Why You Should Watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars

23 Th12, 2016
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  • It was so awesome when I saw darth maul in Clone Wars

    J TraxJ Trax7 giờ trước
  • Uh sho ka

    TheAnimationLakeTheAnimationLake13 giờ trước
  • Me agree

    RasEliRasEliNgày trước
  • Isnt this show made by Genndy tartakovsky, The Samurai jack guy

    Gaurav WakankarGaurav WakankarNgày trước
  • I want a show about the old Mandolorians, their way of life and how they lost mandalore. I love the clone wars but the way Anakin just fucks it all up ruins it for me.

    I’m on YouTubeI’m on YouTubeNgày trước

    Oliver RiosOliver RiosNgày trước
  • I dont agree that the prequels are bad because they are my favourite but I do agree with the clone wars pointa

    Superior DanSuperior Dan2 ngày trước
  • "Ashowka"

    SteamedRushSteamedRush2 ngày trước
  • Clone wars was removed from Netflix

    Bgames 101Bgames 1013 ngày trước
  • One of the best things about the Clone Wars is how it improves the world of the sequels. In the movies, the world of the Republic and Coruscant feels like an empty set piece. The Clone Wars really fleshes it out. You get to actually understand the culture and the politics and what's going on in this society. You learn how things work. It makes the world feel more alive.

    Book WyrmBook Wyrm4 ngày trước
  • Wow I wanted to watch this over and over again just because of how you explain EVERYTHING

    Julian DixonJulian Dixon5 ngày trước
  • i watched as a kid i always knew how good it was

    Nils0nNils0n6 ngày trước
  • the original clone Wars the animated series from 02 was a cool samurai Jack inspired stand alone series where grievous was introduced . I've never seen this show but I'll have to check it out.

    Aw350m3 H3R0Aw350m3 H3R06 ngày trước
  • Don’t shit on the prequels, Episode 3 is the best Star Wars movie ever made. I agree clone wars is great too

    Constantin RossConstantin Ross6 ngày trước
  • ok 3:38 is rly funny tho

    ItzwaffledudeItzwaffledude7 ngày trước
  • 7:41 Biggest reason to watch clone wars

    N8 BOSSMANN8 BOSSMAN7 ngày trước
  • I don´t like episode 2, for me it´s the bottom of the franchise (yes, worse than Rise of Skywalker and I say this as somebody who left the theater disappointed after watching episode ) but the Clone Wars animated series is THE SHIT! Currently I´m watching season 2 and my god, the fifth episode (the Geonosis second invasion) is awesome! This series has what the prequels, in particular episode 2, lacked: interesting characters and well developed, they even made Jar Jar kinda likeable and the diplomacy and political stuff that didn´t worked in episode 1 in this series works like a charm.

    GridseekerGridseeker7 ngày trước
  • 13 minute video about the CLONE wars without saying clone once

    Ft ferloFt ferlo7 ngày trước
  • 2:28 do better research

    Madenlon van der LaanMadenlon van der Laan8 ngày trước
  • Explain to me how The Clone Wars is not part of the Skywalker Saga. Oh, wait you can’t! It is part part of the Skywalker Saga, and you cannot tell me anything different. You cannot watch Star Wars without it.

    Zach_TheGamerZach_TheGamer8 ngày trước
  • Friky frik I just watched the vid and it on disney plus and I don't live in USA 😐

    FilmBoiFilmBoi8 ngày trước
    • Thank you.

      FilmBoiFilmBoiNgày trước
    • I feel bad for you. Sorry brother.

      AANgày trước
  • A shocka

    Clickn’Clickn’9 ngày trước
  • George Lucas did help with the writing process for the show

    Finley CooperFinley Cooper10 ngày trước
  • Man, imagine this guy now after watching the Siege of Mandalore.

    Squid Inc. ProductionsSquid Inc. Productions10 ngày trước
  • Revenge of the sith and phantom are great...

    Isaiah TowersIsaiah Towers11 ngày trước
  • Is it just me that cringes when he says Ashoka that way

    Joel HowdenJoel Howden11 ngày trước
  • I think we can all agree when I say FUCK PONG KRELL

    FalcxnFalcxn12 ngày trước
  • I got the chills seeing those scenes. Your so dang right Clone wars is best. And honestly Padme has become my favorite character in that show. And I mean just look at the animation it looks flawless. There are so many brilliant arcs in thsy show and I just love it. Also seeing some characters from this show in rebels made me kinda emotional and I enjoyed rebels but I understand some of your critics on it it's not as good as clone wars that's for sure, but it's still good in my opinion.

    Elisa SnapeElisa Snape13 ngày trước
  • The funny thing is my sister was so against watching this show and she didn't like the beginning of season 1 but once we got to the Rookies episode (season 1) I never had to persuade her to watch it again

    Jaxon BrownJaxon Brown13 ngày trước
  • I love this show so much it is unhealthy

    Jaxon BrownJaxon Brown13 ngày trước
  • My childhood in a nutshell: looking at clones and droids comiting war crimes

    hex of choashex of choas13 ngày trước
    • Also note I watched every single episode

      hex of choashex of choas13 ngày trước
  • Ahshoka AHSHOKA?!

    JammyJammy15 ngày trước
  • Jesus christ yall almost the jar jar actor kill himself because of his character lmao a fucking star wars character😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 virgins get a life

    Cali 180Cali 18015 ngày trước
  • Okay some good arc’s I recommend are: Geonosis - season 2, episode 4-7 (I believe) Ryloth - season 1, episode 19-21 Malovelence - season 1, episode 2-4 Rookies - season 1, episode 5 Season 2 - episode 1, 2, 10 (18,19,20 is a great arc

    MickeythepludsMickeythepluds16 ngày trước
  • I don’t know, I kinda like the jar jar arc with mace windu and the whole great mother thing. I enjoyed it. “Oh no, messah disappearin.”

    That’s A Weird Lookin SaxThat’s A Weird Lookin Sax16 ngày trước
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    Paul BallardPaul Ballard16 ngày trước
  • Actually, Dave Filoni loves the prequels.

    De PestmeesterDe Pestmeester17 ngày trước
  • The prequels are so good, don’t diss them

    Adam willettAdam willett17 ngày trước
  • it hurts a little bit every time you say Ahsoka like "Ashoka"

    501st Trooper501st Trooper17 ngày trước
  • U didn’t talk about the clones or grevious

    Griffinknowssports 24Griffinknowssports 2419 ngày trước
  • I tried watching it, but the dialogue is so corny. I’ve watched most episodes of each season until season 5 and then just watched summaries of the rest on VIworld cuz it just seems like a chore to get through them, and I feel like I already know what the characters are like and how this all connects the the prequels and originals.

    Cow goes mooCow goes moo19 ngày trước
    • moron

      CalzionCalzion8 ngày trước
  • I started watching this recently, and MY GOD, it takes the few good things from the prequels and it is....

    Zeke CareyZeke Carey19 ngày trước
  • "The darth maul ark ends on a cliff hanger," --Cosmonaut Now: Clone wars season 7 exist and it is amazing

    nycbennyblanconycbennyblanco19 ngày trước
  • 3:20 4:35 4:49 5:07 5:38 5:56 6:19 6:23 6:53 7:09 7:20

    big cloverbig clover20 ngày trước
  • You’ve convinced me to rewatch it for the 9th time 😂😂😂

    Nathan LoganNathan Logan21 ngày trước
  • a-SH-oka

    Daniel CrainDaniel Crain21 ngày trước
  • He shaid ashoka

    Nishil GNishil G21 ngày trước
  • The clone wars is the worst animated show because it’s literally putting some stupid troopers in some wars

    Ded&DjDed&Dj21 ngày trước
  • Is this even a question? OF COURSE YOU DO

    tobias Willemsentobias Willemsen22 ngày trước
  • he sounds drunk

    Alex ShortAlex Short23 ngày trước
  • The last season wasn’t even out yet

    I honestly have no idea what I'm doingI honestly have no idea what I'm doing23 ngày trước
  • Wow the one good video u got

    Andrew ShirleyAndrew Shirley24 ngày trước
  • That moment when Netflix removed clone wars and prime video only has the first two seasons

    jeremie hartjeremie hart25 ngày trước
  • Baby Cartoon!? Hahaha😂 That So Cute while the actually series was a lot of little violence with Droids, yeah, that CUTE, I can't stop laughing! Haha🤣🤣

    John AdamsJohn Adams25 ngày trước
  • I watched the whole show a while ago because of this video an I ended up loving it and it’s maybe my favourite Star Wars thing out of movies shows and all that

    NateNate26 ngày trước
  • A-Show-ka

    DirkDirk26 ngày trước
  • If only he had known how shit the sequels will be, he would have seen how good the prequels actually are

    Consti ShredzConsti Shredz27 ngày trước
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    Siu LuthardtSiu Luthardt27 ngày trước
  • This show is just the best and you show that in this video like really good and by that time season 7 wasn't even out. So thank you for this great video.

    Sir GruemelSir Gruemel27 ngày trước
  • Clone Wars is fantastic. Why are we still pretending the prequels are garbage though? They’re not amazing, but they’re quite fun and ROTS is a contender for best SW film.

    N-FactorN-Factor28 ngày trước
  • Real fans watch the Jar-Jar episodes

    ShoezzShoezz28 ngày trước
  • The melevolence arc in season 1 is cool and are episodes 2,3, and 4

    Jackson DavisJackson Davis29 ngày trước
  • This has inspired me to make a video about why The Clone Wars isn't true to Star Wars.... like at all.... *cough* clankers *cough*

    Nicholas AndersonNicholas AndersonTháng trước
    • @Cool Myron idk but I don't think cartoon network is gonna stick around for long. Streaming service is the new thing

      Golden1_1DragonGolden1_1Dragon10 ngày trước
    • @Golden1_1Dragon I mean the OT was mostly just good vs evil, but there was no indication that there was no grey side. People who get mad over adding depth to characters really have a problem. Too bad CN cancelled it. Why do all the good shows get cancelled over at CN. Like Teen titans, clone wars Thundercats and a few others all got cancelled. But shows like Teen tians go and thunder cats roar get to stay for YEARS. -_-

      Cool MyronCool Myron10 ngày trước
    • @Cool Myron the original trilogy has always been about clear differences between good and evil. at least that's what the filthy casual original trilogy fans would complain about the prequel trilogy. which is more about the grey between those lines. how a hero can turn to a villain or a villain can redeem themselves. clone wars are able to bring so much more than the simple black and white perspective like from the episode heroes on both sides. where it shows the views of the separatist people. either way clone wars have achieved so much n its borderline a crime that it was canceled at the height of its potential

      Golden1_1DragonGolden1_1Dragon10 ngày trước
    • explain?

      Cool MyronCool Myron10 ngày trước
    • its anti-star wars at its best. at least to the originals. there is no clear good or evil just a lot of grey.

      Golden1_1DragonGolden1_1Dragon28 ngày trước
  • One mayor problem i had with clonewars was the way grevious was portrayed he should have been more like the 2003 version a manacing monster that easely kills jedi because he believes they where responsible for the death of his people and his girlfriend and not some villain of the week that constantly runs away otherwise it was the single best piece of starwars media i ever consumed

    Vincent PeyVincent PeyTháng trước
    • i dont like the 2003 version. It makes so sense to me. How can a dude with lightsabers bet a Master? 3 at that. Like come on. They could use the force to crush him or hold him in the air. There is no reason for him to be that OP

      Cool MyronCool Myron10 ngày trước
  • It maybe was on Netflix but Disney was just greedy and locked all movies and show that were ever made by Disney

    michail genovmichail genovTháng trước
  • The Prequels are legit better than the Clone Wars because it is literally how George wanted it to be, the Jedi were supposed to be dicks because of the many years of peace and because they've not faced Sith for a long time, so yeah, Clone Wars didn't do that and fucking ruined the characters, so yeah, CW is fucking trash.

    • XAlyaxSuxX •• XAlyaxSuxX •Tháng trước
    • @Cool Myron Still not his version. -_-

      • XAlyaxSuxX •• XAlyaxSuxX •2 ngày trước
    • Not really. Lucas started TCW because he wanted to tell more stories in that era. He did pass it on to Dave after season 2 but Lucas still likes it.

      Cool MyronCool Myron10 ngày trước
  • Clone Wars was my introduction to Star Wars, and because of that, I don't hate the prequels. They introduced me to these characters, and solved all kinds of problems I wouldn't know existed until years later.

    MakaneekMakaneekTháng trước
  • I love how dearth maul will wipe out a whole city just to get revenge

    Josiah CasarezJosiah CasarezTháng trước
  • “This show was made by people who really don’t like the prequel trilogy” Dave Filoni goes on record to talk about the greatness of the prequels

    Hugh AustenHugh AustenTháng trước
    • Seriously though, in my opinion the major issue with the prequels wasn’t the storyline or the acting. It was the appalling dialogue that sort of made the scenes awkward. Many people blame Hayden Christensen for acting badly and too awkwardly but I think that he did his best with the script he was given. Besides, Anakin is supposed to be awkward especially in Attack of the Clones. In Revenge if the Sith, I believe that he was meant to be more conflicted so his whining sort of makes sense, however looking back at Clone Wars Anakin, there’s no competition between who is the best. They’re two different interpretations of him.

      Kat LeonKat LeonTháng trước
  • yeah.. i thought i wouldnt like it bc its a "kids" show but after basically binging through the 60 hours of episodes i just want to watch more lol. ive started on rebels but its not really the same thing... still good in another way though.

    I comment for no other reason than wasting 3 secs of ur life reading my usernameI comment for no other reason than wasting 3 secs of ur life reading my usernameTháng trước
  • stopped watching at “baby cartoon”

    DangerDeanDangerDeanTháng trước
  • “Today we fight for more than the Republic. Today we fight for all our brothers back home.”

    Captain RexCaptain RexTháng trước
  • I thought Jar Jar was much better in the clone wars (apart from his first appearances) my favourite scene with him is when he is disguised as someone else who started a war with the Gungans, so he goes to talk to the General, only to find out that the General was General Grievous himself, that was pretty funny (in my opinion)

    Shark WarShark WarTháng trước
  • Really? a SH oka? It’s a S oka

    YeetusGridYeetusGridTháng trước
  • Anikeen: The nose Obi waan: YOU FOOL ITS THE EAR

    YeetusGridYeetusGridTháng trước
  • i remember watching clone wars when i was younger and holy shit i misss those day. At that time my parents also had a car with like a screen so me and my brother would watch star wars clone wars and the old lego ninjago and lego chima theres just so many good shows that it makes me sad

    Mads PetersenMads PetersenTháng trước
  • The people who say "It's just a kids show" obviously ignore the slavery, zombie and necromancy aspects of the show.

    some moronic penguinsome moronic penguinTháng trước
  • Late for this comment but thank you. You helped my convince my gf to give it a shot. You have spread the good word, my man. And her and I are now waiting on her custom lightsaber to come in so we have props while watching it again. Thank you.

    DistortedRealizationDistortedRealizationTháng trước
  • Clone wars is light years better than rebels

    Grandma's Hip replacementGrandma's Hip replacementTháng trước
    • @Splinter6662 Yeah TCW is lightyears ahead. Rebels are good, but CW is goated. Dave had huge restrictions making Rebels.

      Cool MyronCool Myron10 ngày trước
    • Wouldn't say that, they're both good, at least both are better than the 3 year old show resistance

      Splinter6662Splinter666228 ngày trước
  • The final season was so good I began this show when it premiered when I was in the 1st grade and it finished the month I graduated high school

    ReflexReflexTháng trước
  • AH-SO-KA

    Odin WarlockOdin WarlockTháng trước
  • this had better be as good as you say...because I'm getting seasons 1-6

    The_TablemasterThe_TablemasterTháng trước
    • @The_Tablemaster Download it first. The download might take a while but after its done you can watch the whole thing with no problems.

      Cool MyronCool Myron10 ngày trước
    • The issue is, I don't have good internet, so I can't just watch stuff online whenever I want.

      The_TablemasterThe_Tablemaster10 ngày trước
    • Got Disney plus? Just get that or... you know, "watch it without paying"

      Cool MyronCool Myron10 ngày trước
    • @The_Tablemaster just watch it online lol

      Splinter6662Splinter666228 ngày trước
    • @Odin Warlock its a boxed set sadly... couldn't find any with the seventh

      The_TablemasterThe_TablemasterTháng trước
  • It really is such an easy series to watch (aside from an occasional episode)

    BTWItsDekuBTWItsDekuTháng trước
  • the prequels do not suck please tell me how.

    Andrew WeilmuensterAndrew WeilmuensterTháng trước
    • @Splinter6662 I think it might be better to do the movies in the Clone Wars animation. That would make the battles and fights that much cooler. Plus you would not have to recast. Since it animated it also should not be judged too hard by people who liked the Prequels before the reimagining. Clone Wars animation is just really good in general. Def my favorite animation style ever, PERIOD.

      Cool MyronCool Myron10 ngày trước
    • @Cool Myron true, I wanna see realistic clones in 4k

      Splinter6662Splinter666210 ngày trước
    • @Splinter6662 It would be cool to see Lucas remake them. Same story and all, just better CGI, acting, and dialogue. Maybe make Jar Jar more likable.

      Cool MyronCool Myron10 ngày trước
    • @Andrew Weilmuenster Ik, I'm not saying they would've got the level of detail we got now, but some scenes just straight up don't look good

      Splinter6662Splinter666228 ngày trước
    • @Splinter6662 it was 2002 so you can't really blame them

      Andrew WeilmuensterAndrew Weilmuenster28 ngày trước
  • ashoka... o_o

    General GrievousGeneral GrievousTháng trước
  • I miss it being on netflix

    BonnHeartBonnHeartTháng trước
  • Actually TCW isn’t a spin-off bc it ties directly to the whole saga

    Heyaw__a___Heyaw__a___Tháng trước
    • So a spin-off.

      Cool MyronCool Myron10 ngày trước
  • There is even a part where they make the point that not all separatists are evil and I think that is a sign of a good show

    HexifiHexifiTháng trước
  • Fives was my favorite character so I shed many ugly tears in his death series and I had forgotten about it the second time I watched the show and we just thinking the whole time it’s ok he will survive and then...

    HexifiHexifiTháng trước
  • You are saying her name wrong it is Ah soak ah, not ash oak ah

    Justin GatehouseJustin GatehouseTháng trước
  • Watch everything except the jar and mace arc and the r2 and 3po

    ginger fieldginger fieldTháng trước
    • I liked the Mace and Jar Jar arc. Jar Jar was not nearly as annoying in that one. To me at least.

      Cool MyronCool Myron10 ngày trước
  • Thank you for recommending those particular episodes. I enjoyed the show, may the force be with you

    velo 12velo 12Tháng trước
  • The only thing wrong with this video is that George Lucas did make this show..it was all his ideas and he chose Filoni and his team. He wanted to better flesh out the prequels

    Tim E21Tim E21Tháng trước
    • @Obi Wan The Homie Also made season 2. Most of the ideas were already set tho. Dave just executed it.

      Cool MyronCool Myron10 ngày trước
    • @Obi Wan The Homie well he was a part of most of it. The show was his idea and stuff like the mortis arc all came straight from him

      Tim E21Tim E21Tháng trước
    • Nope he only made the movie special that came before it, season 1 George Lucas was not a part of

      Obi Wan The HomieObi Wan The HomieTháng trước
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    mira edoraysmira edoraysTháng trước
  • I just finished this show. Honestly I have some complaints, I won't grill into Seasons 6 and 7 too much because of the shows circumstances. My biggest complaint is that there were little to no transitions between arcs in the show. Its jarring when there's a twist villain and the next episode they don't acknowledge it right away ahem... Krell. I also noticed that a high percentage of the episodes meant nothing so there's a total of like 40 episodes that matter. I was also some characters to be touched on or have closure but sadly couldn't thanks to Disney. I also I wish we saw more of Boba. I can't get in too much without spoilers, I'd still recommend it but it has some flaws and wasn't as amazing as some say.

    Yerboi KeeevinYerboi KeeevinTháng trước
  • “George Lucas did not make this tv show” he literally came up with the idea to make the show to properly explain the prequels better and would oversee production for nearly every episode up till season 7

    Jack Ryhs Carl HJack Ryhs Carl HTháng trước
  • in order to be the fallen hero, you must be the hero first. That is why Clone Wars ROCKS!!!

    Kapilthev kingstonKapilthev kingstonTháng trước
  • *I like Anakin in revenge of the sith*

    Jorge GómezJorge GómezTháng trước
  • the clone wars movie was my childhood

    SpamSpamTháng trước
  • They should make a star wars trilogy in the future between episode 2 and 3 in live action

    yaboi frankieyaboi frankieTháng trước