The Last Airbender is the Worst Thing We've Seen So Far

19 Th02, 2020
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We're sorry the quality of this one is a little lower than usual. Marcus wiped his diggedy dang hard drive and lost the original video. This is the lost footage.

  • "Is she white?....Is that what I'm seeing, this is a white girl?" "Yeah" "........that's not good" im dead already omg

    Miranda MMiranda M10 giờ trước
  • I was dying so hard the entire video 😭😭😂😂😂😂

    Jney WillJney Will12 giờ trước
  • It's a shame because an Avatar movie could totally work REALLY well if it was written well because the show is written so well but somehow this came out

    TheProdigyB3ASTTheProdigyB3AST14 giờ trước
  • Dan is funny, put him on the channel banner

    Junior FrimpongJunior Frimpong17 giờ trước
  • You should do Attack on Titan live action

    Lil' MLil' MNgày trước
  • Supposedly, it was studio that made all the bad changes and decisions, and Shamalan, who said he was a genuine fan when he watched the show with his kids, did his best to retain as much as he could into the final product

    RyanRyanNgày trước
  • God it was impossible to work on anything during that because my sides hurt too much from laughing

    DERyugaDERyugaNgày trước
  • *White Sokka: "What, Is he white!??" *White Elder: "Whitey people, pfff..." *Indian Fire Nation: **nothing wrong here.... Dude, wtf with that racism

    ArinArin3 ngày trước
  • jus wanna mention that my man m night realized half way thru casting hmmmmm, maybe i shouldnt make em all white. lets go wif me own race. then he brown washed all the japanese charachters and claimed anime is cool cuz any race can b any charachter. so ig thats fun

    erik2390 erik2390erik2390 erik23905 ngày trước
  • i rather let my father burn my face again then watch this shit movie

    Prince ZukoPrince Zuko6 ngày trước

      Prince ZukoPrince ZukoNgày trước
    • You're right about that one Zuzu

      Augusto GriffiAugusto GriffiNgày trước
  • 5:25 Is that Yinsen from Iron Man?

    Anne PlayerAnne Player6 ngày trước
  • Fun fact : Kathleen Kennedy helped produce this movie

    Jacob SmithJacob Smith7 ngày trước
  • It was an awful movie ive never managed to finish, but it did more than double its budget. How can a movie like this do so good, but Dredd was a bomb?

    Matthew ThomasMatthew Thomas7 ngày trước

    ComputerGeneratedComputerGenerated7 ngày trước

    Anakin SkywalkerAnakin Skywalker7 ngày trước
    • Someone can't take a joke

      GodGod2 ngày trước
  • Shanking the fish is much more violent then throwing magic fire at it😭

    Victor Walls IIIVictor Walls III8 ngày trước
  • There is no atla movie in ba-sing-se

    Burntcurlyfry :DBurntcurlyfry :D10 ngày trước
  • Attack of the clones wasn’t great but it isn’t as unbelievably horrible as this film. To be fair I don’t even think that’s in question.

    ItsInstinct _ItsInstinct _11 ngày trước
  • The opposite siamese whitely paddle because leek principally thank amongst a glistening glorious thermometer. cloudy, important pint

    andres perezandres perez12 ngày trước
  • Ok why is the fire lords throne room in a high school gymnasium?

    Levi BenzieLevi Benzie13 ngày trước
  • 15:12 “It’s been great spending these last few WEEKS with you Sokka...” Seconds later: “WhY iS uR hAiR whITe?” Spent weeks and doesn’t know something so unique and basic about her... terrible writing terrible movie!

    Andre MAndre M13 ngày trước
  • 8:16 Markus it’s Aung

    Theodore BurdenskiTheodore Burdenski13 ngày trước
  • I think the parade of book fire is way better than this movie

    Ryan DilliamsRyan Dilliams15 ngày trước
  • You know my grandfathers job is to write chinese caligraphy and the words on the paper do not mildly ressemble any word

    Lake Shan Miles WULake Shan Miles WU15 ngày trước
  • why is everybody white in the water tribe, but the firenation are all indians? the casting is so weird.

    Max AggropopMax Aggropop15 ngày trước
  • "Did you guys watch the show??" Actually, Shamalama ding-dong DIDN'T EVEN WATCH THE ORIGINAL.

    Bitch PuddingBitch Pudding15 ngày trước
  • Unsubscribed as a result of the RSL sponsorship.

    Steve GoodsonSteve Goodson18 ngày trước
  • Earo Soaka Ong. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    NoFaceKira.NoFaceKira.19 ngày trước
  • The sable himalayan surely stop because leopard longitudinally grate amid a flagrant snowboarding. impolite, resolute observation

    Metz WaldronMetz Waldron19 ngày trước
  • they whitewashed the entire cast *except* the firebenders (the villains) who they, for whatever reason, made darker than they were in the sure there is no connection there...

    ambrivambriv20 ngày trước
  • I haven't seen the movie but this was hilarious with how bad it was.

    Okami SeeleOkami Seele20 ngày trước
  • “All the speaking roles go to white people” One look at Shyamalan should tell you that wasn’t the intention. Nor is it true

    Alex BeckmanAlex Beckman20 ngày trước
  • Never enjoyed this movie more than watching you all watching it together

    Melanie SzelongMelanie Szelong21 ngày trước
  • I felt like you edited these cuts the movie was that bad 🤣🤣

    Reece MasonReece Mason23 ngày trước

    skeletonyuth77skeletonyuth7724 ngày trước
  • The ground, is an extension of wHo yOu ArE

    Madissen KeysMadissen Keys24 ngày trước
  • See the thing is. "Ong" is technically the way it should be pronounced but this movie is not nearly good enough to get away with this shit.

  • "Zuko's" scar looks like an embarrassing sunburn

    Singing MochiSinging Mochi25 ngày trước
  • This movie is so bad, Movieclips turned off the comments

    Average JoeAverage Joe26 ngày trước
  • So that’s why she smelled like fish 😂

    Cesar MendoncaCesar Mendonca27 ngày trước
  • Dose he mean the movie

    Ebben CipkowskiEbben Cipkowski28 ngày trước
  • They're pronouncing "Aang", "Avatar", and "Katara" exactly like I pronounce them (and "Iroh" is close to it), but I grew up with the german translation so... I get why it would sound weird if you watched the english original. But yes, their "Soaka" is just... derp

    Anno WarriorAnno Warrior28 ngày trước
  • HES BENDING WITHOUT FIRE. yeah, so can you dumbass

    RicardoLukeRicardoLuke29 ngày trước
  • This movie looks and feels like it was written AND directed by an AI, you know how AIs write scripts that kiiiiinda make sense but are obviously crap? Well this movie feels like that

    Emilia ArancibiaEmilia ArancibiaTháng trước
  • Me, starting the movie: Well, let’s see why everyone hates this movie. Me, after 20 minutes of having my soul drained: *I HAVE MADE A TERRIBLE MISTAKE*

    Some Random Guy on the InternetSome Random Guy on the InternetTháng trước
  • Its 2020 a year of new beginnings true but not all of them are good

    Arrowverse And Star WarsArrowverse And Star WarsTháng trước
  • Why do people watch this for pain

    Matthias McElhaneyMatthias McElhaneyTháng trước
  • Sometimes I wish I could like a video twice

    Bubblegum 0o5Bubblegum 0o5Tháng trước
  • I tried watching this movie as a joke on netflix and I can't even watch more than 15 minutes at a time lmfao

    SoulomindSoulomindTháng trước
  • Tbh I wouldn’t really care if they were a different skin color

    MatterzMatterzTháng trước
  • “So far”? Have you seen the Last Jedi?

    Imaginary Corgi7Imaginary Corgi7Tháng trước
  • it hurt when they made Sokka and Katara white like no they are indigenous people. And they kept pronouncing Aang's name wrong. I also wish they made Zuko look a little better with his scar...and wish the acting was better

    jimin stanjimin stanTháng trước
  • It was a burden being reminded of the hell I endured watching this more than half a decade ago.... I will unburden myself with the animated series now, no korra

    Muka KonkolaMuka KonkolaTháng trước
  • Americans really are obsessed with people's skin colors.

    The French BullThe French BullTháng trước
    • Who cares if they’re white tbh

      MatterzMatterzTháng trước
  • I like how katara just realised that she is in the last airbender 9:17

    Mr Gaming BROMr Gaming BROTháng trước
  • M night Shamalan has made like one good movie in his career

    Danny KiehlDanny KiehlTháng trước
  • It’s dan

    Spooderman WebSpooderman WebTháng trước
  • That pickpocket analogy was so fucking spot on

    Ferghal IciousFerghal IciousTháng trước
  • I had no idea this was directed by M. Night Shamylan. What bad choice of director for this type of film.

    MaksymetzmjMaksymetzmjTháng trước
  • 🗣️ I swear sokka and katara waking up at the same time was the weirdest shit I have seen

    Matthew MoyoMatthew MoyoTháng trước
  • You should make a video where you talk about the show

    Måns MattssonMåns MattssonTháng trước
  • I always find myself coming back here

    Maraneza -Maraneza -Tháng trước
  • Your friend is fucking hilarious, his pickpocketer analogy makes me come back to the video every now and then just to hear him say it

    DiaLaeTDiaLaeTTháng trước
  • OMG it's Geoffy!

    Dan HominemDan HominemTháng trước
  • What kills me the most in this movie are the shitty pronunciations, and the fact that a whole dance festival is required to move 1 rock. I mean, by the time those fire benders were done waving there arms around to shoot the fire, the earth bender had time to go off set, grab a drink and get into position again to block the attack.

    Miguel MifsudMiguel MifsudTháng trước
  • This was so bad watching I almost died XD

    General_Cheese6General_Cheese6Tháng trước
  • It's so strange that Aang's actor was hired because of his martial arts skill, and not his acting, but they still used a stunt-man and CGI?

    SapphiaSapphiaTháng trước
  • I dunno who this other guy is but he's funny as fuck lmao

    SaintOhSaintOhTháng trước
  • Typical racist hypocrisy Do you also have a problem with Zuko, Iroh, ans Zhou, etc being cast as brown-skinned indians? Because they certainly didn't look like that in the show. Or are you, like everyone else, only complaing because it's being done with whites?

    Fried FrogFried FrogTháng trước
    • @tom gu who's dumb and what do you mean they're doomed?

      Fried FrogFried FrogTháng trước
    • Well Western Europe and America are doomed anyway.

      tom gutom guTháng trước
    • Well they are dumb.

      tom gutom guTháng trước
  • they say don't work with child actors then they haven't seen theatre kids when they step on stage there are a lot of good child actors but they have to hire the pretty ones, for some reason ah-ng no, its Ang, as in angry, as in what every fan has for this movie that and disappointment

    FlameFlameTháng trước
  • NGL yang is the only thing pronounced correctly in this entire movie

    Jiakai WangJiakai WangTháng trước
  • No, Yin and Yang was pronounced correctly, what we usually say is wrong. Really, though, they should've said it the normal way, since they whitewashed the rest of the movie.

    Timothy McQueenTimothy McQueenTháng trước
  • I love 20:49 where the guy completely misses any of the 4 people walking up to him. If they used their bending to take out his fire that would be neat, but the one guy just shifts to the left lmao.

    Joe GreenwellJoe GreenwellTháng trước
  • “One of the greatest shows ever made” “ Is this gonna be the big ol buffylo? What’s it’s called? Apu?” Had me rollin bruh 😂

    MatthewRein1MatthewRein1Tháng trước
  • Dafuq hes a black dude? He sounds like a 15 year old white kid

    Mazri MazriMazri MazriTháng trước
  • undertale music is so recognizable

    Otávio RapôsoOtávio RapôsoTháng trước
  • 13:45 thats a highschool gym and you can tell

    Barriss OffeeBarriss OffeeTháng trước
  • fuck this fucking movie.

    Matthew ShewbartMatthew ShewbartTháng trước
  • -My king, Bardock has gone insane!! He's screaming that Frieza is gonna blow up Vegeta! -My son, the Planet or me? -14:00

    Giacomo BianchiGiacomo BianchiTháng trước
  • why white people in movie bad?

    big ouncebig ounceTháng trước
    • Because characters in show not white

      Krystal SchrandKrystal Schrand13 ngày trước
  • This film wasn’t finished Some say it wasn’t even begun Some say it isn’t a film

    L0U13 __L0U13 __Tháng trước
  • 1:43 is when the sponsor ends

    Moe The DogMoe The DogTháng trước
  • Dan: its like star wars Marcus: its treason then

    glendar jjglendar jjTháng trước
  • I laughed so hard watching this Video good job boi

    Pro IzakPro IzakTháng trước
  • Imagine Shyamalan playing the Fire Lord

    SalusFuturisticsSalusFuturisticsTháng trước
  • they probably wasted all the budget on water simulations

    Im a danger on the wheel.Im a danger on the wheel.Tháng trước
  • they probably wasted all the budget on water simulations

    Im a danger on the wheel.Im a danger on the wheel.Tháng trước
  • If they also did the sock do season, they would have cast Lil Tay as Toph. Am I wrong?

    Austen Cox :DAusten Cox :DTháng trước
  • The bending is so bad. In the show, it’s a martial art. You move your arm and/or leg and the element follows the path. In this it’s just dance for the gods and maybe they’ll move a chunk of dirt and hit someone.

    The DevsThe DevsTháng trước
  • Y’all should do nacho libre

    itsme924itsme924Tháng trước
  • im utterly disgusted that people who liked this movie comment on m night's insta to finish the other books of avatar.

    elijah riveraelijah riveraTháng trước
  • that movie is just so terrible it angers me often lol. I still rewatch the show

    Alana ADHD MakeupAlana ADHD MakeupTháng trước
  • So one of the most complaint is the Earthbending scene. And while I agree that it is an egregious mess that makes the move crumble apart even further. But I have a different reason as to why. In the full scene, we see it is in fact one guy moving the rock. BUT that means that the ten guys are just there in the background doing nothing. They are literally fucking Boogieing Down in the background. They are straight BUSTIN A FUCKIN MOVE while one guy is just taking on firebenders. It just becomes EVEN MORE RIDICULOUS to think that one guy actually did work while ten guys just bust down in the background.

    Xx$p!n@chL0rd75xXXx$p!n@chL0rd75xXTháng trước
  • The dragon ball movie was better. I said what I said

    angel Rodriguezangel RodriguezTháng trước
  • MY JEZUZ how did you watch this whole thing, I couldn't sit through the first 10 minutes.

    Zoey LopezZoey LopezTháng trước
  • I love how terrible this movie is, it's up there with some of my favourites

    risadderrisadderTháng trước
  • How did you guys blow over the 5 earthbenders moving one small boulder? That cracked me up so much

    Spencer RichardsSpencer RichardsTháng trước
  • Take a shot everytime Marcus says something racist about white people...

    The Real MudgeThe Real MudgeTháng trước
    • Hey buddy your white fragility is showing. Go back to 4chan.

      Krystal SchrandKrystal Schrand13 ngày trước
    • @Any Ko Aniko they really out here trying to say racism against whites is even remotely the same as black racism. It just isn’t on the same level. It never will be it has zero years of history. This country was bred by slavery and racist motherfuckers. Really sad to see white people caring more about themselves than real racism. These jokes will never scratch the surface.

      Hack successfulHack successfulTháng trước
    • @Any Ko Aniko are you fucking for real? Racism exists towards all races. If you actually think that, that literally makes you yourself racist

      The Real MudgeThe Real MudgeTháng trước
    • Racism towards white people dont exist, never did. Keep trying

      Any Ko AnikoAny Ko AnikoTháng trước
    • I'd be completely sober

      J lJ lTháng trước
  • 10:53 Joe’s 29 Minute guarantee is a promise, I know to you a promise means nothing

    EdvizaEdviza2 tháng trước
  • This video came out in 2020. Fuck its been a long year

    ElGalloGiro99ElGalloGiro992 tháng trước