Why I Don't Like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

28 Th09, 2020
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  • Please do not bully me

    The Cosmonaut Variety HourThe Cosmonaut Variety Hour7 tháng trước
    • Put more effort into your videos and I won't. Until then, I will absolutely bully you for ranting about a series you read almost a decade ago, and didn't even brush up on for this video. And stop using misinformation and straw men and make valid points. There's plenty about Jojo's not to like, so why make stuff up?

      Matt TalbotMatt Talbot12 ngày trước
    • i hate how jojo fans cant deal with critique. theyre so immature when it comes to these sort of videos. and i know this because jojo is my favorite series of manga and anime

      SkeletronSkeletron13 ngày trước
    • Dio is coming for you

      Art by ItaloArt by Italo2 tháng trước
    • Yikes

      laserspark123laserspark1233 tháng trước
    • *bullies*

      piktureitpiktureit3 tháng trước
  • I know this is an old video, and I love JJBA to bits, it’s one of my favorite anime of all time, BUT you hit on two huge things for me: 1) Part 4 is the best. I loved 5 and 6 too, and 1 and 2 were what made me fall in love with the series as a whole, but part 4’s characters and story and villain and stands are top tier, and I wish more people talked about how great it is because then part 3 might not have felt like such a drag. 2) oh my god, I would never recommend this to someone as their first anime!!! When I was watching this show for the first time, it was all I wanted to talk about, but I also had to keep telling my friends, “I love this show to bits, but I do not think you’d enjoy it.” It is straight up insane, and a lot of the time you can feel Araki writing by the seat of his pants, and I truly don’t begrudge anyone who doesn’t like it, because it really is one of those shows where your mileage will VARY. I can recommend FMA and Psycho Pass and Haikyuu and Mob Psycho 100 easily. But my recommendation of JJBA always comes heavily qualified lmao it truly isn’t for everyone.

    Muthu JayatissaMuthu Jayatissa14 giây trước
  • You did not read or watch this series. I refuse to believe that you did. You had to have just read a summary of the parts or just watched clips online or something. You got way to many things objectively wrong for me to possibly believe you actually even sped read through the series.

    Killer VeeKiller Vee4 giờ trước
  • This video is the definition of how not to criticize.

    Sami from MiamiSami from Miami14 giờ trước
  • No

    Maksymilian G.Maksymilian G.18 giờ trước
  • I can understand not liking jojo, but this is the worst thing ever. You clearly didnt pay attention or even try to understand the show.

    NerifNerif22 giờ trước
  • As a Japanese, you are not allowed to not like JoJo, that’s it bye.👋

    Harakiri BanzaiHarakiri Banzai23 giờ trước
  • Polnareff fighted two time controlling Stands, the man was ready to die for a dog and Almost killed DIO thinking that he was the last crusader. How is he a funny coward?

    Moody FingersMoody FingersNgày trước
  • "Fugo was removed because his stand was too powerful." Looks like someone doesn't know how to use google.

    vadarman9906vadarman9906Ngày trước

    _ scüp_ scüpNgày trước
  • Ok I’ve officially come to a conclusion that this dude hates everything

    Kind KarmaKind KarmaNgày trước
  • Yeah there was nothing like hierophant green controlling a person nor making itself as thin as a thread, yeah the stand just threw rocks.

    Péter TőkésPéter TőkésNgày trước
  • oh wow 11k likes

    poop pooppoop poopNgày trước
  • I keep trying to get my GF to watch JoJo with me, but she keeps quitting on me during part 2 so I get what you mean.

    Cifer NullCifer NullNgày trước
  • 14:10 Fun Fact: Diamond is Unbreakable and Golden Wind are nearly the exact same length

    JellySpookJellySpookNgày trước
  • I mean I get his opinion but pt 2 over pt 3 wtf is that....😐

    sneha rajusneha rajuNgày trước
    • Because part 2 is better. The villain of the week that was part 3 was just horribly boring. Jotaro is horribly boring. I understand that Stands were a new thing in part 3, but they were awful. It's top meme material, and that's the only reason it's so well remembered.

      Alex Rmz.Alex Rmz.3 giờ trước
    • @Adam B fax, part 2 is still my fav part of jojo. Although i have yet to read part 7, which i heard is pretty good

      Pranj03 CnPranj03 Cn12 giờ trước
    • @Pranj03 Cn Found part 3 really boring. Part 2 was definitely better

      Adam BAdam B12 giờ trước
    • Part 2> part 3 in terms of both storyline and characters

      Pranj03 CnPranj03 CnNgày trước
  • Can't wait to hear how you feel about Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe

    JetBlackXtremeJetBlackXtremeNgày trước
  • I hate JoJo because its so overrated in almost every single video i see theres gonna be a comment talking about JoJo-

    DarkonicDarkonicNgày trước
    • @notherealludwig JUST BECAUSE I HATE AN ANIME, pathetic

      DarkonicDarkonicNgày trước

      DarkonicDarkonicNgày trước

      DarkonicDarkonicNgày trước

      DarkonicDarkonicNgày trước
    • Now i shouldnt have commented this. Everyones gonna say "Kill Yourself" just because of an anime i dont like. Now the world is getting weirder and hating people jus because they hate an anime. The world is now really bizzare

      DarkonicDarkonicNgày trước
  • Listen, he was speaking a bunch of bullshit, but at least his favorite character is rohan. Rohan is best boy and no one can change my mind

    The Fancy TerrarianThe Fancy TerrarianNgày trước
  • anything that is liked by a majority Marcus chooses to be different because he just wants to be different

    CudaCudaNgày trước
  • I like jojo's but I'm also 12 so... my opinions are probably shit

    veggie burgerveggie burgerNgày trước
  • Damn part five was my favorite

    TristanTristan2 ngày trước
  • Jojo fans: Were about to end this mans whole career...

    ꧁Bianca꧂꧁Bianca꧂2 ngày trước
  • "every single character is bland" Dude, did you really watch the same jojo I did ?

    Nibir BarmanNibir Barman2 ngày trước
    • I love jojo but i agree that every character just has 2-4 personality traits except from part 4 and some characters in part 7 or 5 and are very one sided

      Spooky ScareSpooky ScareNgày trước
  • L

    ZincCrosskneeZincCrossknee2 ngày trước
  • Wouldn't say much but i would be fine if you got a lot of things wrong like 70% I'd recommend you re read it instead of speed reading through literal everything do some research think about everything for a second and uploaded the video i think why the joes are mad at this video are probably this I got nagged to do jojo -- i speed read it -- got a lot of things wrong -- its terrible -- it's an opinion so your argument doesn't count --- (cue the pissed joes fan) Ngl if ya wanted to read something that focus on character development and not the subtle kind read part 7

    Smart birdSmart bird2 ngày trước
  • First reason: The annoying fanbase thats like kpop

    Joi riJoi ri2 ngày trước

    Nico JonesNico Jones2 ngày trước
  • Hey Cosmonaut have you seen fairy tail its okay if you don't like it or haven't watched it

    Jadin’s funsideJadin’s funside2 ngày trước
  • I like the show but i never associate with the community because its just not really how I see the show

    Carl ferrisCarl ferris3 ngày trước
  • Big miss

    Soaring SketchSoaring Sketch3 ngày trước
  • i feel like he did read part 7 but since it was so good he decided to pretend he didn't. just my opinion. also tons of what he says that he hates sorta clash with what he likes. again, just my opinion

    Bloodlust5005 The Wild CardBloodlust5005 The Wild Card3 ngày trước
  • disliked

    Giga ChadGiga Chad3 ngày trước
  • 6:33 you forgot to mention that 1. Star Platinum has the ability to stop time 2. Silver Chariot can shoot it's blade out and take it's armor off 3. Magicians Red can use Life Detector, Red Bind and Cross Fire Hurricane 4. Hierophant Green can use Coiled Body and Marionette Control

    Janski 147Janski 1473 ngày trước
  • You're the kind of guy that would skip the OP's

    Waffle Does StuffWaffle Does Stuff3 ngày trước
  • Kinda a L

    The FuonkThe Fuonk3 ngày trước
  • i hate jojo

    Roberto & FelipeRoberto & Felipe3 ngày trước
  • But man, part 7 is actually so good

    JoJo FanJoJo Fan3 ngày trước
  • This is the only video of Cosmonaut that I completely disagree with and completely agree with at the same time

    JoJo FanJoJo Fan3 ngày trước
  • Don't hate me for this but I think part 5 could have been fine without Giorno

    JoJo FanJoJo Fan3 ngày trước
  • Who has awoken me from thy slumber... *Reads title* Ah yes that's why

    JoJo FanJoJo Fan3 ngày trước
  • If you didn't like the series, that's perfectly fine, but at least make sure you're describing the series accurately before criticizing

    FallonfishFallonfish3 ngày trước
  • Fugo is literally a ticking time bomb, and his stand reflects that. Narancia committed arson (Formaggio) and a hate crime (Squalo & Tiziano) within a matter of days. Mista gets shot with his own bullets in just about every fight. Polnareff is the definition of a danger magnet.

    FallonfishFallonfish3 ngày trước
  • Jojo's is my favourite series that I've read and I gotta say... I 100% AGREE WITH ALL OF THESE POINTS. And I would definitely recommend reading part 7. The fact that it only has two main characters with actual depth makes it a lot easier to care for them, the plot is actually interesting and the antagonist is one of the better ones. It doesn't take place in the original universe so you can easily pick it up without having to remember anything that happened in part 6, the pacing is also really good. Gyro Zeppeli is by far the best companion. Hope you consider reading it one day.

    ChröngelChröngel3 ngày trước
  • 16:55 so true

    mikko vuorivirtamikko vuorivirta3 ngày trước
  • To address 99% of comments here, Fugo is a calm guy. Fight me. His character is substantially calm, and it's because he is calm that his violent side echoes even greater. Fight me.

    SamSam4 ngày trước
    • @Sam i read it, yes, he is calm, but just because someone gets angry easiely doesn't mean they're mad all the time. I have anger issues, i get mad easily, and Fugo definitely has anger issues. And just because i have anger issues, doesn't mean i'm mad all the time.

      Waffle Does StuffWaffle Does Stuff3 ngày trước
    • @Waffle Does Stuff Did you read my whole comment? If so, I have nothing to add if not the fact that I don't get what you commented or what it's supposed to resolve What proof of his calm side do you want other than the parts in which he is calm? Wat?

      SamSam3 ngày trước
    • @Sam your proof on why Fugo is a calm person is literally being calm is the opposite of being mad. Like, what the hell is your proof?

      Waffle Does StuffWaffle Does Stuff3 ngày trước
    • @Waffle Does Stuff Yours is the kind of comment I was getting at in my original post It doesn't disprove of my point or make me change my mind because it's exactly what I was originally criticising My point is that, in the ordinary way of things, Fugo is a calm character, which contrasts his violent side This is something that is true, so I can see how one would call him a calm character, maybe with a small asterisk added on the side I would agree though if we're talking about what he said when Polnareff or Speedwagon was in frame

      SamSam3 ngày trước
    • Fugo: Literally stabbed narancia for getting a wrong answer, did the torture dance, has a stand that kills people easily Cos and his fans: Hmm, yes, very very calm

      Waffle Does StuffWaffle Does Stuff3 ngày trước
  • I just finished Part 5, and my main issue I have with Parts 3,4,5 is that there are characters with quite an interesting soil work of a backstory, like Narancia and Josuke with Joseph in Part 4, but nothing ever really grows on said soil work

    SamSam4 ngày trước
  • Hey bro, I love your stuff, I just want to say something. I know you have made your mind on Jojo and I respect what you say, I just want to tell you about part 7 man, pls just give this one part a shot, it doesn’t have to change your mind about the whole series just pls try it out, it is an amazing story that just happens to be in JoJo.

    uwu kanuuwu kanu4 ngày trước
  • Hey man its an opinion do what you want

    Joseph JoestarJoseph Joestar4 ngày trước
  • The more I look at the newer comments the more I agree with Marcus

    that guy who says hithat guy who says hi4 ngày trước
  • hey man it's not for everybody. and that's okay

    Nino Rabonni B. MadanguitNino Rabonni B. Madanguit4 ngày trước
  • Wow, it's almost like you didn't pay attention to it at all. You didn't.

    Weeb LordWeeb Lord4 ngày trước
    • @Bingo Bango we don't care if he likes or dislike jojo. We're correcting him while meme-ing about it lmao.

      Waffle Does StuffWaffle Does Stuff3 ngày trước
    • @Bingo Bango If you're going to talk about something in this way, your facts need to be correct. That's just common sense.

      Weeb LordWeeb Lord4 ngày trước
    • @Weeb Lord and?? It’s just a show

      Bingo BangoBingo Bango4 ngày trước
    • @Bingo Bango He straight up gets several things wrong.

      Weeb LordWeeb Lord4 ngày trước
    • It’s an opinion

      Bingo BangoBingo Bango4 ngày trước
  • I lost at least 5 whole brain cells while watching this video. D:

    secondclockssecondclocks4 ngày trước
  • Me throughout the video, holding back to not roast the shit out of this guy and trying to be respectful: 😑😕😔

    Joji RizalJoji Rizal4 ngày trước
  • thank you for this I needed someone to have the same opinion with me on this

    Father GregFather Greg4 ngày trước
  • Not liking jojo is fine, most of us have friends that don't like it that present legitimate points as to why they don't like it. But when you misrepresent the series and use faulty logic to back it up, that when people start to get upset. Of course, if a jojo fan tries to point that out, they would be dismissed as being overly fanatical about it and being blind to the bad parts of the series, which you would have us believe is about 95% percent of it.

    benbenblob98benbenblob984 ngày trước
  • I think my favorite parts are part 1 and 2, I’m barely in the middle of part 3

    Luca PeyrefitteLuca Peyrefitte4 ngày trước
  • 1. "Unceremonious" is something you'd say for when your character deaths *don't* include entire choirs singing in the background and literally seeing the spirits fly away from their bodies. Plus even without that, the deaths almost always add to the intimidation factor of the villain, now getting us to realize that they (neither the villain nor Araki) is fuck around. What else you gonna do? Have the villains kill a bunch of nameless nobodies and blow shit up like every other anime. You don't get the kind of intimidation factor you get from anything else that isn't killing off main characters. 2. The characters in Part 5 are FANTASTIC. Giorno: determined, unwavering, tortured, calm (admittedly), calculating. Bruno: motherly, caring, tough, no bullshit, won't let you join if he's concerned for your safety. Fugo: wrathful, intelligent, in no way "calm". Narancia: naive, incredibly brave, street smart yet dull, Virtually none of your descriptions of these particular characters make any sense. 3. Jotaro is arguably the best character simply because tough and 'edgy' on the outside, but also extremely compassionate for the people he cares about, which is what puts them on their adventure in the first place. 4. Look at anyone else's comments on this video. They do a pretty good job telling you why your argument makes no sense. 5. Just watch "Mother's Basement"'s video that he's done that pretty much solidifies why 90% of your critiques are just factually wrong.

    DreadPirateRoberts #75DreadPirateRoberts #754 ngày trước
  • Jesus these comments make me trust Marcus even more

    David SortoDavid Sorto4 ngày trước
    • have you watched jojo

      secondclockssecondclocks4 ngày trước
    • Lol

      ঔু͜͡HuGoツঔু͜͡HuGoツ4 ngày trước
  • Part 4 fans be like:

    ChromaChroma4 ngày trước
  • This rant sounds like a YOU problem.

    Asian SpaghettAsian Spaghett4 ngày trước
  • mans did a speedrun of jojo spoilers: it failed

    Oi, Josuke!Oi, Josuke!4 ngày trước
  • Rohan WOULD be your favorite character xD Tbh, he's in my top 3 as well, so I can't blame you.

    Sarah MillerSarah Miller4 ngày trước
  • The main reason I dislike Jojo and its crazed fans is because they latch like parasites onto anything the show mentions and flood comment sections with nonsense.

    Freed AmericanFreed American4 ngày trước
  • I do agree and disagree with some parts even though I do personally love JOJO, but the fanbase is literal cancer like the fanbases from MHA and Demon Slayer, In my opinion the worst part of every amazing Shonen is the GOD DAMN fanbase! Also IF you ever do consider reading the manga's, read the colored manga's they do help a lot... sometimes as I do agree with that part where I can't understand what the fuck I am looking at.

    Thomas ParkThomas Park4 ngày trước
  • Do you even know what a coward is?

    eric phaneric phan4 ngày trước
  • I died when he talked about part 5

    DoppioDoppio4 ngày trước
  • ...,huh wow what a bad take

    TGT 101TGT 1014 ngày trước
  • This has to be the most liked controversial channel ever

    Germaine CephusGermaine Cephus5 ngày trước
  • Part 1 didn’t really “rip off” araki was going off of the old American vampire horror movies

    Retard ToadRetard Toad5 ngày trước
  • bro the fucking storm of outrage this spawned after he said he simply doesn't like an anime is hilarious. i keep seeing people rebuttable the same two one-off comments over and over here instead of anything of substance. you can't use two tiny wrong things in a 20 minute video to say the entire video is wrong.

    symsym5 ngày trước
    • B...b...but he didn’t pay attention 😢

      Bingo BangoBingo Bango4 ngày trước
  • Gg bye

    Woah ThereWoah There5 ngày trước
  • 90% of the comments are just jojo fans bitching their mediocre show was misrepresented. Yall are unironically worse than marvel stans and its glorious. He literally made fun of people that do that and yall still did it.

    william kirbywilliam kirby5 ngày trước
    • @william kirby no I did not

      Never pause Avatar The Last AirbenderNever pause Avatar The Last Airbender4 ngày trước
    • @Never pause Avatar The Last Airbender you repeated what i said

      william kirbywilliam kirby4 ngày trước
    • @william kirby did you understand my comment correctly

      Never pause Avatar The Last AirbenderNever pause Avatar The Last Airbender5 ngày trước
    • @Never pause Avatar The Last Airbender Literally what i just said

      william kirbywilliam kirby5 ngày trước
    • someone's mad that people are giving criticism

      Never pause Avatar The Last AirbenderNever pause Avatar The Last Airbender5 ngày trước
  • I’m getting mad Alpharad vibes from this video where Marcus says things that make it sound like he hasn’t read a page

    Glip GlopGlip Glop5 ngày trước
  • If you like part 4, then all is forgiven.

    magmablockmagmablock5 ngày trước
  • It's hilarious how many people got butthurt from this video. Marcus literally said in the beginning that this is just his personal opinion of the series. And everyone is like "no, you're wrong" like what? xD lmao Great Video Marcus 10/10 made me laugh

    Jacob MendozaJacob Mendoza6 ngày trước
    • That’s kinda what happens when your “opinions” are objectively wrong. Like how he said that the guy who stabs people over math is “calm and cool” and how the guys who fight immortal time-stopping vampires, get into fights with multiple armed men, and try to overthrow the boss of the biggest gang in the world are “funny cowards”. At this point, it’s not even opinions, hes literally just misinterpreting the series and its characters.

      Glip GlopGlip Glop5 ngày trước
    • Well that's what happens when he's wrong 🤣

      mystery person195mystery person1956 ngày trước
  • i like youre content but this.....

    CaptainCookieCaptainCookie6 ngày trước
  • Not liking Jojo is a Jojo's reference

    HuhHuh6 ngày trước
  • Polnareff is not a coward just f*cking watch it. You also said *don't want a long shonen* but you like one piece smdh....

    i like hotdogs do you?i like hotdogs do you?6 ngày trước
  • LAME AND FORGETTABLE???????? MY GUY you need to watch the anime smh part

    TEXAN doom guyTEXAN doom guy6 ngày trước
  • I rewatched this video and a lot of the points you make are true. There are so many flaws in Jojo and it is not a perfect series. I just really like the series because it is dumb fun. I don't really recommend it to people because everyone has different taste in anime. I wish other fans did the same.

    Cman the boiCman the boi6 ngày trước
    • I would like to agree, but his points are mostly either too vague or completely false, like calling Fugo a calm cool guy and Polnareff a funny coward, and he contradicts himself too much.

      Pesci is the best characterPesci is the best character6 ngày trước
  • Personally I dissa but the points you said was fair and everyone is entitled to having a opinion

    DIODIO7 ngày trước
  • polnareff aint a coward 😐

    smierdziel starymlotsmierdziel starymlot7 ngày trước
  • Anime fans are hypocritical asf in general

    fatboy yeetfatboy yeet7 ngày trước
  • I may sound like another mad Jojo fan, but this video is just a mess, a lot of points are very flawed and which don’t make even fucking since. Like fugo, giorno, and polarneff. Plus you basically put the entire fandom in one stereotype, another shit excuse you made is the character development, do I need to go into detail for why this is not true, and let’s not forget the shitty take you have on the entire series as whole, you criticize a series that you literally fucking speedrunned, 3.5/10 video.

    Joseph JonesJoseph Jones7 ngày trước
    • @Um no Joseph took nothing seriously and got a big reality check from the Pillar Men, causing him to start being more serious. Polnareff was originally only driven by his desire for revenge, only to get survivor's guilt from seeing his friends die to save his life. Fucking *PESCI* went from a cowardly bitch with low confidence in himself to a serious cold blooded assassin in *2 episodes.*

      Pesci is the best characterPesci is the best character6 ngày trước
    • Let’s start off with the easiest one, polarneff. He says polarneff doesn’t have character development even tho he makes a strong relationship with iggy by the end of the season but also he kills a main villain and also has 2 whole arcs based around him.

      Joseph JonesJoseph Jones6 ngày trước
    • please go into detail for why the character development thing is not true

      Um noUm no7 ngày trước
  • As for now ...my respect is gone

    jb Musherajb Mushera8 ngày trước
  • You know, he might not like Jojo's, but he seems to like parts 1, 2, and 4. Which are the best parts.

    NinjaCowboy2000NinjaCowboy20008 ngày trước
    • @secondclocks Yeah, he doesn’t think it is great, but he said that it was nice and short.

      NinjaCowboy2000NinjaCowboy20004 ngày trước
    • Bro... part 1? Really? PART 1??????

      secondclockssecondclocks4 ngày trước
    • @Pesci is the best character Okay, I am done talking to you. I don't feel the need to explain something that is right in front of you.

      NinjaCowboy2000NinjaCowboy20005 ngày trước
    • @NinjaCowboy2000 because he *speedread it.*

      Pesci is the best characterPesci is the best character5 ngày trước
    • @Pesci is the best character But he said he doesn't remember it

      NinjaCowboy2000NinjaCowboy20005 ngày trước
  • Part 8 is better than 4 as in regards to writing. Before reading 8 I was of the opinion that 4 was the best. Part 7 is really good in the second half, and the aftertaste is good, but the first half is shit.

    LeonBleakLeonBleak8 ngày trước
  • It's for basic people tbh

    JTRipper 00JTRipper 008 ngày trước
  • i subscribed, so that i could unsubscribe.

    AaushneerSYAaushneerSY8 ngày trước
  • absolutely trash takes

    HollowmanHollowman9 ngày trước
  • Ah yes, Josuke The "normal dude" Who Has a stand who Reverts things back to their original state

    David GrubbsDavid Grubbs9 ngày trước
  • Basedness!

    Rainman HartRainman Hart9 ngày trước
  • Clown

    Soham SharmaSoham Sharma9 ngày trước
  • Jojo’s fans are fucking rattled

    MelleruXoxMelleruXox9 ngày trước
  • The like to dislike ratio and the comments are proof people can’t handle opinions

    Swiss CheesusSwiss Cheesus9 ngày trước
    • All opinions should be respected unless you live in China your gonna have a problem there

      JoJo ReferenceJoJo Reference6 ngày trước

    SalieriSalieri9 ngày trước
  • you could've made a 10 second video that said "I don't like Jojo because the fans are annoying as hell" and that would've been valid

    geniusfacegeniusface9 ngày trước
    • Oh wow a Jojo fan

      We doin Games and sound effectsWe doin Games and sound effects6 ngày trước
  • I'm a huge jjba fan and I agree with everything said in this video. (Except I didn't enjoy Part 1.)

    Jamie McCreathJamie McCreath10 ngày trước
  • Doppio best character in part 5 prove me wrong

    Icant Draw99Icant Draw9910 ngày trước
    • No your right Narancia runner up

      JoJo ReferenceJoJo Reference6 ngày trước