The Last of Us 2 Isn't That Bad - You Guys Are Just Dumb

25 Th06, 2020
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  • You should change the tittle

    Callum TorranceCallum Torrance8 tháng trước
    • @Spoder Guy that’s a shit analogy. What might taste like shit to you may taste like heaven to somebody else. If you chose not to buy the game because other people told you it’s bad then that’s great! That’s what reviews are for. My point is, don’t go jumping on the hate train, bashing the game, when you haven’t experienced it for yourself.

      Savion SSavion S11 ngày trước
    • @Savion S yes because if someone tells you the cake is made of, shit looks like shit and smells like shit I would totally buy the cake to see if it is shit

      Spoder GuySpoder Guy11 ngày trước
    • @The Cosmonaut Variety Hour yep because you're a narcissist in need of attention so you won't do that

      Levi MatthewsLevi Matthews13 ngày trước
    • The only he needs to remove is, “ you guys are just dumb” even though you are I think it was unnecessary.

      PoggyPoggy13 ngày trước
    • @jelinlikeafelin now, THAT'S dumb.

      NicTheGreek1979NicTheGreek197925 ngày trước
  • The 37k dislikes are people who can't take a fucking opinion

    Lord Garden ChairLord Garden ChairGiờ trước
  • A point in favor of the two halves of the story having little to do with each other is that your view changes while playing. At first playing as Ellie you think everyone has it coming. But then playing as Abby you realize that she isn't that much of an assh*le and both Abby and Ellie can be d*cks but also sympathetic. Abby's story might not chance the overall narrative, but it does change your view on both caracters and is therefore crucial to their development, in my opinion. Also, her playstyle is different, which was nice I thought.

    sven hsven h15 giờ trước
  • The rope parts were as boring as the ladder and swimming parts in the first game. overall though I still really liked this game because very few other games than naughty dog games have as good story presentation. I enjoy the playable movie style game that naughty dog games are I don't mind how linear they are.

    Pat O’ConnellPat O’Connell18 giờ trước
  • This guy's ego is massive

    Pepperoni PicturesPepperoni PicturesNgày trước
  • 9:30 what? You definitely skipped the cutscenes if you think that

    Kyle Lowry Super fanKyle Lowry Super fanNgày trước
  • Bruuuuh, you do not decide for people who is their "beloved character" ;D I agree that his actions weren't honourable, but the power of the 1st game was being relatable. What would you do in that scenario in that crazy world? And I do not agree that he killed people just because he wanted in the first game (example please)... Edit, the argument at the end about switchin perpsective... yeah, the problem is that we don't have that alternative universe, Joel's out of character death is a major issue for the story, I believe most of the fans anticipated Joel's death - it was a common talking point before the release. It's the way he went down that's cheap writing. Back to the perspective point, I do agree that the world presented does not create heroes, but you have the first game for a reason - people get attached, the writers wanted to play with us, with our emotions and I could let it slide but it's done miserably and at the cost of the story. We had games with main characters set against each other (Halo 2, Arbiter vs Master Chief) and it shows that stories can be done smart and engaging. The problem with Abby's character and world is that people who played the first game didnt give a damn about her, cause they bought the game to see E&J. It's like you bought a new Witcher game, play as Geralt and you get axed by the surviving followers of the Wild Hunt, playing as Ciri for 50% of the game and then switching to the Wild Hunt protagonist for no f-in reason then just exposition without engaging, relatable story. This is a failure in story telling, just take the structure, character presentation, inconsistent behaviour paterns (Joel not being suspicious, Tommy saying at the start "dont get revenge" to do a 180 after they come back with Dina from Seattle), unnecesarry epilogue chapter. Where the 1st game excelled this one flops.

    Mol -oMol -o2 ngày trước
    • @Euqirne Nodnacse "i wanted more daddy joel" where did I state that, I ain't on the "We want Joel" bandwagon. You can have your opinion, it's okay, though you go through a lot mental gymnastics to protect bad writing (come, the structure with the 3 days, 4 years earlier is coherent?). I could accept what you describe if there was no 1st game, problem is... there is one, we have a foundation. If you like it they way it was then fine, just don't force it on others. We can agree to disagree. Cheers

      Mol -oMol -oNgày trước
    • Yeah imma disagree with most of that. Especially the out of character stuff. I think joels death was done great, its very unfair and he doesnt go out a hero's death but that just reflects how brutal this world really is. And i don't think any part of it was out of character, who says joel wasn't suspicious? The problem is that even if he was theres no reason to act on it and become confrontational, playing it passive with tommy was the best bet. And tommy, that's not out of character for me either. At the beginning he wants revenge more than anybody else, he says so in his note. He just wants to do it himself so he convinces ellie to stay. Maybe the reason it feels like a 180 is cause there are time skips and we dont really follow tommy a lot. But its about a year after that we get him telling ellie to leave. And over the course of that year he loses joel, loses jesse, loses his wife, ellie and dina get injured, he gets a limp, loses an eye, gets shanked, and after all that abby is still alive. At this point he's a broken man. But he never stopped wanting revenge hes not conflicted about it like ellie and dina. And since he cant do it himself he tries to manipulate ellie because he knows what she's going through. Its negative character growth much like what ellie goes through, and theres plenty of reasoning for it. As for the whole, "i wanted more daddy joel who is this new character fuck this bitch" imma just disagree on that.

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne NodnacseNgày trước
  • 17:00 love that part Thats a really good point

    mtszkrkmtszkrk2 ngày trước
  • The title is the greatest case of hypocrisy and irony I’ve ever seen in a statement.

    TheChodenOneTheChodenOne2 ngày trước
    • @Scratch squirrel I’ve played it ya, I’d give it about a 65%, the writing loses marks, mainly Abby’s side of the story and story structure, i.e. not developing Joel and Ellie’s relationship before he actually died and doing it in flashbacks after the fact instead. But when i said the title was ironic I was on about him calling his audience stupid which is incredibly stupid imo. Extreme disrespect to the people who pay his bills essentially - putting aside any sponsors - all just because he had a different opinion to the majority of players and thinks he’s above the rest of us.

      TheChodenOneTheChodenOneNgày trước
    • @Euqirne Nodnacse Leave my roblox past out of this, I think it’s hypocrisy as calling your audience stupid is incredibly stupid; hence the irony.

      TheChodenOneTheChodenOneNgày trước
    • what is ironic have u ever tried the game?

      Scratch squirrelScratch squirrel2 ngày trước
    • Okay roblox letsplayer do you know what hypocrisy and irony mean? Cause it dont look like it

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse2 ngày trước
  • 11:15 Talking about metal gear solid 5, even if you directly don't kill anyone, when you send soldiers into FOB missions you are causing their death not only of your own soldiers by sending them into a misión with a very slim margen of success, but also the death of the people you are fighting. That's part of the message of the game, the fact that the big boss used you as a Pawn, the same way you use your own soldiers as pawns. Also, you directly kill everyone infected with the vocal chord parasite. Sorry for talking about metal gear in a tlof video, I just think that the story of mgs5 suits its gameplay better compared to tlof2. Please don't be mad at me :)

    Martin SaadMartin Saad2 ngày trước
  • Guys, he’s just another person with an opinion. You are allowed to disagree with him. Having a different view on the game doesn’t make you wrong. I disagree with a lot of this but he’s also right about some things. I would say most people are not just mad because a “beloved character” died. They’re mad because it was unearned. There wasn’t enough development before that point to make it impactful. It just felt hollow, like they were only doing it for shock value and to create a new conflict.

    Jordan DoebbelingJordan Doebbeling2 ngày trước
    • Well clearly it wasnt only for shock value if its the catalyst for the entire story, this story needed him dead early on. As for the rest imma just disagree

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse2 ngày trước
  • everyones talking about joel but the entire game was terribly written from start to finish (obviously last of us 2 is what im meaning)

    *Screec**Screec*3 ngày trước
    • @*Screec* thought provoking response🤔 ion see it something aint adding up here👀. Its straight it you dont respond at least you know its an opinion.

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse2 ngày trước
    • @Euqirne Nodnacse im also not going to reply further as you are far too snobby to actually make a point that is your own and not taken from what somebody else told you

      *Screec**Screec*2 ngày trước
    • @Euqirne Nodnacse Also next time you get thought provoking responses maybe actually make a point ;)

      *Screec**Screec*2 ngày trước
    • @Euqirne NodnacseEverything is too convenient and its forced to fit the narrative that isn't even that good anyways from my perspective

      *Screec**Screec*2 ngày trước
    • @Euqirne Nodnacse He also wasnt being passive or friendly he was clearly wary of them like he is with pretty much everyone he meets for the first time.

      *Screec**Screec*2 ngày trước
  • I think it’s kinda sad that people only hate on this video bc of one part where cosmonaut says something controversial, that ultimately still comes down to opinions. In my opinion, he actually does have some pretty good points about the game overall

    Kokuspalme014 FKokuspalme014 F3 ngày trước
  • You’re right

    ojoreakatheojojoreakatheoj3 ngày trước
  • If you’re going to dismiss people as being dumb just for having a different opinion or different tastes then you’ve already lost the battle, you’re the one who is asinine.

    Joe FrostJoe Frost3 ngày trước
  • i think people are mad because they wanted to play with Joel longer and the way he died was not really epic.

    worisworis3 ngày trước
  • Hey I must be dumb I just sat here and listened to this fool talk

    Why 51Why 513 ngày trước
  • Both the commenters and Cosmo himself are misunderstanding the term "Joel is not a beloved character". The definition of that sentence alone is based on the context of who Joel is being observed by. The word "beloved" means to be loved or hold to dearly, hell it's the words "Be" and "Loved" put together for crying out loud. In the eyes of the gamers who played The Last of Us, Joel is a beloved character because he is a well-fleshed out and relatable anti-hero who looses his daughter at the start of the game and earns himself a second chance through Ellie 20 years later, someone who he doesn't care for at first but later on becomes a surrogate daughter to him and is willing to let the entire world die for her sake. In the eyes of the inhabitants of the world of The Last of Us, Joel is NOT a beloved character if only by his friends and family. As Cosmo pointed out, he's selfish, a liar, prone to violence, sometimes kills people because he feels like it, and there are a lot of people who want him dead as a result, Abby included. It all depends on the perspective, Joel is not a hero by any means in terms of the story, but is loved by the fanbase regardless because he is a well-written character. There are A LOT of morally terrible characters who are still loved by their fans and even characters within the world they inhabit sometimes because of their relatable reasons; Vergil from DMC, Thanos from the MCU, Dracula from the Castlevania anime, Afro from Afro Samurai, Ardyn from FFXV, Joel from The Last of Us, and probably more that I haven't mentioned. Did Joel deserve to die? Maybe. Did Abby's father, Jerry, deserve to die? No. So the question is, why did Joel kill Jerry? If you think about it, Jerry was the least threatening character in the entirety of the first game, nevermind that he's a doctor and probably not skilled in combat. Even though Jerry had a knife pointed at Joel, he was trembling in fear of Joel the whole time. Hell, Joel could've easily walked to the other side of the operating table, took Ellie, and left without Jerry or the other surgeons doing anything to stop him, they were all deeply afraid of him. So why did Joel kill Jerry? Yoko Taro, the creator of Drakengard and Nier, had a philosophy concerning the 9/11 attacks that play into this. He stated that one must be insane in order to fly planes full of innocent people into buildings, that no one in their right mind would do such a thing, then Taro asked himself "What do they see from their point of view that makes them do this?". A lot of bad stuff was happening to the people of the middle east at the time, some of it being caused by the U.S itself, so according to Yoko Taro, the terrorists who committed 9/11 did it because they felt it was the right thing to do for their people back home, even though it actually wasn't and made things worse for them. That's what both Last of Us Part 1 and Part 2 heavily theme their stories over; People doing bad things, either for themselves or for their loved ones, because they feel that it's the right thing to do, but it actually ends up making things worse for both themselves and their loved ones. In Joel's eyes, even though Jerry was a doctor, he saw him no better than the soldier who shot and killed Sarah at the beginning of the game, Joel saw that he was in the right in killing Jerry even if Jerry was going to use Ellie to save all of humanity, even though he was actually wrong as Jerry was not like the other people he killed over the course of the game. Ellie must've realized this, which is why she spared Abby at the end. Ellie saw Abby as evil because she killed Joel and later on her friends just as Abby saw Joel evil because he killed Jerry and later Ellie because she killed her friends. The Last of Us Part 2 is not a story about forgiveness or revenge, it's a story about realizing that just because you feel that you are in the right, doesn't mean you actually are, because if Ellie did kill Abby like what everyone wanted to happen, then what would happen with Lev? Would Lev seek out Ellie for revenge for Abby too? Ellie still hates Abby by the end but realized that killing her would accomplish nothing and perhaps make things worse, just like what happened with Joel killing Jerry. And here's the thing. I've searched time and time again as to why this series is called "The Last of Us" and have found no definitive answer. Most game titles have a narrative or mechanical reason why they are titled a certain way, but not The Last of Us. Well I think it's because the reason is extremely subtle, "The Last of Us" refers not to the last remaining survivors of humanity or anything like that, but the people that the characters in the story hold dear to them and how each one is a motivator for the bad things they do. Ellie losing two of her fingers to Abby and being unable to play the guitar afterwards was symbolic to her losing both Joel at the start, Dina at the end, and herself over the course of the story. There is nothing left of Ellie at the end of Part 2.

    ArmigerKnightArmigerKnight4 ngày trước
  • Think it was common sense how to use the map...

    DanDan4 ngày trước
  • I'll admit, if I was Joel, then I would save humanity with these doctors without questions. Because I don't wanna live in this shitty wasteland that is one big zombie country. Fuck that shit.

  • Joel kills to survive, not desire. Marlene could have been spared but Joel figured she'd hunt them down so it's best to kill her. I don't like his actions in the game but he's doing it to protect Ellie.

    Jorge G FigueroaJorge G Figueroa5 ngày trước
  • You should just watch movies youre not a good game reviewer

    Mike SinistarMike Sinistar5 ngày trước
  • Good idea, insulting the audience

    FlyingMonkeFlyingMonke5 ngày trước
  • 60 likes and 37 DISLIKES. I love democracy

    Ultimate 1610Ultimate 16105 ngày trước
    • Yeah it shows who the majority really is you gotta love it.

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse5 ngày trước
  • How can you call people dumb when you don't even know the definition of 'beloved'

    Dean HamoudaDean Hamouda5 ngày trước
  • Last of Us 2: two lesbians fight in a post apocalyptic zombie future.

    first Lastfirst Last5 ngày trước
    • @Euqirne Nodnacse lol ok

      first Lastfirst Last5 ngày trước
    • Actually theres only one lesbian in this game so better luck next time

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse5 ngày trước
  • Why can you block VIworld accounts?

    SteKeo1990SteKeo19906 ngày trước
  • Wow, look at that ratio.

    home made horrorhome made horror6 ngày trước
  • I’m going to say that you are pretty dumb my man. Also no it wasn’t a for sure thing that there would be a vaccine if they killed Ellie, it was a maybe. Making a vaccine isn’t as easy as you think. One wrong move and boom it’s gone and you killed the only person that was immune. Half of you would of done the same thing Joel did. So shut tf up acting like you would of done better.

    JuiceRoyalJuiceRoyal6 ngày trước
    • Damn you good?

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse6 ngày trước
  • I always used my ears to unlock the safes cause it felt cool

    David LevineDavid Levine6 ngày trước
  • in some videogames, all i expect is the game to be lively and enjoyable fr😂i really don't need a masterpiece story or very good gameplay to enjoy the game....such a game is lou2....i loved it...

    Speed gamer_oneSpeed gamer_one6 ngày trước
  • Judging by the like to dislike ratio, you said the right thing

    ImNotKevinImNotKevin6 ngày trước
  • Perspective matters to judge the end of part 1. That's what makes it good- the ambiguity as to whether Joel made the right decision is yours to decide. I used to think it was a selfish decision, but I'm older, have people and family who depend on me and the feeling is mutual. I don't think of it as a bad decision anymore, in fact, I'd have probably done the same in his shoes. The second part loses its ambiguity and just shoves everyone into a sympathetic position, and that's a mixed bag for me. There's no more questions, just something they've decided that plays out in front of you. It's not an improvement, but it's not some terrible deviation either. It's just different

    PhoenixDZKPhoenixDZK6 ngày trước
    • Does it give you an answer though? I still feel like you can have the same discussions on the moral ambiguity of joels actions. Part 2 just gives more context and another perspective. That doesnt mean they want us to do a 180 on joel. We can still understand his motivations.

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse6 ngày trước
  • This video is proof some opinions can be factually wrong

    JebalitaBB I men cannot be women IJebalitaBB I men cannot be women I7 ngày trước
    • Where? Ion see it.

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse7 ngày trước
  • Opinion

    luke gamesluke games7 ngày trước
  • When he said beloved character I think he meant a wholesome sweet character like Spider-Man or something not that Joel is unlikeable and not compelling. I just think everyone misinterpreted what he said and he said what he meant in kind of a messy way

    Jacob O'FlynnJacob O'Flynn7 ngày trước
  • Even today, The video is still BAD!

    Chris the ChilledChris the Chilled7 ngày trước
    • What he say bruh?

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse7 ngày trước
  • No, you're just a pretentious clickbaiter with no taste or understanding of anything whatsoever

    no infono info7 ngày trước
    • @Euqirne Nodnacse did i say "because he likes the game i don't"? Don't put words in my mouth. He has no understanding of anything because his opinions and takes are extremely weak and pretenctious

      no infono info7 ngày trước
    • Mans has no taste or "understanding of anything" cause he likes a game you dont? Okayyy then.

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse7 ngày trước
  • What a dork

    alfonso riosalfonso rios8 ngày trước
  • So in other words Your willing to support a game that frames the LGBT couple as villains and the white sis women who was willing to kill Elie’s pregnant girlfriend This tells me that you are perpetuating the hateful actions of Abby

    Cid YamagaCid Yamaga9 ngày trước
    • This is the most bizarre take on TLOU2 I've ever seen.

      James LanierJames Lanier3 ngày trước
    • What? Thats not even what this game tries to do where did you get that from? You also commented on his miles morales video saying he hates black people? This has to be a troll account or sum.

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse8 ngày trước
  • "joel is not a beloved character" you just can't shake off that edge

    skull of actionskull of action9 ngày trước
  • Mark, you are right, The Last of Us 2 isn't bad, its actually terrible

    Paritosh KumarParitosh Kumar9 ngày trước
    • This game fye wym

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse9 ngày trước
  • Legit had to pause the video after that golf club bonk sound. 😂😂😂

    Ello OwuEllo Owu10 ngày trước
    • Yeah lol 😂

      Cosmic CinemaCosmic Cinema9 ngày trước
  • Lost a subscription with this video dude, you don't know shit about writing if you don't think Joel is a beloved character.

    TestedalexthegreatTestedalexthegreat10 ngày trước
    • @Dankless I just think it’s funny that he thinks he cares when he explicitly goes out of his way to piss people off. How is that me “not taking it”?

      IsmaelIsmael2 ngày trước
    • @Ismael lol you got upset that a guy gave daddy cosmonaut criticism and you couldn’t bare it

      DanklessDankless2 ngày trước
    • Damn looks like Cosmonaut is going to have to delete his channel. A random person on the internet tells him he knows nothing and that he lost a subscriber over his opinion on one story. How will he cope?

      IsmaelIsmael5 ngày trước
  • If the character isn’t a cartoon image of wholesome perfection they should be beaten over the head with a golf bat by some bitch daughter of a random npc

    Kahtan Al ObaidiKahtan Al Obaidi11 ngày trước
  • The moral of the story for all developers: don't kill beloved/iconic characters.

    No one CaresNo one Cares11 ngày trước
    • Yeah, that's why A Song of Ice and Fire and The Walking Dead were such massive failures. Wait....

      James LanierJames Lanier3 ngày trước
    • Uhh nah this aint it.

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse11 ngày trước
  • I think you guys kinda misunderstood what marcus meant when he said "Joel isn't a beloved character". He meat that Joel isn't beloved in the universe where he exist. Not that he wasn't loved by fans!

    WikingwarriorWikingwarrior12 ngày trước
  • People: You cannot kill a beloved character GRR Martin: 🙄🙄🙄

    Alberto GarridoAlberto Garrido13 ngày trước
    • Oh god these people would hate his books

      IsmaelIsmael5 ngày trước
  • "stop doing flashbacks within flashbacks, it's messy and it never works" except it worked for pulp fiction 😂😂 also, I would argue that are flashbacks within flashbacks. Abby storyline is not a flashback is just like, for example game of thrones chapters in the books. They consume some time in a character and then they go back to see the other character perspective of that time in another location. The only flashbacks are when they remember for both, Abby and Ellie, their past. One single level of flashback

    Alberto GarridoAlberto Garrido13 ngày trước
    • The solution you suggest wouldn't work for me. The tension of Abby storyline when approaching the aquarium would be lost

      Alberto GarridoAlberto Garrido13 ngày trước
  • Jeez cosmo, I honestly can't listen to you in this. I understand if you like the game but say stuff like "Joel isn't a beloved character" but then you say "you guys are just dumb". Cosmo you seriously need to think what you are saying. "I can't spare the dog that tries to kill me".

    Biscuit_Biscuit_13 ngày trước
  • How did you manage to not move past puberty?

    Levi MatthewsLevi Matthews13 ngày trước
    • @Rico Santiago okay lets break it down: I did call out op for something BUT we have different motivations. OP comes in here to insult the guy posting the video, I come in here to argue about the game OP comes in here talking about how someone hasnt matured which implies they see themselves as above him, I come in here not thinking everybody else is below me. There are differences there. But speaking of, shitty game? Sure...👀

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse12 ngày trước
    • @Euqirne Nodnacse My point is that you was calling out OP for doing what you've done, only he's done it 10x+ less, just to defend this shitty game you're fanboying over.

      Rico SantiagoRico Santiago12 ngày trước
    • @Rico Santiago what do you want me to say? I'm aware that i be in the comments section like that. Whats your point again?

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse12 ngày trước
    • @Euqirne Nodnacse You've literally done the same thing over 50 times on this same video, are you a goddamn brainlet or something? Come on, i want and dare you reply back to me any type of non-hypocritical retort.

      Rico SantiagoRico Santiago13 ngày trước
    • How did you manage to not move past this video and come back again to drop another comment he will never see? You aint looking too mature either

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse13 ngày trước
  • This video is....really bad.

    Frog GlenFrog Glen13 ngày trước
    • @Frog Glen Can you cite your source for those returns? I can cite my source for TLOU2 being the top selling PS4 exclusive of 2020 and 6th top seller overall for the year.

      James LanierJames Lanier3 ngày trước
    • @Frog Glen i mean what isnt hypothetical you know? I'm just assuming Jackson would be their first resort because duh. They talk about going back to jackson twice during the sequence. But chill with the "millions of copies returned" cause thats cap

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse13 ngày trước
    • @Euqirne Nodnacse Only thing that slaps about this game are the millions of returns after release 😆

      Frog GlenFrog Glen13 ngày trước
    • @Euqirne Nodnacse So everything you say is hypothetical. Realiatically, the world is big. They could have just went around the heard. How do we know their path was blocked? The game never confirms that.

      Frog GlenFrog Glen13 ngày trước
    • Man this game slaps... but replying to the other comment, you really don't understand me when i say they had no other choice do you? Go run back the scene to refresh your memory. If not then you're going to need to take my word for it. The storm and infected meant their path to jackson was blocked off. That wouldve 100% been their first choice they even briefly discuss it. They couldnt stay there either so when abby drops the suggestion its like i said: THEIR ONLY LOGICAL OPTION.

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse13 ngày trước
  • This is how it happened... This is how markus missed...

    SynthBoundSynthBound14 ngày trước
    • Ikr only a 6? Lookin a bit too low

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse13 ngày trước
  • Few people are upset that Joel died. Upset at how he died. In the first game he trusts absolutely nobody. But in the 2nd trusts a group of unknown people for no reason. I have seen some people say " He was in civilization for a while so he became civilized" which is right and wrong. In the first 30 minutes of TLOU1, Joel leaves a family to die. This is at the very start. Where Joel has been civilised his entire life. I love things like RDR2, Fight Club, Resevoir Dogs, and Alpha Dog where they kill main characters. Look, im not saying Joel deserved a better death, because he didn't. However the death he had i felt was unrealistic to his character. RDR kills their msin characters right and even GTA V if chosen, kills their chsracters in a way that mskes sense. TLOU2 didnt. The ending also was a bit annoying. Ellie killed all Abby's friends, and when she finally reaches abby, she decides not to kill her, because... Forgiveness? That felt like a weak reason to me.

    P0CK3TP0CK3T14 ngày trước
    • @Euqirne Nodnacse in the first game Joel made it very clear that the only reason he stuck around with Henry was because he had a child with him, and Joel didn't choose to stick around with Henry long enough for his group to notice him, he just needed some food and he'd leave.

      TestedalexthegreatTestedalexthegreat10 ngày trước
    • @Euqirne Nodnacse Henry and Sam were looking for them because they were desperate and Henry only cared about protecting his brother, he didn't care about the fireflies image as long as sam was safe, Tommy joined because the propaganda they put out there made them look like good guys but after seeing how they really were he left, Ellie did not grow up with them, she grew up knowing Marlene, and she thought Marlene was a good person because Marlene Riley and her friend who thought her to drive were the only people she had, the fireflies were explicitly made out to be bad guys, it's weird how even you the player fell for their propaganda, if you wanna know just how bad they were read the notes, or just look at the fact that they used children as soldiers to trick the military just as terrorist in Iraq do.

      TestedalexthegreatTestedalexthegreat10 ngày trước
    • @Euqirne Nodnacse They had no choice....even though they could have just went to Jackson instead...Or even snarter; let Abby die.

      Frog GlenFrog Glen13 ngày trước
    • @Frog Glen joel almost shot henry because he left them for dead, but henry called his bluff saying he wasnt like that, and thats an entirely different scene than the one we were talking about, so... But youre the one ignoring how they saved abby's life, and she was just alone when they found her, a scared girl running from infected. Not a group of armed strangers, which is technically what henry and sam were. They only went back with the group because they had no choice, not because they blindly trusted them.

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse13 ngày trước
    • @Euqirne Nodnacse Also. You ignore how Joel almost shot Henry. Until Ellie stopped him

      Frog GlenFrog Glen13 ngày trước
  • You can crack the safe by ear. So you dont have to find the code if you dont want to

    Ser AlbatrossSer Albatross14 ngày trước
  • its sad you guys cant handle joel dying

    Rebecca MyhreRebecca Myhre14 ngày trước
  • Nope it’s bad

    Tucker McPetersTucker McPeters16 ngày trước
    • @Euqirne Nodnacse First game is better

      Frog GlenFrog Glen13 ngày trước
    • No,you are nitpicking and biased,I win bye bye

      ashinashin14 ngày trước
    • Cap

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse15 ngày trước
  • First game is no where NEAR as miserable. Joel is dead, Ellie lost her mothers knife, fingers, tommy is maimed, Jesse is dead, Dina is raising her child alone. The first game atleast ends with hope and your protagonists alive and well.

    JoshuaNWJoshuaNW16 ngày trước
  • You’re trying too hard. The story is bad and you aren’t deep if you’re forcing yourself to try and “understand” the message.

    JoshuaNWJoshuaNW16 ngày trước
    • Gotta agree

      Frog GlenFrog Glen13 ngày trước
    • Story kinda fye tho wym🤔

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse16 ngày trước
  • That's where you're wrong, kiddo. Joel sure was a hero in the last game when looking at him saving Ellie. - Fireflies were terrorists - They didn't ask her - He couldn't say bye - They threatened him - A vaccine is literally not possible for a fungal infection - In Part 2 we learn that the doctors already tried it on different patients - Even if a vaccine would be possible, it would run out after a few people - What do you think would happen, if a terrorist organization is the only source of a scarce cure? Also Abby killed her friends too and she didn't get crucified, just to be annoyingly accurate.

    DaveDave16 ngày trước
    • @Euqirne Nodnacse .....I don't think you know what hypothetical means. Hiw is calling The Fireflies terrorists "hypothetical" exactly. It's more like facts. They went around causing bombings, idiot.

      Frog GlenFrog Glen13 ngày trước
    • @Euqirne Nodnacse Yeah, I agree that the game wants us to believe that there is a cure. Just looking at it realistically. Also again, you can find recorders/ documents in the game where they say they've already tried it with other patients and it didn't work. I call them terrorists because the army created safe places for non infected people and then get attacked and bombed by the fireflies for it. Ofc not everyone is of evil intent there, that's never the case with any group. And sure, everyone can think what they want, just wrote my points on why I believe that Joel is a hero, when only looking at the last event. Have a good one.

      DaveDave16 ngày trước
    • @Dave they are pretty hypothetical because joel took away the chance for us to find out. Also, if you were to ask the lead writer(of both games) and the director, im pretty sure the cure wouldve been successful on *SOME* level, because thats where the moral ambiguity part of the ending comes from. Maybe it wasnt guaranteed but if it really was hopeless then the twist loses its meaning. Also also, i think calling the fireflies terrorists is a pretty big generalization. And thats something both games touch on, these groups arent always black and white. You have people like the soldiers and even some of the fireflies themselves who quit because they thought what they were doing was wrong (ex. Tommy). But then there are people like Tess, Henry, Sam, Ellie, Young Abby, Jerry, who really all believed they were doing some good, i wouldnt call them terrorists though. Idk.

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse16 ngày trước
    • @Euqirne Nodnacse There's nothing hypothetical about it, except if I argue for killing Ellie. Sure Joel didn't think of them, but most heroes don't think when saving someone's life. They just act. And when looking at only this specific event, the only reasonable thing to do was saving Ellie and the only logical conclusion is that the saviour is a hero. Ending lifes sucks, sure, but he had no choice. They were hostile before any dialogue.

      DaveDave16 ngày trước
    • You bring up so many hypothetical and irrelevant points for what reason? Like you can say he's a hero thats your opinion. But people can also argue against his actions thats the whole point of the first game's ending. Heres why most of these points are useless though, Joel really did not care at all. All he cared about was ellie, not the logistics of the cure or the public perception of the fireflies. Mans wouldve let them kill a million children if none of them were ellie. In fact, in his mind he thought the cure was possible. Basically i just think bringing up those hypotheticals is pointless.

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse16 ngày trước
  • Like you said I don’t mind Joel death, it’s just like the way it’s done

    Genius Gamer RGenius Gamer R17 ngày trước
  • 37k Trump supporters lol

    Suhandi WijayaSuhandi Wijaya18 ngày trước
    • I sorted the comments section by newest to have a laugh at toxic haters and supporters of this video, and this is the first thing that pops up?

      AlfieAlfie18 ngày trước
  • I’m really curious if Marcus played this on the highest difficulty. Does anyone happen to know if Marcus played this on the highest difficulty? He really should’ve tried to play to this on the highest difficulty. Did I make my point yet?

    SlapsSlaps18 ngày trước
    • Yes. He said in the video that he was bored playing on normal so he turned it to the highest difficulty.

      AlfieAlfie18 ngày trước
  • Bruh I don’t know why people are so sensitive about someone’s opinion on a video game. I didn’t even realize the dislike ratio until I revisited it

    NutrockNutrock18 ngày trước
  • Guess I'm dumb then.

    The GuyThe Guy18 ngày trước
  • It's shallow the way people are talking about this story Maybe, it's cause the story IS shallow...

    Failing NovelistFailing Novelist19 ngày trước
    • @Frog Glen It's actually pretty layered.

      ayham rexayham rex13 ngày trước
    • @ayham rex The story

      Frog GlenFrog Glen13 ngày trước
    • Not really

      ayham rexayham rex15 ngày trước
  • "It's not a story about revenge." It is though, bud. Abby kills Joel because Joel killed her father Then acts like it doesn't matter when Ellie sad over Joel's death and wants revenge Literally, makes no sense Absolutely fucking ridiculous The forgiveness thing was just pretentious It would be like if in Kill Bill the Main Character was like, ya know what, I know you brutally beat me, hospitalized me, sent several assassins after me, buried me alive, and took my child from me, but I forgive you...

    Failing NovelistFailing Novelist19 ngày trước
    • @Alfie Kill Bill was a way better story than TLOU2

      Failing NovelistFailing Novelist13 ngày trước
    • Pretty sure having a father figure killed for a justifiable reason despite you doing the same to them in their eyes would be a lot better than being the protagonist in Kill Bill.

      AlfieAlfie18 ngày trước
    • Bro what are you talking bout. Now im not taking any sides of the guy in the video im just giving my take on what youre saying. This game does have a bunch to do with revenge, thats pretty factual. But i wouldnt say its only about revenge and i think intentionally simplifying it down to only revenge is pretty dishonest. Abbys section isnt even about revenge expect the very beginning and end. The main section of abbys story, which is a pretty big chunk of the game, is pretty much standalone and isnt about revenge. Even across the entire game there are thems that run deeper than that. I wouldnt call the first game a simple "save the world" story. I dont know what you mean when you say abby doesnt care about wanting revenge. She clearly does because its directly affecting her and she woulnt spare abby for the *second* time if she didnt think it matters. Forgiveness? I agree with you kind of. Thats only because ellie doesnt forgive abby at the end, much like abby doesnt forgive joel. Sparing someone =/= forgiving them. So yeah your kill bill analogy was kinda pointless. But she does make an attempt to forgive joel as we learn in the flashback, and forgiveness does come into play there. (Edit: oh hey i saw you replied to another comment from weeks ago what up👋)

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse19 ngày trước
  • This video is a really poor defence of the Last of Us Part 2. And this is coming from someone who really liked the Last of Us Part 2.

    Declan WoodDeclan Wood19 ngày trước
    • Dunkey's vids knocked it outta the park for all the haters.

      ayham rexayham rex15 ngày trước
  • You missed the point of the whole criticism of TLOU2. TLOU2 is criticized so hard because of the fact that it kills what is basically how a true survivor is built on a apocalyptic era and for him to just die on those cowards when he's previously done that before? "Oh but he probably lost that skill after the first game" bullshit, there would be no way he would lose that all of the sudden if he wasn't that smart like the last game. "Oh but he made the dumbest choice of all time by not giving those Firefly people what they want that is necessary to save the population and quite possibly the entire world" haha that statement is dumb too since he never showed any signs that his skill is decreasing. And the creator just says "oh you guys are just bigots and homophobes/transphobes for hating on the new game" when it's been shown that they are GENUINE criticisms made and not for the sake of "gAy bAd". Ellie is also criticized for not making a rational decision on killing the ones that has killed his father figure which is fucking normal since she killed Joel too and that she didn't know that he'd go that far and the main criticism for that point is "nO hE KiLlED faTheR fIgUre first eLlie nO cHoice" which is at this point sad.

    DrenramsDrenrams19 ngày trước
    • @Euqirne Nodnacse You've been debunked. You clearly didn't see what Joek is capable of it he first game

      Frog GlenFrog Glen13 ngày trước
    • @Euqirne Nodnacse 1. A It's definitely a skill and even if their goal supersedes that he'd still know and Neil wrote that out to make way for that infamous scene thus making those experiences worthless. B It's definitely a bluff and can be applied to anyone thanks to his experience since wlf is no different. Again, horrible writing. C. I guess going to anonymous camps is definitely a good plan and that was a huge red flag. I should've mentioned the horrible writing on this game. 2 I'm not talking about journalists if that's what you're thinking. 3. No.

      DrenramsDrenrams19 ngày trước
    • @Drenrams okay b and c really aint tell me anything to be honest and wed just be going in circles so lets put full focus on a shall we. A)his skill is whos bullshitting? Thats bot a skill like i said he's not a mind reader and he can't KNOW for sure he just assumes every time. But i see the point youre making so lets get into it. A1: Context Lets look at the example you provided and really examine the context. In part 1 during that encounter joel is trying to move ellie through "hunter territory" which is known to be ruthless and infested with hunters who are the human threat. Joel himself was once a hunter and employed that same trick so he knows whats what. Basically, in that situation he knows not to trust ANYONE. Now part 2, Joel has been living in jackson for 4 years by this point. What is jackson? Jackson is a safe haven where the goal is to re-establish a sense of the old world and not need to fight for survival. And they have been succesful at it, theres no need to go to bed with one eye open inside the walls. Their only threat is infected that they find on patrol. Humans dont pose a major threat, there were some hunters we fought back then but now jackson is bigger and established, not vulnerable like before. They take in strangers, and this is important because they TRUST THEM in order to let them into the community. A2: Bluff? You mentioned that joel worked on both sides and thats true, he was a hunter and the guy was lying. But how does this support your claim he shouldve known in part 2? If anything it disproves it because he doesnt meet the criteria set for part 1. Abby and their group arent hunters, theyre ex-fireflies and now wlf, and as far as we know joel was neither, tommy spent some time as a firefly so maybe he shouldve caught it right? Nope. Thats because THERE IS NO BLUFF. Abby doesnt lie once or do anything suspect. They need to get way from the infected but cant go back to jackson which they would prefer. So abby suggest going back to their base which is the completely logical thing to do, plus they dont have a choice. See theres no bluff here or any knowledge joel should have that lets him know somethings up unless he can read minds. this doesnt mean joel would put his life in her hands either though, in this scenario he actually just doesnt have a choice. A3: some other stuff i guess So yeah basically hes got no reason to know abbys trying to murder him specifically especially after they just saved her life. Also lets not forget when he followed henry and sam to their "base" just like abby. Also also once he got their he was fucked anyway. What was he supposed to do go john wick on a small milita? Hed get bodied the best thng to would be play it cool and try to get back to jackson, what they try to do. So basically yeah thats a. Minor comments on b and c tho. B. People definitely do that do you REALLY need me to link that shit? C. I can drop whole other essays for ellie saving abby if you really care. You got me, im a tlou2 supporter, out here in youtube comments

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse19 ngày trước
    • @Euqirne Nodnacse A. His skill is being aware on who's bullshitting and who's not on the last game as he's tried it previously before when saying he's worked on "both sides" so how could he not have possibly figure out that bluff? He's not that stupid and it's the garbage writing that makes his experience with scavengers look weak. And don't twist my words, I'm not saying he is some immortal god but don't fuck up a well-known character's death. It's the exact same reason Disney botched the Star Wars sequel . B. Check again and I don't see any "genuine" people saying that exact same criticism. C. Why is she not allowed to do the same if she's done it many times before and it so HAPPENS to be Abby that gets the pass? This is an example that TLOU2 supporters would defend this game on the ends of the earth.

      DrenramsDrenrams19 ngày trước
    • Bro what type of "skill" are you describing joel has? Is his special skill being able to become an omnicient being capable of knowing everybody's intention? Everything that happens in his death is layed out perfectly and it makes complete sense in the context. What specifically do you have a problem with there? Was he supposed to instantly be aware that this girl whos life he just saved wanted to kill him specifically? Or was he not supposed to follow them to her camp? Because a) he didnt have a choice and b) he did the exact same thing in the original. So what specifically went wrong for you to complain about his "skill"? You are also just straight up lying about the creators saying every person who dislikes the game is homophobic. That just never happens and you can't find that happening anywhere. What they were doing is calling out those who genuinely are bigots and harassing them over the internet for no reason. And there are a lot of those people. And what are you even saying at the end there? Shes criticized for not making a rational choice at the end? There is no rational choice to be made and even if there was shes not capable of it her mental state is completely fucked shes at her lowest point in the game. Once again what specifically is the problem besides she just didnt kill abby.

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse19 ngày trước
  • I think I'm more annoyed that Joel was killed with a golf club. Like what a silly weapon to get killed with lol

    Justin BrownJustin Brown20 ngày trước
  • The problem with this game, at its core, is that it doesn't understand how emotional investment works. The first Last of Us game got us to care about Joel despite him being kind of a shit person by showing us his struggles and making it clear that there's more to him beyond his more callous actions. The second game bent over backward trying to make you hate Abby (even if you don't care about Joel, the game's writer flat out confirmed that the player is supposed to hate Abby). And *then* it tried to make you care about her after the fact. That is probably one of the biggest writing blunders I've ever seen since The Last Jedi. You can't try to make a Hate Sink character sympathetic. It completely defeats the purpose of writing that character in the first place.

    Cole KrumreyCole Krumrey20 ngày trước
    • @Euqirne Nodnacse Dude, have you seen the user ratings for The Last of Us 2? Don't kid yourself.

      Cole KrumreyCole Krumrey20 ngày trước
    • @Cole Krumrey well some people did care about her in the end, and thats not just "some" as in a handful of people. And even more people than that were able to at least grow past the "bitch who killed my daddy joel" mentality.

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse20 ngày trước
    • @Euqirne Nodnacse My point is that trying to make the player care about Abby was a mistake. Nobody is going to care about the bitch who killed Joel. It's the exact kind of ass-backward logic that went into Luke Skywalker's character in The Last Jedi.

      Cole KrumreyCole Krumrey20 ngày trước
    • I personally dont think you have to like abby by the end for this game to work, or to be emotionally invested in the story. Really its more about challenging the player's biases through showing multiple perspectives and drawing parallels, than it is about forcing the player to do a 180 on abby's character.

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse20 ngày trước
  • Like, the whole "forgivness" thing goes right out the window when ellie kills the first person. Fans of this game jump through hoops to explain why such garbage story writing isn't garbage pulling the whole 'forgivness' trope, even though the game is trying to teach you to do that. They want you to feel, but take the feel away when it just gives you lines to read essentially. The way they kill people off is pretty sloppy and lazy, there's an entire ludonarrative dissonance in it that it tries to pass of with leaving Abby alive. Then there's the whole forced agenda, stiff robotics characters you're supposed to care about, flash backs to characters you kill, then they try to force you to feel for Abby but don't go about it right and it's just a miss. We know revenge is bad, we know you should forgive, but they way they did it? Was just poorly done. They tried to do what MGS2 did years ago and failed horribly.

    Ödin sonÖdin son21 ngày trước
    • As for the agenda part, maybe that was the wrong word. I just personally feel their way representing was poorly done and almost an insult. You have a total of like, 3 LGBT characters and write them off as poor stereotypes types, unrelatable, and unlike able. Something about having the Mc be the murderous, selfish, overly emotional monster being one of the only LGBT characters in the game just sits wrong with me.

      Ödin sonÖdin son19 ngày trước
    • @Euqirne Nodnacse If you are actually interested in the full scope be it you agree or not, this is still an interesting take on problems with the game. At the end of the day your opinions are your own, and I respect that but I still recommend giving this a watch.

      Ödin sonÖdin son19 ngày trước
    • Man you sounded reasonable until the forced agenda part. Like come on man really. But anyway id disagree with basically everything you said for why this game has "garbage writing". I think you missed the point when forgiveness is brought up. Theyre not saying ellie forgives abby or anyone shes harmed, because she doesnt. Its specifically about forgiving joel. I dont think the deaths were "lazy" at all. Joels death was the main one and i thought it was basically perfectly crafted. Everybody else gets treated with the same respect when it comes to their deaths, none are meant to be more heroic or meaningful than others, they all die naturally and realistically. I also dont see how this game has any worse ludonarrative dissonance than any other game. When she feels a more extreme response to a kill its usually because theres something different about that one that affects her(like mel, nora). I can see how there is still some though, but like i said no more than other games like the orginal, uncharted, red dead. The rest of the stuff you said is personal preference so i guess ill just say i disagree. But FORCED AGENDA🥴 LOOKIN ASS.

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse20 ngày trước
  • Also, Joel was beloved, not because he was a hero but because he was relatable. Not all protagonists are good, what makes them a /good/ protagonist is how real they feel. He made choices a lot of us would make regardless of the consequences and was very human... Unlike Ellie, who was just... bad.

    Ödin sonÖdin son21 ngày trước
  • The game is bad because the story is bad. NakeyJakey did a pretty good job explaining the problem with the game and why it's story is so poorly done and dated.

    Ödin sonÖdin son21 ngày trước
  • This channel makes me feel like it's all a parody. That one day he'll release a video that counters half the silly points he has tried to make in the last 20 videos only to tell us 'Just kidding'. Unfortunately is seems more like a someone deluded by themselves. Good luck man, and god speed.

    Austen PolandAusten Poland21 ngày trước
  • No, it actually is trash, you're just a possum who thinks trash is treasure.

    CreedOfHeresyCreedOfHeresy21 ngày trước
    • @CreedOfHeresy bruv.

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse20 ngày trước
    • @Euqirne Nodnacse No, bruv. I get it, you must think this game is actually a masterpiece and you hate the very thought that you're wrong and that it's objectively a shitty story with mediocre mechanics whose only redeeming qualities are the quality of its voice actors and its graphics, and you probably really hate the thought that you are not a high-class aficionado of culture and that you actually can like garbage, but you're just gonna have to get over the fact that the reason why the game's user score is less than a 4 out of 10 has everything to do with it being trash and not whatever mythical army of trolls you have probably deluded yourself into believing genuinely exists. It's okay, man. I like trash too. The Room is objectively garbage. I still love it, albeit for all the wrong reasons.

      CreedOfHeresyCreedOfHeresy20 ngày trước
    • @CreedOfHeresy so we got a jokester over here ight.

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse20 ngày trước
    • @Euqirne Nodnacse No, it's actually objectively trash, not just in my opinion.

      CreedOfHeresyCreedOfHeresy20 ngày trước
    • @CreedOfHeresy yeah but its trash in your opinion right, you can acknowledge that right?

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse20 ngày trước
  • Beloved character doesn't mean good person.

    Justice MartinezJustice Martinez22 ngày trước
  • I don't think someone needs to be a hero to be beloved. Even a drug lord or murderous vigilante can also be beloved

    Rex S.Rex S.22 ngày trước
  • Great game! I did find parts infuriating! Loved the first also.

    Jay MorganJay Morgan23 ngày trước
  • This game has a good story, but is all over the place, I love the alternate reality of playing in 2013 from the doctor perspective. And I agree, the main theme of the game is ... forgiveness

    Stuart TorresStuart Torres23 ngày trước
  • Personally i got lost 2 times in the game so i dont think that the levels are that confusing. The story however was outstandingly good. The game is better than ds1, the witcher 3, ghost of tsushima and GOW put together, but it leaves you so sad and depressed at the end and beginning.

    FiltiarinFiltiarin23 ngày trước
  • this comment section is so shit lmao. Joel ISNT an objectively good person. he is selfish and cares for Ellie as he takes her on as a surrogate daughter. he gives zero shit for the entire illness causing the destruction of their society. The whole point of this game series has to do with revenge, and revenge ultimately being the wrong way to go about things. Yes; the story has some great issues, but those aren’t related to the fact that joel dies or even HOW he dies. y’all acting as if Neil made this huge fuck up by killing him or having him murdered by Abby seem just really stupid. At the very least give more reasons than “but joel is such a beloved and nice character!!!” or “why is she (abby) so op 🤔”. Marcus’ criticism is fair and objective, more so than your wanting Joel to be alive bc aww we love him, and hating his quite obvious death bc Abby is the reason for it. let’s be real here: Marcus criticises a looot of the plot for the second ( and first game) and it isn’t as if he tries to treat it as if completely perfect. y’all just hate hearing criticism that doesn’t validate your stupid opinions based on the most surface level. grow an analysis-pair of balls pls

    well yeetwell yeet23 ngày trước
  • To summerize what is wrong with this game, I will quote a person, whos story telling abilities are a bit better than those of Neil say the least.. As the great Sir Terry Pratchett put it: “The morality of fantasy and horror is, by and large, the strict morality of the fairy tale. The vampire is slain, the alien is blown out of the airlock, the Dark Lord is vanquished, and, perhaps at some loss, the good triumph - not because they are better armed but because Providence is on their side. Why does the third of the three brothers, who shares his food with the old woman in the wood, go on to become king of the country? Why does James Bond manage to disarm the nuclear bomb a few seconds before it goes off rather than, as it were, a few seconds afterwards? Because a universe where that did not happen would be a dark and hostile place. Let there be goblin hordes, let there be terrible environmental threats, let there be giant mutated slugs if you really must, but let there also be hope. It may be a grim, thin hope, an Arthurian sword at sunset, but let us know that we do not live in vain.”

    Konstantin GeorgievKonstantin Georgiev23 ngày trước
    • Dog you really said a whole lot of nothing with this one. If youre trying to make a point say it yourself or at least elaborate on who youre quoting. There is still hope in this story and because you havent actually said anything idk what other point youre trying to make here.

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse23 ngày trước
  • I never once got lost in this game. The level design subtly leads you around brilliantly in my experience.

    Ash CartwrightAsh Cartwright24 ngày trước
    • i just played the game on Grounded and truly, the game design is really great.

      KitchensAreHotKitchensAreHot5 ngày trước
  • I don't think it's bad because Joel died, but because the theme is slightly inconsistent. The first game was dark, but also had a more hopeful or cheerful tone to it, then the second is just really dark. Joel's death was not a bad story choice, just not the best for a sequel, imagine experiencing the discovery that Joel lied to Ellie from her point of view, the tension until it is resolved, the struggles to get back to a simpler time, a time that doesn't exist anymore. The second should echo the themes of the first while also doing something new, not throw out the main theme.

    Hee Choon YeoHee Choon Yeo25 ngày trước
    • @Euqirne Nodnacse it's a good idea in concept, but you're bound to have controversy when part of what people liked about the first game was the still hopeful tone behind this depressing apocalypse

      Hee Choon YeoHee Choon Yeo24 ngày trước
    • I think you got the point without realizing it. From the very beginning when the game was announced they said while the first game focused on love, the sequel would focus on hate. The dark and grim theme of the game was always front and center.

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse24 ngày trước
  • I can't believe they killed joe!!! 😡

    Howard HandHoward Hand25 ngày trước
    • joel*

      NepsiNepsi21 ngày trước
  • I hope you still wake up screaming "EFAP NO"!!

    NicTheGreek1979NicTheGreek197925 ngày trước
    • @Euqirne Nodnacse lol, it really sounds like you don't care. 🤣🤣🤣

      NicTheGreek1979NicTheGreek197925 ngày trước
    • @NicTheGreek1979 yeah they totally got him with their insane 5 hour response going in on him. Ever since efap pulled up consmonaut has just been in shambles going through ptsd from mauler and his homies. This is why his channel hasnt been able to move on and why hes made so many respones back because he totally just cant stop thinking about them🙄. My guy, nobody really cares about efap like that and clearly none of that is happening. I personally dont care about them like that. I just think its funny how theyve got a bunch of people like you thinking theyre just so cool for bitching for hours on end over some opinions they disagree with. Like what was the point of your comment? Youre talking to a brick wall with that one he doesnt care and youre acting like that for what?

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse25 ngày trước
    • @Euqirne Nodnacse they destroyed his video dude. "Joel isn't a beloved character" Pffffffft LOL.

      NicTheGreek1979NicTheGreek197925 ngày trước
    • Dog nobody on planet earth got efap living in their head. Like bruh critical drinker?

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse25 ngày trước
  • Some 62 IQ shit goin on here

    Ty WalaasTy Walaas26 ngày trước
  • The prob is the pacing, the way they introduce abbey, the way they brutally kill joel just for some cheap shock factor instead of actually building it up by having the player like abby and joel. The fact that it's a revenge plot. The fact that they changed the ending so that ellie doesn't kill abbey which would have made sense for all the sacrifices she had to make up to that point.

    King Of ScotlandKing Of Scotland26 ngày trước
    • @Euqirne Nodnacse Dude you literally repeated what the guy said in the video. No shit it's a catalyst but it's done in an extremely cheap manner that everyone can agree was just superfluous and bad story writing. You could have built up the story by having abby and ellie encounter each other and have them work together to get back to Jackson only to see abby mudering joel. Then ellie would feel even more responsible and feel psychological damage for the events. Theres a hundred different ways to write something better, also no matter how joel got murdered ellie would still lose her mind no matter what because of the connection they had. He could have been shot in the head, the reaction would be the same. Again it's unnecessary and it's cheap. They didn't kill joel's daughter in this fashion because it's dumb and plainly for shock factor. Second. Revenge is a terrible cheesy overdone uninteresting plot line It's always predictable just like this game. That's why I think they're terrible. Every fucking super hero movie has them to some extent, it always ends in the protaganist realizing that violence is not the answer. It's extremely lazy uninspired writing. I anticipated the entire ending in laou2 because of this main plot theme. btw the abby literally had her revenge, so to say that it's unrelated is wrong. Her story is entirely the redemption part of revenge. We are supposed to feel empathy for her because she changes her ethos after the whole jackson incident. And we're supposed to forget what she did while we play her, it's bad writing to expect that from the player. In the end she goes right back into it when owen and her friends gets killed. You think it's to have some tea with ellie, no it's to fucking end her. She goes after ellie and her crew and nearly kills them all. How is that not about revenge. Then, Having ellie kill abby makes more sense in their gritty universe where people are murdered everyday, not some stupid marvel redemption ending that nobody wanted. It would have been more interesting also leaving us with the question: was it all worth it ? now when she let's abby go, the answer is obvious. She lost so much and got nothing in return ofc it wasn't worth it because she's a pussy who couldn't honor tommy, joel or her own convictions. The game sets out to torture the viewer.

      King Of ScotlandKing Of Scotland25 ngày trước
    • Actually false for saying joel is only killed for shock value. Joel dying is the catalyst for the entire story so they had to get it done quick. Making the player like abby before anything happens isnt what the story wanted to do. Youre supposed to be in ellies shoes in that moment feeling the rage. Killing him brutally makes ellies trauma much more compelling if he went out in some heroic sacrifice or something it wouldnt hit her as hard. "The fact that its a revenge plot". Well there is a revenge plot in this game that is true. But whats so bad about that its not like the game focuses on one central theme of revenge and nothing else. Abbys section is basically standalone and isnt a revenge story. Changes are made to these games stories all the time you can read about it happening with tlou and u4. And this ending doesnt make any less "sense" imo because theres still reasoning behind the choice.

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse26 ngày trước
  • There is a huge difference between a beloved character and a character who is a good person Rick Sanchez is a really beloved character but he is a huge dick and not a good guy, but people still love him for who he is Joel is a beloved bad guy and a lot of people like him for being more than just a normal protagonist

    David G.David G.26 ngày trước
  • While I could argue all day about certain points in this video, I think you pretty much nailed the story analysis, and like you, I am baffled by how many people completely misinterpreted the first game. I guess one thing's for sure: The Last of Us games probably weren't ever made for them. Also, looking at the comments...they have no idea in which context you used the word "beloved", although I see why it could easily be confused. To maybe share some insight for the confused people here: Yeah, Sarah Kerrigan from Starcraft is one of my favorite characters in media, but I wouldn't exactly call her "beloved" or "lovely" or "kind" or "cute" in any sense, just like I wouldn't use these words for Joel.

    TiaslinTiaslin27 ngày trước
  • Cosmonaut not liking the first TLoU isn’t surprising to me. Not a lot of things impress Cosmonaut really. I mean, this is the same guy who thinks Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy sucks🤷🏻‍♂️

    Daniel SanDaniel San27 ngày trước
    • He liked the story, but he found the gameplay underwhelming.

      AlfieAlfie18 ngày trước
    • He didn't say it sucked, just decent

      Zéyon AcidZéyon Acid26 ngày trước
  • I love how people are focusing on one phrase he said weirdly and not the great points he makes in the video.

    IsmaelIsmael27 ngày trước
    • Ahaha exactly

      Alex 00Alex 0025 ngày trước
    • Ikr lmao

      Zéyon AcidZéyon Acid26 ngày trước
  • I agree with a lot of this, every game is not without flaw. Story wise, ignoring some of the extra unnecessary stuff and completely looking at the overall meaning of the story, 10/10 for me. For me, this isn’t a revenge story, it’s The COST of revenge story. Cosmonaut said it beautifully, Joel is not a beloved character. We do love him, but he is a terrible person who’s selfishness doomed humanity. At the same time, the doctor’s selfishness would have save humanity. No one cares about the morality because they’re too focused on who they think is the bad guy. They all are bad, that’s the point. Revenge is a poison, Joel, Ellie, Abby, and every side character tasted this poison. Some died from it, and Ellie lost her entire family to it. It’s not a revenge story, it’s about the cost of revenge.

    BarbeeBarbee28 ngày trước

    InkyInky28 ngày trước
  • This is why the last of us 2 won not only GOTY it is the most awarded game ever take that haters 😂😂😂

    SneakysodathiefSneakysodathief28 ngày trước
  • Last of us 2 overrated dumb a$$

    Gregory Crussell JRGregory Crussell JR28 ngày trước
    • Lol tf you mean it's overrated? EVERYONE HATES IT, just because bad game journalist that can't play properly like the game doesn't mean its overrated.

      NepsiNepsi21 ngày trước
  • The story was told so poorly. I felt nothing for abby. The gameplay is fine but this is a mostly story driven game and I didn’t care at all about most of the characters. Joel’s death felt forced in at the beginning. Why not have you play through all these flashbacks as abby and Ellie with Joel still alive and then at the very end of the game Joel dies and a majority of what this game did would be in a part 3 or maybe that’s where the story would end. I dunno.

    sir cheeburg buddernubssir cheeburg buddernubs28 ngày trước
    • It felt forced because...? Its the entire reason this story exists of course they have to do it near the beginning. Its the catalyst for the main events. From what you said about how they shouldve handled the flashbacks it sounds like all you really wanted was joel alive as much as possible. I dont blame you for wanting that clearly a lot of people did. But next time you can just say that.

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse28 ngày trước
    • Also the title to this video is not it bro. There are genuine critiques to this game that are valid, the people who don’t like it aren’t “just dumb”

      sir cheeburg buddernubssir cheeburg buddernubs28 ngày trước
  • I haven't played the game, but to me, it sounds like the problem with the game comes down to bad editing. I feel like the story would have been perceived as better if there were a few flashbacks as Ellie at the beginning to give fans what they wanted then pull a MGS 2 and be like you're gonna play as this other girl you have no idea about and also as someone who you screwed over in the past. Have the player actually be the one who kills Joel because of how much they relate with Abby's struggle and her motivation to kill Joel. You could also have Abby becoming more like Joel was in the first game to show how she is becoming as coldhearted as he is. I would also go a step further to directly have some themes of how people enjoy partaking in violence and what that says about them as an individual ( this would also hopefully make the player reflect on how violent they have been through the story). It wouldn't be a major theme like in Spec Ops the Line but I think it would still be a great story. Or maybe we could see how Ellie becomes as possed with rage as Abby was as the story progresses, and we could have some visual indicators of that. If nothing else, I would move around the order of the story sequences so it would flow better because honestly some of these can be moved around. If this game comes to PC, I will mod it. PS: Naughty Dog, call me. I'm available.

    Cracking BreznutsCracking Breznuts28 ngày trước
  • The flashbacks were boring , I wish the game gave us choice to kill ellie like it did at the end of ghost of tsushima, I mean to think from right to wrong, Joel did a lot of wrong things, So did ellie going after those people, Playing as abby was ok, But why did they let us play as her in the end we were going against her as ellie, I mean what's the point? If you don't get a choice, Why put two different perspectives, And what about humanity? What happened afterwards, What happened to the fireflies, Personally they seemed like the good guys from the game.

    Rohan Keskar18Rohan Keskar1828 ngày trước
    • Well youre not supposed to have a choice because its one story. Thats always how naughty dog games have been. Showing you two different perspectives lets you see how everyone is the hero of their story depsite the parallels the have. Youre right about joel and ellie doing bad stuff, basically everybody does bad stuff in this game. The fireflies are on a cliffhanger now, the menu suggests that abby and lev made it to them after the fight with ellie.

      Euqirne NodnacseEuqirne Nodnacse28 ngày trước