd always bad?

    PokedollarPokedollarTháng trước
  • Lol yeah not very noob friendly, I am a total noob this is my first final fantasy game and I just finished it. Like I was watching these scenes with sephiroth and I knew he was super powerful and scary from others but I didn't actually know who he was and why he was here. Also all the "flashbacks" ( well thats what I think they are) made me feel like I was supposed to know or play a different game before playing this one. But overall I had a good time playing it and can't wait to play the next part of this remake. I think I might try and play final fantasy 9 next bc I like the design of the little wizard dude, I think his name is vivi

    Not Great GamerNot Great GamerTháng trước
  • I think the thing Cosmo lost here about Sephiroth is that in the OG FF7, Sephiroth would fuck with you. Even hearing other characters talk about Sephiroth invoked a sense of dread and fear of what he could be capable of. In FF7R, Sephiroth is literally fucking with Cloud's mind, the mid of the party and with the players mind. I believe that he is not actually there, just like in the original game, but using the "conduits" and Whispers as forces to impose his will

    DannE11TVDannE11TV2 tháng trước
  • I thought ff13 had turn based combat?

    Ellaina GreenwoodEllaina Greenwood2 tháng trước
  • Both Sephiroth and Aeirth are trying to "Remake" the events of final fantasy 7. End of OG FF7 Sephiroth loses and humans are extinct in that 500 years later scene with red xiii.

    Matthew DiMattesaMatthew DiMattesa2 tháng trước
  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake is more like a sequel. Or alternative timeline-quel

    Megan VincentMegan Vincent2 tháng trước
  • Anyone here after free on ps plus

    Edward KellandEdward Kelland2 tháng trước
  • The main problem I had with this game was the length of the cutscenes, many of them were unnessasaryly long and with no motivation to go through the filler chapters it made me really bored. I had to watch Icarly in the background to even get through a lot of these parts,

    Joshua MehrdadJoshua Mehrdad2 tháng trước
  • Who is nomura Why he special he killed someone or what?, why so special to hate ??

    Zues ZuesZues Zues2 tháng trước
  • This game, for me, has gone through such a weird change. At first, I loved the meta aspect of it. I loved the ending and what it implied. I loved all that. And I've just done a complete 180 on it. When I think of what I love about the original, the answer isn't Sephiroth. Jesus. For most of my life I never actually beat the final dungeon. And the game was still one of my all time favorites. Because of everything that lead up to the final fight. And it's that seed that has grown in me so much for an entire year that I just... I fucking hate that Sephiroth is in the "Remake". I despise it. I despise the implications. I despise the possibility that modern day Square Enix is even playing with the possibility of changing shit from one of their most beloved games. And I sort of feel ashamed about it. I know that Remakes really tie people creatively. But the other thing is that I genuinely wanted my little brother to experience the game I love how I felt it was when I played it as a kid. And it sucks. Because like... 95% of the game is precisely that. And it's taken away by this brain fart of a twist at the end. I just can't recommend this game to him. The one silver lining I've found is that at least the Remake waited until the very end to throw all that garbage at the player. It's a great, mostly faithful, and gorgeous reimagining of the Midgar section of the original. And if Square Enix does some stupid fuckery with the story going forward, it's easy to just not buy the sequels. Dear lord. Just... Less Sephiroth for the love of God.

    PickaHandPickaHand2 tháng trước
  • 3:23 I have not played the remake yet, but I REFUSE to believe that actually happens. There has to be more context to that.

    TogathinTogathin2 tháng trước
  • Maybe you will like FF XIV, but it is a MMORPG, so some side quests are being used as world and lore building material. It also has a sluggish start, A Realm Reborn, but still good enough compare to other latest Final Fantasy game, before start to become good in heavensward.

    Julius ValenzaJulius Valenza2 tháng trước
  • The main problem is that they could've used the plot ghost arc for a whole new FF game into the series, and not use time shenanigans for one fans already love. Sure fix that shit ended, but that's about it. We don't need Doctor Who plots in FF, especially not one with a formula that clearly saved the company and made millions of dollars till this day. Yes, add more sidequests, character development, and better graphics, but the story (sanz the ending) was fine, we don't need time shenanigans to help us understand a very simple premise.

    PaddgintongBareAllPaddgintongBareAll2 tháng trước
  • Perfect game Feel bad for anyone that finished it as fast as possible

    No NameNo Name2 tháng trước
  • Sephiroth and time travel or one that has sene the future is one of the biggest mistakes in the remake. They could of add most if not all the new stuff that they have the ghost do without them there. Right now Remake to me is on the fence it depends on where they take it to me Zack dead and needs to stay dead he had his story it nothing against Zack he a good character if you know his story but he has to be dead for FFVII to happen in my eyes. As for Aerith as much as I love her character too me she fated to die the same way she did. You can still add a lot to the game without changing anything.

    Shadow LordShadow Lord2 tháng trước
  • can confirm i didn't play the original and i was completely lost once i got to chapter 17

    Venron HymnsVenron Hymns2 tháng trước
  • How the hell did Sephiroth see the future?

    GoldenChicken tropheyGoldenChicken trophey3 tháng trước
  • Wait you haven't played Nier Automata???

    Aty S. BehsamAty S. Behsam3 tháng trước
  • If you hate the side quest then don"t do it at all cosmonaut

    Z E R OZ E R O3 tháng trước
  • Hey I gotta tips for you all sell all your potion and hi potion and buy all the mega potion that you can buy

    Z E R OZ E R O3 tháng trước
  • As a person who never played the original but knows a lot about the story it only took me a moment before I realized some scenes never happened. I think if you have just a basic understanding of the story you’ll realize that the ghosts are not apart of the original at all. I thought keeping Biggs, Wedge, and hopefully Jesse (bc we all know that’s our dream girl over Aerith and Tifa) was interesting. Zach being alive really just brings more questions than answers. I’m guessing he still dies bc Cloud has his sword and that would just complicate the plot way too much. No idea how this new form of gameplay will fit with the numerous characters down the line that we can play as. I don’t know if Aerith will die or not. That’s such an iconic moment in the game that it feels like it’s impossible for it not to happen. They’ve done a good job mixing it up and leaving the audience wanting more. I really enjoyed the music remixes, the dialogue was fantastic, and it left me wanting more. I agree that I don’t want to replay this game anytime soon bc of some of the levels. The sewer missions were dreadful bc of those Ninja Turtles things that turned my whole party into frogs. Also, some enemies were insanely hard to kill and I was left wondering if I hadn’t upgraded my weapons enough or had missed materia to make the combat not as hard. The scenes where you get to relax and explore the towns are great, and some of the thought to be death scenes were moving and honestly some of the better emotional scenes I’ve ever played in a video game

    Ryan StaigerRyan Staiger3 tháng trước
  • um...I played this using a headset and I hated the music in this game...It was loud and at times very obnoxious, like i wanted to poke my ear drums out...FFX, for instance, has amazing music...I dunno I must be crazy seems like everyone loved it...

    U ZU Z3 tháng trước
    • Music being bad = being loud. There’s an option to turn it down in the menu

      Has the High GroundHas the High Ground3 tháng trước
  • When I get my pay check and get a ps this and persona 5 are what I’m getting Also god of war and tluo

    Naked MarioNaked Mario3 tháng trước
  • Desperate to like it. Terrible game.

    jmile69jmile693 tháng trước
  • Bruh, I love your videos, but do you ever not just sit back and enjoy things without overthinking it? It’s pretty harsh to “hate” the combat. The AI are absolutely competent, the game just encourages you to boost their ATB by tactically switching. I never played the original so the ending was only mildly confusing because of Zack - I don’t know who he is (sorry) but I’m really interested to learn more about him. My friends consider me a harsh critic, so that said, this game, which I have no history with, is an absolute 10/10 - personally. I can’t help but feel that actual long-time fans must find it an 11/10. Either way, if someone enjoys it, that’s all that matters. So not disputing your score all the same. Peace ✌🏼

    LoudetrefLoudetref3 tháng trước
  • 8:44 what's that song? I've been searching for it for ever and I just can't find it.

    Brandon PetersonBrandon Peterson3 tháng trước
    • around the 4 minute mark

      SkarrecSkarrec3 tháng trước
  • I'm loving all the persona love your throwing out there my man.

    ace 0079ace 00793 tháng trước
  • Oh you didn’t play final fantasy 7? Sucks to be you, have some plot ghosts and a silver haired demigod who you know nothing about

    Ze BruhZe Bruh3 tháng trước
  • *Talks about the combat system* "Look just be one thing or the other.. that's all I'm saying" -Arthur Morgan knowing that hybrid systems are tedious and annoying.

    Hypeman 18Hypeman 183 tháng trước
  • bruh the fucking house was ridiculous. lmao

    clarencep90clarencep903 tháng trước
  • Tbh even if they made the Sewers and Train graveyard in a single chapter, it would still suck and people would complain lol

    Bryan YounBryan Youn3 tháng trước
  • As a person who has played plenty of FF games but not VII, I didnt think this was specifically anti-noob. Its such an old, iconic game, it's hard not to know stuff about it. and the more you dig into why the ending is weird, the more you naturally wanna unravel this mystery it sets up. So i think.

    Tyler GillianTyler Gillian4 tháng trước
  • Am I the only one that prefer turn base final fantasy

    Rawr DinoRawr Dino4 tháng trước
  • Why no attention to the atrocious voice acting?

    alphaenemy plusalphaenemy plus4 tháng trước
    • Because it's actually really fucking good, way better than the old cast.

      Radin V.Radin V.2 tháng trước
    • Because it wasn’t atrocious, bruh.

      J1090J10903 tháng trước
  • But marcus! The bois are as cute as the goils!

    TheMisanthropist TMTheMisanthropist TM4 tháng trước
  • 6:44 "If I lose in a fight its my fault" Bullshit crits: Allow us to introduce ourselves

    FunnyName ForMeFunnyName ForMe4 tháng trước
  • Theres a theory that Arieth as well knows the future. Im super happy that this game is a sudo sequel. FF7 is an impossible to remake game. No one will be satisfied. So the word Remake isnt saying the original game is being remade. the Universe is remade. But i completely agree, Newbies are going to be lost as hell.

    Patrick GallagherPatrick Gallagher4 tháng trước
  • 7/10=Final Fantasy 7 MIND BLOWN

    neexchickenlegsneexchickenlegs4 tháng trước
  • I didn't want to finish this game until I watched this video.

    Philly RedsoxPhilly Redsox4 tháng trước
  • The bit with the sewers and train graveyard were in the original game. They were just way, way shorter.

    Fos KuvolFos Kuvol4 tháng trước
  • This game was amazing. My only cons were: The side quests could of been more rewarding and engaging by adding more story elements to it. Some of the story changes did bother me especially Sephiroth ( I agree they overused him too much in this and his dialogue was a bit annoying) and the ending scenes. And the combat can be a bit hectic at times especially with 3 characters at once ( I did enjoy 2 party members much better). I don't think this game needed to be turn based it was fine the way it was, it even allowed you to pick your attacks and moves in slow motion. Also FF13 was turn based too lol. Also many RPGs have padding (even the original FF7), to me it wasn't a big deal because I loved the combat. I honestly didn't want this game to end lol.

    Fernicus MaximusFernicus Maximus4 tháng trước
  • I look forward to playing this game in 2040 once the entire series is complete and on PC.

    ajre82ajre824 tháng trước
  • i had to beat the last 3 fights on easy because the difficulty jump between easy and normal was too large

    Samuel AmondSamuel Amond4 tháng trước
  • Turn based combat is pretty freaking boring. It’s a relic of an era where games literally weren’t able to do interesting stuff with the combat because of hardware limitations. Turn based combat is almost always boring. But if you’re going to do a non-turn based combat system, it needs to be fun. So I can still understand why turn based games still exist. It’s just easier to pull off.

    Aesir UnlimitedAesir Unlimited4 tháng trước
  • Anyone else notice that Biggs and Wedge are both also rebel pilots? Probably just a coincidence but it's kinda cool

    Anti-Socialfish 42Anti-Socialfish 424 tháng trước
  • i find it kind of insane how you never fought Sephiroth in the original, sword to sword i mean

    walter sopranowalter soprano4 tháng trước
    • That is because he is "dead" and it would not make much sense in that regard. Though he can summon Masamune through his clones, which is why he can kill Aerith with it. The first time he actually fights as a human post CC is in AC through Kadaj. Kadaj is a "better" clone (a remnant) than those in FF VII that would probably preform badly as they are more or less degenerating from the inside even if directly controlled. In FF VII his human form as an ally is to show us the audience the gap between "cloud" and Sephiroth and thus the miracle of defeating him. There is a reason why we never fight human Sephiroth as Cloud that is now lost through remake. Clashing swords with him like in the remake would lessen the gap as Cloud should not stand a chance and through most of OG FF VII Sephiroth only sees Cloud as a puppet and not a soul to stalk and harass because Lifestream Black was not written yet that explains why Sephiroth would need Clouds mind to stay alive in the lifestream, and he would not need to stay alive in the lifestream as a soul because his body exist. There was never a time traveling Sephiroth either. Simply put Sephiroth more or less did not get a chance and when you do fight him you fight him in is god form which should by all means be way stronger even if it doesn't look cooler than a swordsman in black with a very long pointy sword.

      Vincent_ GraymoreVincent_ Graymore4 tháng trước
  • You know what plot didn’t age well? The FF7 remake.

    Spade011Spade0114 tháng trước
  • Honestly, I haven’t played ff7r. I am still working through the original. However, I know the entire plot of FF7. I think remake sounds stupid and I don’t want to play it for a long time. Also, while I like Sephiroth, I play FF7 for Cloud

    Minceraft GameplayMinceraft Gameplay4 tháng trước
    • FF VII is Clouds story, regardless of what other people say or think. He is the point of view and that little time you control Tifa and Cid is to show the importance of Cloud and how broken he actually is by that point (and the fact he is needed as the leader and that the party aren't incompetent). FF VII was written as a story about identity and while all the characters have their own arcs important to the theme of identity and growth Cloud was written with most importance and Sephiroth is supposed to be his counterpart. It seems lost on people that the theme of identity require Cloud to be the one you control and play as, even if people express wishes for being able to swap him out of the party or make him a sidelined character. They also miss the point of FF VII when they wish Cloud would die, something that I have seen many fans thinking or even wishing for whatever reason. The remake also already undermine him by spoiling events that had a very late reveal in the OG regarding the reactor incident in chapter 2 in the remake and what Cloud really is in chapter 17. Another beyond destructive implication in regards to massacre Clouds arc is a potential thing in the ending. The remake is a great game for an action game and a nostalgic trip, but it is awful to the legacy of FF VII and very stupid in its plot even if it borrows events from the OG even though they are all altered because of the new theme and stupid addition of whisperers. There are many problems with the remake regarding the legacy of FF VII but if you just want a cool adventure with beloved characters the game is actually not bad. I tried to stay spoiler free just in case :P.

      Vincent_ GraymoreVincent_ Graymore4 tháng trước
  • 3:23 Wait, did he really?

    Grayc PlaysGrayc Plays4 tháng trước
  • A lot of moves are designed to drive up an enemy's pressure meter. You have to charge that up to stagger them and THEN you can use your other attacks to deal heavy damage. You can't blame the game if you didn't bother understanding how to play it.

    James YountJames Yount4 tháng trước
  • Ion know how many players are in a fight at the same time but if u can command characters like Kratos does Atreus in GoW but better.

    Jazz GJazz G4 tháng trước
  • It fine man For it story game Some time u just walk and talk because it story game Tell story , charector development take time U look for the end so much That why u have problem with it

    Zues ZuesZues Zues4 tháng trước
  • I know Square Enix would never have the balls to do it but I think it would be amazing if they gave us a way to save Aerith in some way, possibly in a new game plus playthrough. BUT, have alternate endings lined up so that, if you opt to save her, no matter what other choices you make, you get a bad "everyone dies" ending. Maybe throw in a couple variations but make it so that, by saving her, you doom everyone and everything.

    Captain FlowersCaptain Flowers4 tháng trước
  • Your telling me a game directed by tetsuya nomura has a good story? Impossible

    Ethan GehmlichEthan Gehmlich4 tháng trước
  • 6:28 so when did final fantasy become a more action based series?

    Ryan ChoRyan Cho4 tháng trước
    • @Vincent_ Graymore Ohh....interesting. Thank you. Even though...... "I'm not an RPG guy," I'll consider this information if I decide to play more Final Fantasy games in the future.

      Ryan ChoRyan Cho4 tháng trước
    • 12 could be the real turning point as it has free roaming, and you can set up the game to play itself. 13 is lesser in this regard but that made it worse somehow. 15 is a true action game and FF VII remake more or less takes 13 and mixes it with 15. Then again ATB first appeared in FF 4 which is a more action based version. This is why combat was one of the strengths in FF X as it was a true turn based game.

      Vincent_ GraymoreVincent_ Graymore4 tháng trước
  • The whole "the plates about to fall, let's go play with ghosts!" Was fucking stupid

    Keith D.Keith D.5 tháng trước
  • Dude, the original has multiple lines all about how Barret is wrong in his eco-terrorism! Am I missing something? I did only play the remaster, which is a re-translation so maybe it’s different in the og version?

    Christian GarrityChristian Garrity5 tháng trước
  • wow, you liked this shit but not Kingdom Hearts 3? Also people still want turn based games, Persona 5 showed that. You said if you're not persona then you aren't gonna get people to play a turn based game as if P5's success wasn't a huge shocker and dragged Persona out of niche land and into the mainstream

    Bryan ABryan A5 tháng trước
  • Now playing this game on hard mode and after unlocking the best materias I happily use 20 AP to just hit some flying enemies with the heaviest spell I have and it's totally worth it. We need better combos and locking to enemies on aerial combat

    Pedro PereiraPedro Pereira5 tháng trước
  • I’ll start by saying that this is in my top 3 games of all time so far. BUT I wish the whispers were just completely removed from the story. It would mean reworking parts of it, but it just brings everything in the plot down. I liked the kingdom hearts-like final bosses but I fucking hate the whispers because it’s just mystery box bullshit with a unsatisfactory payoff. Also since I didn’t play the original, I never got the meta aspect of the whispers until after the fact, and the fact the part of the appeal of a major story element relies on you having played the original is kind of dumb and unrealistic. Anyway the train graveyard is dumb and stupid and I hate it. I want to pour boiling milk on its genitals and watch the graveyard burn. Also I wish that the companions and cloud interacted while running around like Joel and Ellie in The Last Of Us. I think it would help you bond with them a bit more if written well. And it would make the mindless wandering more bearable. Anyway thanks for reading this pointlessly long and unnecessary comment.

    Papa Don't Like No Goat StealersPapa Don't Like No Goat Stealers5 tháng trước
    • @Vincent_ Graymore Thanks. I hope you have a good 2021. Not that I expect you to care, but my favorite games, not in any particular order, are as follows Bloodborne Persona 5 Royal Breath Of The Wild Final Fantasy VII Remake Metal Gear Solid 5 And more that I can’t think of right now

      Papa Don't Like No Goat StealersPapa Don't Like No Goat Stealers4 tháng trước
    • ​@Papa Don't Like No Goat Stealers I fully agree that the FF VII remake should not have done what it did with the changes because of the theme debate. When I saw the reveal back in 2015 I did not think that SE could actually do it justice and I just dismissed it. When I saw the trailers 1 year before release I got faith back. The gameplay was way different and seeing Jessie riding on the bike with Cloud but SE made me think they could do FF VII as a modern game. It felt right. These kinds of changes are okay and in my mind I just thought that they put the bike chase earlier or as a training stage, which is more or less what it was and the combat was very KH/FF XV but that does not mean it has to be bad (and I think the remake combat is really good). I had chills down my spine in regard to the few scenes with the whisperers but not enough to stop me from preodering. Having that scene where Sephiroth tells Cloud to live felt forced, but I hoped that would be more or less the only thing we would see of him. But here we are. I will not trust the next trailers nor critics. The next installment can surely be a good game but my faith in them doing FF VII justice is gone :(. They will have to pull a miracle to save the remake project but the damage to FF VII legacy can probably never heal. As in regards with games there are a lot of different aspects to consider and VIworld is perhaps not the best place, but I can go a little into my personal views. There are many games for different purposes. Like, currently I play League of Legends for mindless aram when I just want to relax (and the hours of playing lol is not something I want to think about), I recently played through Hades (a really great game, but I do not really like the randomness in conversation progression), I play the leagues in Path of Exile for several weeks on their releases (a new one starting this month). Favorites other than FF games and not SE, I would say that I am very fond of Fallout series (haven't played fallout 76 but the rest, New vegas and 2 being very good), Xcom series (all of them, old, new and the UFO series made by other company and creator), Disgaea series (but mostly 1,2,5, D2), I like Civilization games, Tropico games etc. Then we also have a lot of games if we go further back in time like Megaman series and in modern time we have many indie titles in various genres. All in all I am very much a turn based strategy guy with a side of platforming and not at all an FPS or action adventure guy (but there are expectations and fallouts newer titles after fallout 2 while FPS are still great). The game I mostly want others to play as in sharing my passion is Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis (not the sequel though it is bad). To me, it is one of my best SP experiences. It is a ps 2 JRPG and turnbased, it is rather goofy, but it is perhaps the best game I wish to come to steam. It has the best JRPG combat system I have seen, and it helped me through depression with its goofiness yet still deep moments. There are a lot to say about each game and many games to talk about, but I will not write essays about them here :P. VII remake is the only game that has me writing to large comments for youtube (going over the character limits) because the game means a lot. But I get it. The biggest drive is selfishness for new adventures and more and I cannot really blame people for wanting that even if I have wishes and wants myself. I wish you a happy continuation of 2021 ;).

      Vincent_ GraymoreVincent_ Graymore4 tháng trước
    • @Vincent_ Graymore Oh Ok. It seems we’re on the same page about what’s wrong about the game, but just - I guess “say” it differently. I know you can’t REALLY change the new bad stuff, but I just talk about it like some kind of director. That being said, I still think the new theme is bad. I’m not saying “make a carbon copy of the last game” I just think that they didn’t have to and shouldn’t have changed it so much. It’s an interesting idea, but ultimately executed poorly. Also thanks. Have a good day and stay away from the evil microscopic ball that will kill us all. If it’s OK, I’d like to know, what’s one of your favorite games? I’d like to hear some of your other thoughts on games since yours here seem well thought out and smart. If you don’t want to continue, that’s cool. Just hoping for a good game conversation since I don’t get a lot of them.

      Papa Don't Like No Goat StealersPapa Don't Like No Goat Stealers4 tháng trước
    • @Papa Don't Like No Goat Stealers Np, I never expect people to discuss or engage in conversations, but I am always interested in discourse. I do not think it is bad to not want to play FF VII OG because of the graphics or rather fidelity (unrealistic/poor graphic and lack of voice etc), it is one of the main reasons people wanted a remake for all these years. I agree with all your statements about destiny and about Sephiroth on a personal level. The developers sadly doesn't it seem. The destiny and meta narrative was not needed for a remake but this game is not a remake. It refers to the OG as if it was in the same story as a sequel with time "shenanigans" (precognition, time travel of some sort) and it also actively have a narrative device interfering with the remakes story that is the OG story's protectors. It talks about the OG as if the OG happened like it supposed to, meaning it is not all just remakes future shown as in to make the remake a closed story. It also has compilation references, material which came after the OG thus making it not a remake of the OG but the extended works as well. This game is by most metrics a sequel. Rant: This is why the whisperers sadly cannot be removed. They are the glue of the new story in its theme (developers & characters freedom, possibilities and defying expectations), its execution (they are in almost every miniarc that drives the plot) and they are the reason why this game & story is the game & story it is (A meta narrative of wanting more from the audience and a game on a technical level created in modern standards). Sephiroth is also a big part of it and why the ending works in a narrative way, because without him the characters would have little stakes and an already complete arc. He also plays into the theme of breaking free from fate for himself and the party. Sephiroths meddling with Cloud also subverts from the whisperers for that big reveal in the end. He is also a way to keep FF VII feeling like FF VII instead of fighting dementors, risking people being disillusioned that this is not FF VII. Remove them all, and you have a rather disjointed OG where characters just do different stuff but aren't corrected (like how Cloud will kill Reno, Barret won't hire Cloud for the second mission, etc), fighting Shinra but also winning against them. I hate this direction. The reason I wanted a remake for all these years is because I have tried to tell people that I think that FF VII is a great story and wants others to share that sentiment. With a younger audience I am often meet with counters that almost always ends up with people dissing the game because of fidelity. Instead, now with the remake we got a half-baked remake and a hidden sequel and even talking about it with new people get complicated. The general FF VII community also purged people like me by exiling/shunning/shaming and even if there are safe havens and not that hard to find people critical of direction and game in general, the vast majority liked this and thus send the message that Square should continue a started trend of difference and divergence instead of actually telling the story of FF VII. A lot will look the same and a lot of the same results will be seen but always without the correct context. Like how we are shown Sephiroth as a villain but not how he actually became one of the most liked JRPG antagonists. Like how the game was about not being able to bring back Aerith but now existing in a world with time manipulation or multiverse, taking away from that permanence or twist it into some superdeath where Aerith needs to die in all realities regardless of being free from fate or not or her simply surviving. The game spoils all of OGs big moments by precognition/visions and dialogue. This game is now a game with a legacy of either being too different from the OG or too similar. It is not about the same themes as the OG as it will always be about what SE did different or what they keep. When people speak of it 10 years after completion they will still discuss how the OG and remake differs, how it started out by playing on peoples expectations rather than being a retelling. It is also a different thing with additions like Jessies and wall market expansion (great new stuff btw) for an example as it did not really change the overall narrative. People will talk about the period of 2020-> next games as a legacy of waiting for something new to happen to the story, how it changed and not how it had fluff. We can see that as the surrounding buzz before the release was people discussing "how" SE would handle the cross-dressing scene or the trail of blood while now people have questions like "if" certain things are even going to be or change context. The first question is a question fitted for a remake, the second is for a sequel or reboot. If SE "course correct" and go "more" similar than different with the next game than the first parts theme and whisperers are just fillers, pure additions for game reasons of needing a climax and simply be different to use subversion as emotional payoff and not narrative reasons to enhance the story and world. It would also still be a game about fate since the first parts setup was about defeating fate and being free from it, if that freedom doesn't amount to anything it is a story about failing to do things even if you defeat fate and if you do manage to change things it is a story about how defeating fate changed things. It is not about grieving or identity growth without a strong connection to fate as a theme. If they change the meaning of the whisperers like saying "psyche it was not fate" or turning them into always being Jenova or similar we just turn the problem of fate into another "works in mysterious ways" for someones/things optimal outcome. Sorry for the long text. Have a great day and stay safe from the you know what ;)

      Vincent_ GraymoreVincent_ Graymore4 tháng trước
    • @Vincent_ Graymore Sorry I didn't reply earlier. I hope we can just have a good discussion about games. First: I have tried, but I literally can't play the original version because I think it has not aged well gameplay, graphic, and translation/writing-wise. I know that sounds like when a person won't watch Citizen Kane because it is in black and white, but it's the truth. Also about the story: I think it is near impossible to pull off the meta-narrative thing well and without seeming pretentious, and they almost did it. Hell, it may all make sense when the sequel comes, but I'm worried that it will go more down the empty words of Kingdom Hearts route rather than, you know, good games. You don't really NEED the whispers to justify changes, you could have just made changes. I think, that if you remove all the "Destiny" stuff but keep all the - I guess "relevant" for lack of a better term - changes like Jessie's plot and extended Wall Market, it would have been much better than this "pat yourself on the back" type story. I basically wish there was much less extra Sephiroth. You can have little foreshadowings like the black feather or little flashes of the town burning, but not this, please.

      Papa Don't Like No Goat StealersPapa Don't Like No Goat Stealers4 tháng trước
  • If anyone is wondering his top 3 favorite games (I dunno which order they’re in) are: Resident Evil 4 Final Fantsay VII The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (He said it’s his favorite)

    Ze BruhZe Bruh5 tháng trước
  • If they kill Tifa, I'm out 🙄😂

    BlackBirdOniBlackBirdOni5 tháng trước
  • 8:43 what is the name of that track

    Elias GonzalezElias Gonzalez5 tháng trước
  • Final Fantasy 7 >>> Last of Us 2

    Havi KhukhurHavi Khukhur5 tháng trước
  • I miss turn based rpgs and really wish there was a resurgence of them in these modern times. *Sigh*

    Edmund AvilesEdmund Aviles5 tháng trước
    • Well, with how good Persona 5 turned out, as well as like the new Fire Emblem and Octopath Traveller, there's hope for that yet.

      Super LombaxSuper Lombax5 tháng trước
  • I’m glad Biggs survived it subverted my expectations and literally made me squeal because I love his character

    BricklepuffBricklepuff6 tháng trước
  • As Dr. Evil would say " Laser"

    Jacob HollyJacob Holly6 tháng trước
  • Is it bad that I found a train graveyard mission fun?

    Solaire of AstoraSolaire of Astora6 tháng trước
    • Nope. I liked them too for the most part. Some of the enemies were kinda annoying though.

      Super LombaxSuper Lombax5 tháng trước
  • 19:00 what's the music name?

    Arman AnanikyanArman Ananikyan6 tháng trước
    • Pretty sure one winged angel but this game's version of the track

      ShinoShino4 tháng trước
  • what's the name of the song during the end credits?

    The SchmoewayThe Schmoeway6 tháng trước