Return of the Jedi: Why it Sucks

20 Th05, 2017
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  • Thank You , this movie is a debacle, intensely forgettable, IRVIN KIRSHNER the director of ESB the greatest SW movie ever, even said it, so ALL arguments are null and void. It truly doesn’t mean anything now thanks to Abrams bringing back the emperor, haven’t seen the new one never will, 🖖

    Monkey SpankMonkey SpankGiờ trước
  • That⭐did not suck thay were the most beautiful Story's of love and hope and I have ever herd liver verses dark good verses level Jedi hero s to a universe that lost all its hope Andi ⭐the darkest ower hope will always🖖proval no matter how hopeless it⭐seems and rebels how stood up for what's right⭐ a level empire how true to tear them down Olmsted scene del fald in the end gray actin& great story telling⭐Spiegel affect that traced time from a time where nothing like thaT has ever Ben atemtd and a artist with a dream in my opinion with respect it was a legend🖖and a tresher not a suck⭐may the force be with all you⭐fellow friend fans 👽🚀👾🔆

    Jessica ArmstrongJessica Armstrong22 giờ trước
  • " This isn't Star Wars , THIS ISN'T STAR WARS , THIS ISN'T STAR WARRRRSSSS " !!!

    Ira FranklinIra FranklinNgày trước
  • " This isn't Star Wars , this isn't Star Wars , THIS ISN'T STAR WARRRRSSSS " !!! Too funny , I'm about to roll around on the floor with laughter !!!

    Ira FranklinIra FranklinNgày trước
  • A lot I agree with there. But I will say that on first viewing, I sat through the final space battle awestruck with my jaw open! It was, and still is imo, the greatest sci fi space battle ever committed to celluloid. No cgi back then, it was all done with models and paintings! Special effects artistry at its very best done by real professionals at the height of their game. Awesome

    FensterFenster2 ngày trước
  • People who say Ewoks were a quick cash grab need to watch the many many hours of Behind the Scenes features that go along with the films.

    BradsGonnaPlayBradsGonnaPlay3 ngày trước
  • I thought Boba Fett Survived?

    Darrin WilliamsDarrin Williams3 ngày trước
    • He did

      Shloomy SlomsShloomy Sloms15 giờ trước
  • Jedi can have pre-cognitive thoughts. That's how he knew they would be on the barge. Next......

    Gary AveryGary Avery3 ngày trước
  • You’re not just wrong you’re stupid

    Parzival The nerdParzival The nerd4 ngày trước
  • This one was my favorite before I developed a brain

    INeedToGoNorthINeedToGoNorth4 ngày trước
  • this is not a bad film at all man, its the worst original yes, but its still an excellent film.

    Go's ChannelGo's Channel4 ngày trước
  • Wow this guy hates all starwars ...damn. i can see hating the new trilogy but the old stuff too. Wow

    tebjosh13tebjosh134 ngày trước
  • The very first STAR WARS is my favorite movie. Everyone loves EMPIRE but it was a cliffhanger that you had to wait THREE YEARS to resolve in this disappointing movie. To a kid that was an eternity. Plus too many muppets.

    Matt MazeMatt Maze4 ngày trước
  • He talks about the movie being boring, yet he suggest that Luke should have pulled out the lightsaber as soon as he got into Jabbas palace. This dude doesnt understand what a climax is... or that Luke can see the future throught the force. WHAT A BUM

    Daniel SalasDaniel Salas4 ngày trước
  • Any person that hates any movie in the ot, you are no friend of mine

    Controller player #20Controller player #204 ngày trước
  • Least great film from the trilogy and yet still light years better than any other "star wars movie" after 1983.

    darkestempiredarkestempire5 ngày trước
  • I guess 3po was there as a translator to increase the worth, so they wouldn't just get scraped

    brandon barnesbrandon barnes5 ngày trước
  • something i love: the use of obi wan saying "from a certain point of view"

    the mad capperthe mad capper5 ngày trước
  • He is dead. Boba is dead Madiloin season 2

    Mr HenMr Hen5 ngày trước
  • How did luke know jabba was gonna feed them to the sarlac? Cause that's jabbas preferred way of executing people, you stupid fuck.

    Matthew WorkmanMatthew Workman5 ngày trước
  • Every sequel the badguys win you stupid fuck, and that makes it superior, as if all the bespin lounging wasn't fucking boring?

    Matthew WorkmanMatthew Workman5 ngày trước
  • I sense a little incel psychopath who hates any positive outcome.

    Matthew WorkmanMatthew Workman5 ngày trước
  • Of course some pessimistic nihilist gamer kids gonna like empire more.

    Matthew WorkmanMatthew Workman5 ngày trước
  • Return of the jedi does suck

    Jarrod EdsonJarrod Edson5 ngày trước
  • Nah it’s great- especially the rankor

    lil diplil dip6 ngày trước
  • I oft said that Palpatine had the Ultimate "Black Metal" Voice!

    WingDiamondWingDiamond6 ngày trước
  • I wanted to surrender and talk to him redeem him

    Luke Skywalker *Luke Skywalker *8 ngày trước
  • You don't understand it's a trap Palpatine wants the rebels to do this so he can whipe them out

    Luke Skywalker *Luke Skywalker *8 ngày trước
  • I can’t disagree. This one always bores me.

    Borsalino KizaruBorsalino Kizaru8 ngày trước
  • came here to dislike and not listen to your opinions because it it wrong and that's that

    N0B1riuMN0B1riuM8 ngày trước
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    Siu LuthardtSiu Luthardt9 ngày trước
  • The only thing I didn't like about this movie was the pacing, there was too much going on in too short a period of time. But you're here saying there should be MORE stuff in it. That's what I think is strange. And how you think the climax of the movie is boring, I don't know what you're seeing there. The last half hour or so of the movie is literally non-stop except for a couple short interludes with Luke/Vader/Emperor before the fighting starts there as well.

    Logical DudeLogical Dude10 ngày trước

    Willy The Travelling MerchantWilly The Travelling Merchant11 ngày trước
  • You fucking hate everything it seems. Not judging just a godamn fact.

    The Salty Youtuber160The Salty Youtuber16011 ngày trước
    • @trev yeah he like the last Jedi nuff said

      John FremontJohn FremontNgày trước
    • @trev Well actually I have I'm just saying can we stop complaining about every old movie that's been made. Idk it's more of an opinion thing I guess. I don't like how he criticises everything we grew up with is what I'm saying.

      The Salty Youtuber160The Salty Youtuber16010 ngày trước
    • He likes a lot but you haven’t seen any of his positive reviews clearly

      trevtrev10 ngày trước
  • I totally agree here. I was very young and watched Empire probably 2 years before Jedi came out and I even noticed the difference in about 3rd grade. Han just seemed to not have any energy. Thought he was going to be super bad azz when he got freed....but he wasn't. He just lost his cool and it really affected how I saw Harrison from then on. Boring. RotJ is the most overrated movie ever. Killing Palpatine like that was BORING. The only scenes I liked in the movie was the sarlac pit scenes and the Luke version Vader fight.

    Devin CarterDevin Carter11 ngày trước
    • Yoda, at least, could have taught Luke some very advanced moves (maybe he should have seen Yoda first before the plan to learn how to do mind stuff) instead of just dying. The reveals we already knew and the talk about it was BORING. Only cool thing was finding out he kissed his sister. The Ewoks killed it for me. Should have been on the Wookie planet as they were enslaved and this could have been freeing them and Chewy would have been more important (he was a rug in this movie).

      Devin CarterDevin Carter11 ngày trước
  • I’d still rate it higher than the sequels. Im baffled why you gave TFA 8/10 (poor man’s ANH) and TLJ 7/10 (poorer man’s ESB)!

    Krang XKrang X12 ngày trước
  • You're not wrong, this movie was weak.

    Keith RoylanceKeith Roylance12 ngày trước
  • Be careful of what you say about Return Of The Jedi 🧐🧐🧐

    Vito and Michael CorleoneVito and Michael Corleone12 ngày trước
  • You're just plain fucking stupid

    KAIIIKAIII13 ngày trước
  • You're gay

    KAIIIKAIII13 ngày trước
  • Adam Devine, While I disagree with your overall opinion, I think you make some valid points. I don’t think Jedi is as good as Empire but I think it’s better than New Hope.

    allthingsclassicrockallthingsclassicrock14 ngày trước
  • The space scenes of the Battle of Endor are a mastahpeez tho.

    Danic C.Danic C.14 ngày trước
  • Well at least he said he likes the books? Anyone who doesn’t isn’t a Star Wars fan lol

    -Attack of the youtube Overlords--Attack of the youtube Overlords-14 ngày trước
  • You pretty much raised all the points of why this is my least favorite movie of the original trilogy. The Sarlaac Pit is one of my favorite scenes of the movie just bc of how brutal Luke is murdering all of Jabbas cronies. The Ewoks are cheesy and ruin the darkness of the movie that was built up. Han Solo was neutered but I think that was because Harrison Ford really didn't want to do a third SW movie. Twice Lucas turned a strong, sassy, smart female character to a worthless turd in the third installment of his trilogies, he did the same thing with Padme in the prequels.

    Michelle CMichelle C14 ngày trước
  • really feeling those egoraptor vibes

    Alex BerkAlex Berk14 ngày trước
  • Star Wars Fan: "why didn't this character do the opposite of what they did"?

    Daniel TarrantDaniel Tarrant16 ngày trước
  • Hey! Want to shut the fuck up?

    Riku NishidaRiku Nishida19 ngày trước
    • It’s his opinion

      trevtrev14 ngày trước
    • @SpaceMc Cloud Yes lol

      Riku NishidaRiku Nishida18 ngày trước
    • Didn't watch the video did you

      SpaceMc CloudSpaceMc Cloud18 ngày trước
  • Me watching this and agreeing with many things even tho ROTJ is my fav😂

    KuivazBoyKuivazBoy20 ngày trước
  • Why do people hate this movie so much, it has some of the best scenes in the franchise, and the things about Ewoks they were a little useful for like one minute, then right after they got decimated by the empire I never had a problem with Ewoks being dumb

    Nithin RocksNithin Rocks21 ngày trước
  • Still a satisfying and worthy finale to an epic trilogy.

    Mr. EnigmaMr. Enigma23 ngày trước
  • Marcus's breakdown at the end of the video is just the fucking best.

    GH0STS 27GH0STS 2723 ngày trước
  • You're a goddamn madman. Well, at least you dislike the Prequels. So you can't be that crazy.

    Jim JamJim Jam23 ngày trước
  • I love star wars

    Bruno AltschulBruno Altschul25 ngày trước
  • Leia being Luke's sister was one coincidence too many. Does everybody have to be related? Just like Anakin as a kid building C-3PO. stupid Also the speederbike chase was so fake

    Wolfgang van HagarWolfgang van Hagar26 ngày trước
  • You really have some gut talking trash about this film. You always talk shit about the prequels, rebels and even this. Maybe you arent a valid critique and all you are is s toxic fan.

    Nicholas CahyadiNicholas Cahyadi28 ngày trước
  • splish splash the name of this video is trash

    Luis GarciaLuis GarciaTháng trước
  • I still love this movie I get why you don't like the movie but for many reasons the movie is better then you think and there are reasons it's a lot better then you think

    Luke Skywalker *Luke Skywalker *Tháng trước
  • >He likes the clone wars cartoon but thinks RotJ sucks I've never seen such a low IQ take

    MarchingOn TogetherMarchingOn TogetherTháng trước
  • Han sustained brain damage from the hibernation sickness

    RegenschirmRegenschirmTháng trước

    eyubeoneyubeonTháng trước
  • You can tell he’s a Star Wars fan when he hates it

    Intelligent RockIntelligent RockTháng trước
  • Idk, it was my favourite SW films personally but if you don’t like it that’s fine

    FettTheRanterFettTheRanterTháng trước
  • You suck

    Fallen TitanFallen TitanTháng trước
  • This critic is the type of person to complain that a gold bag is too heavy rather then just being happy. This movie was a solid film.

    thomas hoffmanthomas hoffmanTháng trước
    • @BH_Duffy209 no

      thomas hoffmanthomas hoffman19 ngày trước
    • @thomas hoffman ya

      BH_Duffy209BH_Duffy20920 ngày trước
    • @BH_Duffy209 nah

      thomas hoffmanthomas hoffman20 ngày trước
    • It was boring 😑

      BH_Duffy209BH_Duffy209Tháng trước
  • Me loving this movie but knows it’s a sin to dislike this guy :(

    BTE DestroyBTE DestroyTháng trước
  • You're an idiot

    Great ClipzGreat ClipzTháng trước
    • You saying that make you an idiot

      Comic Creators ytComic Creators yt20 ngày trước
    • Considering u can't take someone's opinion your the idiot 😂

      BH_Duffy209BH_Duffy209Tháng trước
  • 5:59 Luke gets attacked

    Bgames 101Bgames 101Tháng trước
  • I think that attack of the clones is a good ass movie. As well as the Phantom Menace, and Force Awakens. There I said it.

    Aidan RonayAidan RonayTháng trước
    • @Comic Creators yt ty

      Aidan RonayAidan Ronay13 ngày trước
    • Your a brave human

      Comic Creators ytComic Creators yt20 ngày trước
  • STFU.

    SidJustice1SidJustice1Tháng trước
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    Siu LuthardtSiu LuthardtTháng trước
  • Let's nitpick Return of the Jedi, Raimi Spider-Man trilogy, and Captain America Civil War with no logic and barely any research. Then later compliment it and give it an above-average score. Boom, that's how you easily get views and 1.1 million subscribers.

    Your MomYour MomTháng trước
  • The first third of this movie is pretty bad but the final throne room sequence is some of the best stuff in movie history(in my opinion).

    Max StavensMax StavensTháng trước
  • This is the most mad ive ever been in my entire life

    Michael LeahyMichael LeahyTháng trước
    • nerd

      Wolfgang van HagarWolfgang van Hagar26 ngày trước
  • I think return of the jedi is great,but hey it's your decision

    Bryan GomezBryan GomezTháng trước
  • Marcus: gives a detailed breakdown on what doesn't work in this movie Some moron in the comments: "brrrrrrr no YOU actually suck bye now"

    The DudeThe DudeTháng trước
    • @Your Mom It literally was both lmao. Just admit you didn't watch the video next time

      The DudeThe DudeTháng trước
    • It wasn't detailed and it wasn't a breakdown. The dislikes speak for itself.

      Your MomYour MomTháng trước
  • So about Boba Fett dying...

    BlazingBacon203BlazingBacon203Tháng trước
  • Why do so many Star Wars fans just complain about Star Wars movies

    sappiesappieTháng trước
    • Because we are star wars fans

      Raja Muhammad DarwishRaja Muhammad DarwishTháng trước
  • The funny thing about them not putting a restraining bolt on R2 is that one of the droids in Jabba’s palace calls R2 a “feisty little one.” Like, the other droids that belong to Jabba don’t trust R2.

    Go HawksGo HawksTháng trước
  • *boba fett dies like a bitch Laughs in mandalorian season 2

    IceNinja productionsIceNinja productionsTháng trước
  • One thing we can all agree on is that the "Jedi Rocks" song was easily by far the worst and cringiest thing in Star Wars history. I fucking hate that scene with a passion.

    Lee EverettLee EverettTháng trước
  • I have seen this an unhealthy number of times and usually just skip to the ending.

    TheBrickGuy7939TheBrickGuy7939Tháng trước
  • Revenge of the Sith is much better than this movie

    Ezio Spaghetti AuditoreEzio Spaghetti AuditoreTháng trước
  • I get a lot of these but for some reason I still love rotj

    KWC04KWC04Tháng trước
  • 11:59 "on accident" Ah, so you are re-tarded I see.

    Bazatron MurphyBazatron MurphyTháng trước
    • @Kevin Chan I literally can't help myself.

      Bazatron MurphyBazatron MurphyTháng trước
    • @Bazatron Murphy oh well u didn’t have to be so mean lol

      Kevin ChanKevin ChanTháng trước
    • @Kevin Chan it's "by" accident not "on" accident.

      Bazatron MurphyBazatron MurphyTháng trước
    • @Bazatron Murphy what’s wrong with it?

      Kevin ChanKevin ChanTháng trước
    • @Kevin Chan I hate it when people say on accident, it's terrible English and really grinds my gears.

      Bazatron MurphyBazatron MurphyTháng trước
  • i am the same with return of the jedi its not the best

    BlazingGhostBlazingGhostTháng trước
  • No actually you suck

    Cliff BoothCliff BoothTháng trước
    • You saying that makes you sound like a dumbass

      Comic Creators ytComic Creators yt20 ngày trước
  • Action begins when one side is out of cards

    nathan yenathan yeTháng trước
  • One thing I can say about why 3PO didn't know the plan, is because 3PO sucks at keeping plans a secret. R2 is more trust worthy with these plans, and 3PO just majorily follows along with R2 or whoever he trusts.

    Rain A.Rain A.Tháng trước
  • I knew I didn’t like this movie but I could never place my fingers on it.

    Randy PowersRandy PowersTháng trước
  • Honestly even if the first act of this movie isn't great the second and third act I always enjoy. I appreciate it take like this but honestly I can't hate any of The originals

    Ethan BrandonEthan BrandonTháng trước
  • no that is a stupid

    black hole chessblack hole chessTháng trước
  • Have u noticed that the last Jedi copied like everything. It was a big chase like Empire except really short. Crait is basically the hoth fight. The main hero goes to a far away planet where they learn ancient magic and train except Rey didnt train at all. Get back to ur friends when they are in trouble at the end of the movie and then also the throne room scene. Snoke shows Rey the resistance fleet getting blown up and losing in virtually the same shot that Luke saw the rebel fleet losing. It copied all of these great things and still managed to be fucking shit

    Matias AllenMatias AllenTháng trước
  • when i tell you i fell asleep the first 15 minutes and then my dad had to wake me up

    mehra safamehra safaTháng trước
  • Not just about ROTJ, but it would be cool if they put some DeathTroopers, ShoreTroopers with the background, and put scenes that makes the Empire look more strategic when Stormtroopers engage.

    BlunderGuyBlunderGuyTháng trước
  • When the hairy thing went ”Oo-la-wang choo koo-chee-kee-pa-tie tan-ga ris-pa ta ya lee oh. Yo! Ahhh! Yal-lie!” I felt that

    Hugo The DogHugo The DogTháng trước
  • here's something: i understand Return of the Jedi has it's flaws, but I still enjoy it. Its flaws become invisible when comparing it to the prequels and sequels and its still my third favorite star wars film/series (the first two being of course the other two originals). It's also much better than a good deal of other films. I like Return of the Jedi.

    Cédric RüfenachtCédric RüfenachtTháng trước
  • i am not disagreeing but the part where Leia threatened Jaba with the grenade i would say the pass off that she was a bounty hunter and to make her more convincing

    Jayden WallisJayden WallisTháng trước
  • 7:25 That’s because he was too focused on killing Luke and didn’t sense Vader turning on him. That’s also the reason why Mace Windu didn’t sense Anakin’s betrayal

    EonServo XAEonServo XATháng trước
  • Boba not dead

    Peter DicePeter DiceTháng trước
    • Vid 3 years

      Comic Creators ytComic Creators yt20 ngày trước
  • watching this back i forgot how consistently your background music choices slap

    CaptainHoersCaptainHoers2 tháng trước