The (Only) Problem With Thor Ragnarok

10 Th11, 2017
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  • This movie is fun. I don't really have any issues with the Hella story ark. It's nice when a movie gives you more but the actors really are having fun with this one and I really enjoy that about it.

    ThePapabear2012ThePapabear20123 ngày trước
  • "I just wanted a two story about these two superheroes, trapped in space doin' some weird shit." 😏

    NerB studiosNerB studios5 ngày trước
  • Cosmonaut: thorgnarok Cc:thor in iraq

    souldark gamingsouldark gaming7 ngày trước
  • All I can hear is. I like this movie less than you guys because I'm smart. lol Still like your other vids tho, but your reasoning here is not as good as the other vids lol

    Quickdraw ChevQuickdraw Chev8 ngày trước
    • Yea I do like his channel but he’s kinda pretentious

      thejaegerthejaeger6 ngày trước
  • Thor Ragnorok should have jut been a plant Hulk Movie to be honest

    The Company and country of Tra's BodybuildingThe Company and country of Tra's Bodybuilding9 ngày trước
  • I don’t think predictability is a problem with a movie like this

    Jack KerinsJack Kerins11 ngày trước
  • Douche

    Zack LaRoseZack LaRose16 ngày trước
  • They beat the villian by blowing up the planet, however leading onto infinity war because loki couldn't resist taking the infinity stone. I agree the hela scenes are more boring than the rest but the ending had to end that way for infinity war to start.

    io-isla Islaio-isla Isla18 ngày trước
  • Loving the magic sword, more of that please

    Moon MoonMoon Moon18 ngày trước
  • I love this movie so much. There's more to a movie than surprises. Because if you're watching a movie the second time for the plot twist.... Then how the hell are you surprised the second viewing? I watch for the visuals, the comedy (which still work the second time) and fight scenes. Yes it's predictable, but I can rewatch it over and over again, due to the acting visuals music and comedy. Plot twists to me are overused too much. They can be a crutch. Just ask mnightshamalan.(sp?)

    hep the greathep the great19 ngày trước
  • Eh didn’t like Thor 3 so it’s all just lost on me. I like the first one because of the Old World Asgard vibe

    Cafe Au LaitCafe Au Lait19 ngày trước
  • I disagree but enjoy your opinions

    ASHTROASHTRO20 ngày trước
  • When Dr.Strange says Thor: "You can out down the umbrella" I almost spit my drink

    Leonis HLeonis H20 ngày trước
  • The problem is: they needed to take the risk and get the general public onboard with this wacky new thor stuff, while still needing the family dama to change thor the way he changed in the movie. That part needed to kind of be grounded in normalsy for thor. But it worked. And now thor can go off and be a goofball for an entire movie

    olivier kosterolivier koster20 ngày trước
  • Wrong

    Barry ParaskevaBarry Paraskeva21 ngày trước
  • I thought you were going to say Hulk’s voice was the only problem.

    PrizeFighterPrizeFighter22 ngày trước
  • wasn’t a predictable marvel film at all

    William NaylorWilliam Naylor22 ngày trước
  • Um, the the hero didn't come back and defeat the villain. He got his ass kicked again. But to be fair, then he allowed another villain to destroy his home world like in all the other MCU movies.

    MobydickofdopenessMobydickofdopeness23 ngày trước
  • well that was rude. just cause I don't think about things while watching a movie does not make me dumb. I intentionally shut off my brain when watching things until afterward cause I find that it increases my enjoyment. the only exception is if im watching with someone else. in which case talking it over is more fun.

    Joshua PerryJoshua Perry23 ngày trước
  • you could say the Asgard subplot is “hela” boring

    ytirarytirar23 ngày trước
  • Havent watched but its the hulk voice

    Ben jarvisBen jarvis23 ngày trước
  • marcus should be a movie director lmao

    PLUT0PLUT024 ngày trước
  • this is the only marvel movie i’ve watched more than 3 times i’ve watched ragnarok at least 5 times it’s so enjoyable and has my favourite tone of all the marvel movies

    RinRin27 ngày trước
  • This is the most stupid mcu movie. A very bad movie with shitty jokes. Nothing special about this movie.

    METALMETAL28 ngày trước
  • I reckon the planet hulk story line could have worked really well and then straight away have thanos destroy Asgard with the power stone also he could have destroyed mjölnir too

    Delicateninja567Delicateninja56728 ngày trước
  • Lol Thor Ragnarok is one of my favourite movies of all time. I've watched like 1 million times and it never gets old.

    JW GamesJW Games29 ngày trước
  • Yo is this cbr

    Plasma Prime667Plasma Prime66729 ngày trước
  • he says one problem but he dislikes half the entire movie

  • I thought the over abundance of humor distracted from the potential

    Nathan SchellNathan Schell29 ngày trước
  • Wait till this guy watches infinity war

    Suite BrinkSuite BrinkTháng trước
  • This movie is re-watchable. There are people who enjoy both pop corn flicks and serious movies. I'm that kind of guy.

    Pattabiraman MuthuPattabiraman MuthuTháng trước
  • “I’ll never watch it again cause I know what’s gonna happen.” Marcus... what? If you seen a movie once then you know what’s going to happen on a rewatch... I just.. what?!

    starman69starman69Tháng trước
    • He can have some really good reviews that makes sense and then he says something fuckin dumb

      MC RideMC RideNgày trước
    • Trust me I don't get it either

      Igor KtosIgor Ktos29 ngày trước
  • You knew he was gonna bring in Surtur?

    Stuntman Pat. OTCStuntman Pat. OTCTháng trước
  • Your opinion is wrong

    cynthemachinecynthemachineTháng trước
  • Your main complaint is that your too smart for the movie

    Steve StirSteve StirTháng trước
  • Yea, Thor will prank Loki was SOOO predictable

    ֹ ֹֹ ֹTháng trước
  • I disagree. The Hela subplot really evened out the whole psychedelic space gladiator thing, and when it got too much we cut to this Norse-inspired epic with a vengeful force of nature as a villain.

    SpaceMan ProletariatSpaceMan ProletariatTháng trước
  • Korg stole the show for me.

    AugustDipperAugustDipperTháng trước
  • Quicksilver had 26 minutes of screen time in a,a,o,u

    get off my turfget off my turfTháng trước
  • Man I gotta say, you're really good at how you pace your speech and just in your general delivery in these videos. Good stuff. The content and arguments you make are great too, but your delivery really adds to it. Glad I found your channel.

    Jared SilversJared SilversTháng trước
  • Magic Sword?

    Paul TicichPaul TicichTháng trước
  • This aged like fine wine

    Colum HanlyColum HanlyTháng trước
  • says there are no spoilers in the movie shows hella destroy mjölnir. ok

    skaterfugaterskaterfugaterTháng trước
  • I don’t think about a movie in theaters, then the second I leave the theater or stop watching whatever it is, I think about the mistakes and dumb shit extensively.

    Roland LastnAmeRoland LastnAmeTháng trước
  • The predictibility you describe is pretty much just the hero's journey

    Carmen TruffatCarmen TruffatTháng trước
  • My problem is the jokes aren’t funny

    Borsalino KizaruBorsalino KizaruTháng trước
  • I was really hoping he would go a bit more into the fact that the Aasgard plotline here is based more on a norse mythology tale, and how they changed Hela around ALOT from the mythology to the MCU. Hela was originally Thor's niece, and loki's daughter.

    Sinister TalesSinister TalesTháng trước
  • Chaotic evil to chaotic neutral

    Short and FatShort and FatTháng trước
  • Quickeh!

    Random personRandom personTháng trước
  • Thor ragnarok sucks. The title deserves more reverence. A lot more

    Philly Philly__LiiPhilly Philly__LiiTháng trước
  • More like BORE ragnarok

    Owen HayesOwen HayesTháng trước
  • Song at 1:00 is You're Mine by Carpenter Brut. At 3:34 is In the Face of Evil by Magic Sword.

    GooseGooseTháng trước
  • All the comments here are just trashing on Cosmonaut

    KaiwalaKaiwalaTháng trước
  • Plot twist: there is a plot twist

    Vishnu AkundiVishnu AkundiTháng trước
  • hero didnt beat the villian in the end... he summoned a stronger villian who ended the world

    Mundo Do RayMundo Do RayTháng trước
  • I watch your vids to see what you think but I literally never agree on anything. I think most of what you say is actually super contradictory almost every video. And most of comments seem to agree.

    zak_a_tak9zak_a_tak9Tháng trước
  • Name's Korg. We arrived on this giant space ship.

    Gunar GundarsonGunar GundarsonTháng trước
  • I think that this will happen in Thor 4

    Le PieLe PieTháng trước
  • Remind me when a hero sacrificed their whole entire planet to save its people? Hela is a much better villain than the grandmaster, your idea is a massive L

    Kmav 221Kmav 221Tháng trước
  • Thor Ragnarok sucks

    David AlvesDavid AlvesTháng trước
  • The movie should have been about Thor escaping the trash planet

    Le PieLe PieTháng trước
  • Let's be fair: In order to reach a wider audience sometimes you need to use more generic storylines that people can follow easier. If this weren't the case so many more indie movies would be really popular.

    XYFCXYFCTháng trước
  • I agree with a lot of your points in all the mcu videos but I think you grade them as if they’re one off films and not as a an interconnected universe. The story the way it is makes sense for the universe considering at the time we knew infinity war was coming and with his ship being captured at the end it just ties into the universe. Putting Thor and Hulk on that planet the whole movie would be great but, you then lose out on the logic behind them just going back to Earth after Hulk was basically told not to come back and you lose the whole plot leading into the character we got in Endgame Fat Thor who lost half his people, his brother, and his parents. Universe building is key in a lot of these movies and I’m sort of okay with that in a lot of these movies because the pay off is so great.

    Jared LayneJared LayneTháng trước
  • i think you like more cohesive movies, but me personally, the comparison between the two acts is really interesting how much it changes. It feels complete in concept, just wish the execution of helena was better, the sequence was more interesting and the ending wasn’t predictable

    Don’t ReplyDon’t ReplyTháng trước
  • Love your videos man. Keep it up

    The Cosmo ChannelThe Cosmo ChannelTháng trước
  • Here's the thing... Could I have predicted that Surtur would destroy Asgard? Absolutely. I mean... it's literally called Ragnarok. They tell us right at the very start that Surtur cannot die until he completes his purpose of destroying Asgard. Could you have predicted that Thor would CHOOSE to unleash Surtur to destroy his home planet? I'm going to guess no. I personally have zero issue with predictability in Marvel films because... well, why would I? I'm not there for a twist ending. I'm not there to try and work out a puzzle. I'm not there to work my brain at all. I'm there because I DO NOT WANT TO THINK. If I want to watch something that will make me think, I have plenty of good options, none of which start with the Marvel Studios logo. So long as the plot is coherent and the characters are acceptable, I'm here for blue sky beams, big bolts of lightning, and to see Hulk suplex a giant undead wolf and then punch it off a waterfall.

    bill withersbill withersTháng trước
  • They would have to incorporate a way for Thor to lose his hammer

    Diamond HDDiamond HDTháng trước
  • What YOU want does not really matter. This movie I feel developed Thor’s powers very well. And like all of the movies it builds up to the big team up movie.

    Dan NDan NTháng trước
  • Hold on I'm loading my Gun

    Trap ChxldTrap ChxldTháng trước
  • I think the problem with Thor Ragnarok is that the viewer doesnt really care about whats happening, as long as its funny.

    ShadyTriggerShadyTriggerTháng trước
  • Yeah, not sure which parts are predictable. I wasn't expecting Planet Hulk in my Thor movie. I wasn't expecting a nuanced, well-acted, and somewhat justified main villain tied to Odin's past that basically goomba stomps the Warriors Three despite previous screen time. That whole bit where Thor voluntarily blows up Asgard to stop Hela, while getting a lot of hints to it (Surtur prophesized to smash it, Odin saying 'home is where you make it.... with the populace, etc.) still felt like a 51% win/49% loss scenario despite how other Marvel movies tip those scales. Despite all that, enjoy most of your content, you're funny and eloquent. Plz gief moar :D

    CelosmashCelosmashTháng trước
  • Hela Hella hot though

    FINNFINNTháng trước

    Mario GarciaMario GarciaTháng trước
  • So it's cool that Thor is just like some guy you talk to while waiting in line at Walmart

    Thayer MannsThayer MannsTháng trước
  • The Cosmonaut Variety Hour formula: be contrarian

    Jake PedleyJake PedleyTháng trước
  • Speak for yourself. The Hela plotline was amazing.

    Pegassi JayPegassi JayTháng trước
  • Why is your opinion so wrong all the time.

    Gio FlynnGio FlynnTháng trước
  • “It’s good, but it could be better” Marcus said it before Pedro Pascal did

    Lucky 360Lucky 360Tháng trước
  • The reason it’s funny is because they got a comedy actor and director A guy who literally played Hitler and made him funny and laughable

    Deez NutsDeez NutsTháng trước
  • This wasn't a Thor movie, or a Hulk movie, or even much of a Marvel movie. It was mostly a Taika Waititi movie, and that's why it's awesome. (If only Marvel had had the balls to make an Edgar Wright movie, instead of that film with Edgar Wright's fingerprints on it, covered up with meh, but now he'll probably never work with them again, even though he'd be perfect for a Dazzler movie.)

    Green Is Not A Creative ColourGreen Is Not A Creative ColourTháng trước
  • Not thinking about things when you watch a movie dosant make you dumb, that's just fucking mean, some people are too drawn into the movie to be thinking about the future, most people I'd say

    taylor mc Knighttaylor mc KnightTháng trước
  • You’re complaining too much. I think all the MCU movies are fantastic, and instead of complaining, appreciate what we got.

    Veggucc1Veggucc1Tháng trước
  • after watching this video, i kinda agree with not using the same formula again. the MCU could just make a movie about heroes hanging out or messing up stuff instead of good guys vs bad guys and ill watch the heck out of it

    musyrifomusyrifoTháng trước
  • *goes sees a movie that’s not trying to be deep* “Wow that movie wasn’t even deep” Lmao

    christian angelchristian angelTháng trước
  • I think it would’ve been cool to explore Hela’s relationship with Odin. She was his weapon, so there’s a lot of potential to see Orin’s parenting style- including how it’s changed and what stayed the same (a lot of people criticize him for how he raised Loki specifically). I think it would be neat to ask those kinds of questions, especially after Odin died and since Thor is holding onto Asgard the whole movie

    Nix the LapinNix the LapinTháng trước
  • I agree with the opening statement any time i watch almost any movie i can predict what is happening and its very easy with marvel ones and its almost impossible to turn my brain off but i still enjoy the movie for the most part

    ArchieArchieTháng trước
  • Glad furi music is in the background it’s a good fucking game

    Noice GallagherNoice GallagherTháng trước
  • rewatching this video today and reminded me of a thought I've been having recently. more and more it feels like popular media is less geared towards telling a good story and more towards creating a feeling of payoff/satisfaction for fans who already have theories/background knowledge of the source material. writing a story that's original and compelling seems to be taking a backseat to that. maybe this is just a side-effect of having a market that's so saturated with reboots and adaptations of existing properties? but either way that seems to be what sells tickets/gets ratings so i worry we won't be seeing a change to that pattern any time soon

    RoxyRoxyTháng trước
  • Yea no man, this movie wasn’t trying to super twist anything. Everyone can predict a superhero movie. Good guy wins prediction done, 95% of the time that’s correct. You’re not getting the full view from me!

    MattePasteMattePasteTháng trước
  • I hope one day we can have a mcu story with just straight character development no villain just vibes

    Toymon 2468Toymon 2468Tháng trước
  • I forgot this movie existed

    Beo WulfBeo WulfTháng trước
  • My man here just doesn't like a heroes journey

    FiregrayFiregrayTháng trước
  • Movie nowadays are just more like stupid fun, and that makes the film enjoyable

    VelkVelkTháng trước
  • There's no way homecoming is less predictable than ragnarok.

    Slim WeeperSlim WeeperTháng trước
  • 9/10 at least

    Lancelot VoxLancelot VoxTháng trước
  • Imo although the Hela plot line is boring Ragnarok is one of the only MCU movies that you’d still enjoy if you watched it more than once the list is Winter Soldier, Homecoming, Ragnarok and the Guardians movies

    AboodAboodTháng trước
  • I think the Hela stuff was to just finish all the boring Thor 1 & 2 crap

    Madcircle01Madcircle01Tháng trước
  • i got only hyped for this movie bc taika waititi diracted it

    Felix HüblFelix HüblTháng trước
  • marcus (2017): its good, but it could be better. Wonderwoman1987 (2021); its good, but it can be better.

    Thanos On His FarmThanos On His Farm2 tháng trước
  • To be honest I would have liked to see Thor let loose and him and Hella battle it out over and over. They could have just merged the personalities of both villains. Stayed on Asgard cause we don't get to see it at all.

    keyara jacksonkeyara jackson2 tháng trước